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Abandoned Place: 15th Century Kilberry Castle In Scotland Is For Sale For Less Than The Average London Home

Kilberry Castle is a captivating historic property that can become yours for an affordable price of £650,000, which is about $900,000 USD. It’s nestled on the picturesque west coast of Scotland.

Dating back to the 15th century, this castle boasts an intriguing history. It comprises five elegant reception rooms, four secondary bedrooms, ten grand primary bedrooms, and four bathrooms. The primary bedrooms hold a special significance within the castle. As a delightful bonus, the property also includes a charming cottage with three extra bedrooms compared to the main house.

The castle’s story unfolds like a rich tapestry. It was constructed alongside the village of Kilberry in the 15th century, perched on the edge of the community. In 1550, the Campbell clan took control of the castle, a legacy that endures to this day. There’s even a belief that the castle was initially built around 800 CE as a protective fort for a nearby church against Viking invasions, a testament to its age.

In 1513, Captain Proby, an English pirate, attacked the castle, leading to its fiery destruction. A commemorative inscription above the entrance serves as a reminder of this event. During the Scottish Civil War in 1643–1645, the castle faced a siege by royalists from the islands. In 1773, under Colin Campbell’s rule, the castle was again devastated by fire. Colin Campbell, a member of the Argyll militia who fought at the Battle of Culloden, oversaw this unfortunate episode.

After years of partial ruin, John Campbell, 9th of Kilberry, undertook a rebuilding effort in 1843, adding a tower and northern extension. In 1873, John Campbell, 10th Kilberry, funded an extensive restoration using his dowry. The castle also holds a unique historical relic: a top-floor room filled with newspaper clippings from 1885, a young Archie Campbell’s pastime during a bout of scarlet fever.

Beyond its storied past, Kilberry Castle enchants with its distinctive features. Each of its four storeys boasts spacious corridors, original fireplaces, galleried landings, exquisite dining rooms, an ocean-view drawing room, a bookshelf-lined library, and a billiards room.

The castle grounds, sprawling across 21 acres, offer a Victorian pet cemetery, three ancient fishing ponds, a secluded beach, a mausoleum, and a striking walled garden, mature forest, and tomb. The main property even includes a separate cottage, ideal for laundry and vacationing, offering a view of the beach and three additional bedrooms.

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Despite its allure, the castle’s condition has deteriorated to the point of being uninhabitable. However, the potential for restoration remains. Tom-Steward Moore, a Knight Frank estate agent, acknowledges the task’s magnitude but envisions a splendid property once restored.

At a price of £650,000, Kilberry Castle presents a remarkable opportunity that’s far more accessible than the typical London residence. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply dream of castle living, Kilberry Castle is an inviting choice. If this resonates with you, don’t miss the chance to explore this captivating property.


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