Abandoned Place

Abandoned Place: A Glimpse into County Kerry’s Rich History

Where can you find Ballycarbery Castle?

Ballycarbery Castle is located just 3km away from Cahersiveen in County Kerry. It’s situated near the 2 Ring Forts and is easily accessible from the Ring of Kerry.

When was this grand castle built and who was it built for?

Ballycarbery Castle was constructed on a hill during the 16th century. It served as the residence for the McCarthy Mor Clan. Once you set eyes on Ballycarbery Castle, you’ll be amazed by its imposing presence. The castle was enclosed by a tall outer wall, although only some parts of it remain standing.

Over time, sections of the castle walls have crumbled, and today, you’ll find three rooms on the ground floor. There’s a staircase leading up to the first floor, but it’s in a precarious condition. On the first floor, you’ll discover two spacious rooms. From one of these rooms, you can enjoy a view of the Fertha River through a window.

Perched on the coastline, the castle offers a wonderful opportunity for capturing enchanting photos of both the castle itself and the beautiful surroundings. It’s a picturesque sight with ivy climbing the rear wall. The castle’s ruins create a stunning spectacle during high tide when the waters are calm.

The McCarthy Mor Clan engaged in prosperous trade with European cities through the sea, which contributed to their wealth. The castle faced the sea, commanding a view of the bay’s entrance.

How can you find your way to Ballycarbery Castle?

Locals refer to it as “over the water.” To get there, take the road past Cahersiveen town library. As you proceed, you’ll notice Cahersiveen Castle (also known as Old Cahersiveen Barracks) on your right. Cross the bridge and continue until you reach a crossroads. Take a left turn and keep going until you reach a Y-shaped junction. Stay to the left of the Y, and you’ll find the car park around 100 meters ahead on your left.

What’s the local tale associated with Ballycarbery Castle?


According to local legend, there was an underground tunnel connecting Ballycarbery Castle with the Leacanabuaile & Cahergal Stone Ring Forts, situated not far away. This might not be too far-fetched since there is a souterrain and other small tunnels within the two ring forts. These forts are definitely worth a visit, and the best part is, there’s no entry fee.

How has the ancient Castle been preserved?

The Castle faced an attack by Oliver Cromwell in 1652, causing considerable damage from cannonballs. Subsequently, it endured centuries of exposure to the Irish weather. While it holds a listed status, there hasn’t been much effort over the years to conserve the castle.

It’s unfortunate that more hasn’t been done to safeguard these deteriorating ruins, especially considering that it’s one of the largest – if not the largest – castles on the Iveragh Peninsula.


As of 2017, Ballycarbery Castle is off-limits to the public, as it’s on privately-owned land. However, you can still appreciate its beauty from the car park, about 100 meters away. Feel free to take photographs from either the car park or the adjacent beach. The optimal time to capture stunning shots is in the evening, from the beach.

Lastly, the castle grounds are occasionally used for wedding photoshoots. Keep in mind that this is private property, so seeking the owner’s permission is essential.

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