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Am I The Karmic or Divine Feminine?” – The Karmic Feminine vs Divine Feminine Twin Flame

Hello, Beautiful Souls! Welcome to my channel.

Today, we are going to be asking ourselves and discussing the question of: “Am I the Karmic or the Divine Feminine?” Specifically, in the context of being on a Twin Flame journey, connecting with a person you believe to be your Twin Flame but then experiencing these doubts from time to time. Potentially even doubt in the form of asking yourself, “Is this a karmic connection? Am I the Karmic to this person I believe to be my Twin Flame, or am I their counterpart?”

The Normalcy of Doubt:


For those of you who connect here as the Divine Feminine, you would be asking, “Am I the counterpart (Divine Feminine) in this relationship/connection, or am I the karmic?” First of all, if you clicked on this video because you are experiencing this or other forms of doubt along your journey, know that this is perfectly normal and natural. You are absolutely not alone in this. And it’s my goal through this video to be able to clear up some of that doubt and confusion for you. But before we get into the video, I want to share with you the most powerful tool that I personally use every single day.


The Experience of Doubt:


“Am I the Karmic?” is the question we are addressing in this podcast/video. Do you ever find yourself experiencing these feelings of doubt? This feeling of “What if I am the Karmic in this situation with the person that I believe to be my Twin Flame?” Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with these forms of doubt.


Understanding Karmic and Divine Connections:



Now, it’s perfectly natural you would be feeling this way or feeling these doubts surface from time to time. The reason I say that is because, although on a soul level, on the energy level, being someone’s Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine counterpart and being someone’s Karmic partner or one of their Karmic partners is a very different form of connection, these energetic bonds are very different. However, with that being said, because of the way that our physical human selves experience Twin Flame connection and experience Karmic connection, these types of connections can manifest in physical interactions and relationships that can actually have similarities.


Differentiating Karmic and Divine Connections:


Both Karmic partners and Divine Feminine counterparts can feel insecure at times. They can find themselves feeling like they are chasing the person they are connected with. They can feel negative emotions about the connection—fear, doubt, anxiety. So, how can we truly tell the difference between a connection that is Karmic in nature and a connection in which we are being empowered to embody our most awakened Divine self as that person’s Divine Masculine or Feminine counterpart?


Understanding the Energy Dynamics:


Well, the first thing to understand here is that being someone’s Karmic or being someone’s Divine Feminine isn’t about you yourself. Meaning that there aren’t people on the planet who are simply a Karmic person, and there are not people that are simply a Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine. In every connection, we each are capable and do have bonds with others that are Karmic, making us that person’s Karmic. And we are also each capable of having bonds that reflect a Divine partnership, specifically a Twin Flame partnership, in which we will, in that specific connection, show up as the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine. Because these labels speak to energies, specifically the energies formed, the energetic bond created between ourselves and the other person, and they don’t speak to ourselves specifically. If that makes sense, it’s not about the person, it’s about the energy.


The Life Cycle of Karmic Connections:


So, if you consider someone to be your Karmic, that actually means that in that situation, you, in some sense, are their Karmic as well. And you have this bond, this so-called soul contract or agreement to assist one another into deeper levels of healing through this Karmic connection that you agreed to experience in this lifetime. Through which you will highlight, spotlight certain negative patterns within the other that we sometimes call Karmic patterns or cycles. And through bringing your consciousness to those patterns, you are then able to heal them and break free of this Karmic contract.


The Process of Healing:


But to clarify things even further, I am going to share with you three specific ways you can tell instantly whether you are in a particular connection, the Divine Feminine or the Karmic partner of the other person.


Continuous Spiritual Growth:


The first way to tell the difference is that if you are the Karmic to the other person, you will not and cannot spiritually grow and expand continuously. And that’s the key word here, continuously, while remaining connected in that way to that person. This is because Karmic bonds are based on mutual wounding, meaning that Karmics, like puzzle pieces, are drawn together through their broken edges that seem to fit together so perfectly. It feels like love or it feels like attraction. Your negative patterns and your Karmic’s negative patterns will just play into, feed into one another so perfectly that it causes this kind of amplification of energy that feels like a spark, what we sometimes call chemistry or attraction. But if you are the Karmic and you choose to begin spiritually growing, spiritually expanding yourself, you will not be able to do that, to continue along your never-ending process of spiritual growth and development and remain in connection in the same way with this person.


Healing and Disconnection:


This really brings me to the second way to tell the difference, as to whether you are the Karmic or the Divine counterparts. And this is that if you are the Karmic in this situation, your own healing of the pattern or wound that is keeping you together with this person, although it should also be noted it can sometimes be confusing or unclear to our physical human mind as to what pattern exactly is keeping us tied into this connection, this Karmic relationship. But with that being said, when you do ultimately, through your never-ending growth process, spiritual expansion process, when you do heal that particular pattern or wound that is keeping you in connection with this person, that this Karmic partner came into your life to highlight for you, there will naturally be a disconnect, a rift that is created between the two of you.


Now, if you are feeling a lot of emotions, a lot of love for this person, that thought might scare you, that you could actually lose feelings or lose connection with this person. But the thing about Karmic relationships is when they do disconnect through this mutual healing, it doesn’t feel… it doesn’t feel painful or scary in that way because it’s a very natural process. It’s the natural life cycle of these Karmic relationships, which always have an expiration date. Unlike Twin Flame connection, which never expires because it never originated. Karmic connections are there for a specific purpose, and that purpose is for healing. Once that particular wound or pattern or dynamic that kept you tied to this person has been healed, you will naturally lose feelings of connectedness to one another. In fact, it will feel to you as though this person is simply fading out of your conscious reality. You simply no longer feel drawn to the person or the connection the more that you heal.


The Twin Flame Connection:


The one caveat to this that needs to also be addressed is it is possible with a Twin Flame to temporarily lose feelings of conscious attraction or pull to your Twin Flame, again temporarily and only at the conscious level because that soul and energetic bond is always there, is always stable, always pulling you together. But what I mean by this is in a Twin Flame connection, although you are always soul-tethered to one another, as you continue to grow and heal and expand, at times you may find yourself shifting in a way that looks to be faster than your Twin Flame. [I paused there because it’s not that you are really healing faster than your Twin, it’s that they are picking up on those shifts but transmuting them at a slower pace.] This happens a lot, specifically when the Divine Feminine, being naturally the more spiritual Twin in some sense, will tend to catalyze this energy and shift in a way that is more visible, I would say, more noticeable in the conscious reality.


3. Divine Feminine Empowerment:


Finally, the third way to tell the difference is this feeling of being empowered, truly empowered, to show up as the most awakened version of your Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine self in this connection. So, if you feel like you are being inspired and empowered to show up as your best self, your most awakened self in this connection, then chances are you are not the Karmic partner. You are actually embodying that Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine energy for this person. The Karmic partner does not inspire the other to grow in this way. The Karmic partner keeps the other person stuck in their own negative patterns, reinforcing those negative patterns, whereas the Divine counterpart, the Divine Feminine specifically, is designed to inspire and empower the other person to grow, to change, to shift into their best self, to embody their own Divine Masculine energy.




So, my beautiful souls, I hope that this post  has brought some clarity to this question of “Am I the Karmic or the Divine Feminine?” on your Twin Flame journey. Remember, doubt is normal, and it’s important to continue to explore your own growth and development, as well as the healing that needs to take place within your connection. Trust your intuition, trust your inner guidance, and know that you are always on the path to becoming your most empowered and awakened self. Remember to check out my subliminal meditations to support your journey, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to this channel and join our beautiful community.


Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next postt. Love and blessings to all.

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