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Divine Feminine: Energy realignment is in process with this divine masculine

Energy realignment is in process with this divine masculine

Hello, beautiful souls! Welcome to my channel. I hope you’re having a beautiful day so far, and I do apologize. I know there is a little bit of background noise today. That is because they are mowing around my apartment. So hopefully, that will dissipate soon. But I really felt the need to jump on right now for today’s reading, to do this channeling, because this Equinox energy that we are moving through is very, very intense. I would love to hear in the comments under this video how all of you have been feeling at the time of this Equinox in September. Yeah, happy family in the reverse position.



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So, this card reversed speaks to someone feeling a delayed reunion. I’m hearing canceled plans, feeling like something just isn’t coming together in their life or specifically within a love situation. And this also could be related to communication with this person and someone here not communicating their appreciation of the other, causing someone to feel underappreciated. With appreciation reversed, I know this won’t necessarily resonate with everyone. This card can also symbolize someone who, at times, is struggling to connect with their own self-love because, do keep in mind when I channel these supposedly external energies, nothing is truly external. So when I’m talking about, “Oh, this person might not be communicating their appreciation,” this could equally apply to something going on within you energetically as well, meaning that you may be having difficulty communicating your own appreciation to yourself. I’m getting that someone is being really hard on themselves. I’m seeing someone who just felt almost knocked down by these intense energies in the middle of the day. I’m hearing, “Work harder.” So it’s like this is what someone is trying to push themselves to do. I feel like someone here is trying to tell themselves, “I need to be doing more or I need to be working harder.” And I feel this message coming through right away from your guides saying, “Connect more with the appreciation for how far you have come in life, in your work, when it comes to whatever goal or dream you are looking towards at this time.” And in fact, I’m seeing it could be really beneficial just to make lists of all of the things you love about yourself and your life right now because your guides are saying, “Remember that whatever you appreciate, meaning whatever you focus on positively, will actually expand and grow. So as we appreciate these positive aspects of ourselves, our life, whatever goal or dream we are moving toward, we actually catalyze ourselves towards even greater expansion in those areas.”


Now, right away, we have a man holding a coin reversed, and I also very typically take this card to represent a masculine who is unawakened or in a process of awakening. For some reason, I heard “disrespecting” or “disrespectful.” So this could be a masculine energy who was in his physical human form disrespectful towards the soul bond that you shared together. I’m hearing that he didn’t recognize it because there was some kind of major block in the way at the time. So yeah, with the Goddess of the Moon upright, this represents a divine feminine energy who is very much awakened, who is very much attuned to herself. And what I’m getting here is a mismatch in energies at this time in the physical.


What I’m picking up is there is a divine feminine here who is highly spiritual, highly awakened, very far along her growth and evolution process in this incarnation spiritually, whereas the masculine, and for some reason, I heard the name Mark for someone. These also could be letter initials in “A,” “R,” or “K” in someone’s name. Do keep in mind, though, whenever I channel specific words.

Whenever I channel specific words or names, they are symbolic and may not necessarily represent literal individuals or names. So please keep that in mind as we proceed.


With the masculine energy represented by the man holding a coin reversed, there is a sense of being unawakened or in the process of awakening. This energy may have been disrespectful or unaware of the deep soul bond shared with the divine feminine.


The presence of the Goddess of the Moon upright signifies the divine feminine’s heightened spiritual awareness and connection with herself. She has undergone significant growth and evolution in this incarnation. However, there appears to be a mismatch in energies between the divine feminine and the masculine energy, symbolized by the man holding a coin.


It’s important to note that this reading is not limited to romantic relationships. The energies can also apply to other types of connections, such as friendships or family dynamics. It’s about the energetic dynamics and the lessons and growth opportunities presented by these connections.


Now, let’s see what additional guidance your guides have for you regarding this situation. I will draw another card to gain further insight.


The card drawn is the Four of Wands in reverse. This card suggests a delay or challenge in finding stability and harmony within the relationship or connection. There may be obstacles or external influences that are impeding progress.


Your guides are emphasizing the need for patience and understanding during this time. It’s essential to remain grounded and focused on your own growth and well-being. Take this opportunity to reflect on your own self-love and appreciation for how far you’ve come.


Consider making a list of the things you love about yourself and your life. By shifting your focus to gratitude and appreciation, you can create a positive energy that expands and attracts more positive experiences.


Remember that growth and transformation take time, and it’s crucial to honor your own journey. Trust that the universe is guiding you towards the best possible outcome.


If this connection involves a specific individual, your guides encourage you to communicate your needs and boundaries clearly. Healthy communication is key in establishing understanding and mutual growth.


I hope this reading provides you with some insight and guidance. Remember to trust your intuition and follow the path that aligns with your highest good.


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