Rescuers Save 50+ Emaciated Dogs Stuffed In Bags & Bound For Illegal Slaughterhouse

WARNING: Content may be sensitive for some readers.

Dogs are family members, not food. But no matter how many laws are made to protect canines, there are still people out there who try to hurt them. Animal advocates recently stopped a truck on its way to an illegal dog slaughterhouse in Indonesia. Inside the truck, they found 53 dogs stuffed in bags with their mouths tied shut. Every dog was severely underweight and too weak to fight.

This group of dogs was saved just in time, and thanks to their rescuers, they’ll get to live a fulfilling life from now on. This case helped further expose the dog meat industry, but there’s still a lot of work to do around the world.

Dog trapped in bag

Saved Moments Before Slaughter

Dog Meat Free Indonesia led the country’s first large-scale raid at a dog meat slaughterhouse. Rescuers intercepted a truck transporting over 50 dogs to an illegal dog meat slaughterhouse. If they hadn’t stopped the van in time, many of the innocent dogs would’ve been killed.

“The animals were tied up in sacks, muzzles bound tight with ropes or cables, eyes wide open with fear,” wrote Four Paws International, an animal organization that works with Dog Meat Free Indonesia.

Dogs saved from slaughterhouse

During the rescue, police took an individual into custody, who they believe has been part of the dog meat trade for over 20 years. Sadly, one of the dogs died before making it to safety, but the other 52 are still fighting for their lives. Rescuers transported them to a shelter for emergency medical treatment. They’ll stay there until they recover from their horrific pasts.

Help End the Dog Meat Industry!

Four Paws believes that this rescue mission is a turning point for ending dog meat production in Indonesia. They regularly share success stories about dogs rescued from the meat trade who have found loving homes on their social media. Yet, a lot needs to be done to end this inhumane suffering once and for all.

Woman saving dogs from slaughter

“The shocking and criminal events that we have witnessed as well as the positive actions taken by the Sukoharjo authorities must be a turning point in fighting against this outlawed, outdated, and cruel trade,” Four Paws’ Dr. Karanvir Kukreja said. “The positives we can take out of this awful situation are that law enforcement and campaign groups are ensuring that this illegal trade is coming to an end.”

All the dogs from this transport are under a year old. Many seem to be stolen pets, and most of them are emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in wounds from being tied up. They have a long road to recovery ahead of them, but rescuers are determined to help them reach a happy ending in a loving home.

Dog meat survivor at vet

If you’d like to help end the dog meat trade and support the dogs who have been rescued, consider donating to Four Paws International. Their goal is to create a better world for animals, including these 52 innocent dogs.

Watch Moments from the Rescue Mission Here:

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