Tarot Card: Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings


Page of Cups Upright Meaning

This card is traditionally entitled the Page, but in some modern decks appears as a Princess. In this suit this card represents a poetic, mystical, emotionally open young person, still tender and idealistic, given to flights of imaginative fantasy.

This energy is exquisitely refined and fine-tuned. It may be that a sense of being grounded in reality has not yet entirely set in, such that he or she is easily tossed about by external forces and events. This person must work to achieve a stronger will and a more calculating mind, to balance and protect all that wonderful sensitivity.

Page of Cups Reversed Meaning

When the Page of Cups card is reversed it suggests that those around this Page, or Princess, have been tolerant of his or her self-indulgent feelings. In reality, they don’t owe you this service.

If you impinge upon their good nature too much, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the results. Be sure you start making their desires and well-being a higher priority.

Page of Cups Advice Position

The Page of Cups (in some decks, a Princess) in this position advises you to study the best ways to be of service. Strive to discern what would give more pleasure, comfort and emotional security. Then, provide it. Understand that what is happening has little or nothing to do with you personally. The best you can do is to offer support and listen closely.

Make sure you understand what is needed and serve the situation with loyalty. Look at individuals around you as the embodiment of the Divine, and try to fulfill each one’s needs. Be unconcerned with the outcome. Later you will understand why you needed to be in this position.

Page of Cups Love Position

This card in this position portrays a devoted servant and student of the heart. The Page (in some decks, a Princess) has a trusting nature that doesn’t doubt or question, and generally doesn’t research to verify assumptions.

Imagination and faith are your guides. This character fills his mystical cup and drinks deep from the transforming waters of the higher mind. You would like to join him in that exploration of inner space. Don’t let this distract you from the necessary responsibilities of day to day relationship survival, however.

This energy sometimes allows itself to be swept away. In a slight trance, he may grant too much power and credibility to gurus, romantic partners, or leaders when it’s really in his best interest to keep his own counsel. With a dreamy heart on his sleeve, utterly sincere and transparent in his motives, he assumes everyone else is a seeker, too. Beware forgetting to look out for yourself lest you be played for a fool.

Page of Cups Career Position

The Page of Cups (in some decks, a Princess) in this position represents someone who you associate with at work, whose naivete and innocence, while beautiful, may be dangerous to themselves. Your task could be to help this person become awake to the full implications of the situation at hand without dashing hopes or demeaning idealism. Gentle handling is required. Help this person look beyond dreams to the reality of problems that require resolution. Instead of throwing cold water, help this person to develop a more pragmatic approach.

Page of Cups in a Yes or No Card Reading

The Page of Cups is a card of openness. If you’re looking for simple Yes or No guidance and receive the Page of Cups, the answer is YES. Think of yourself as a true beginner and welcome the opportunity to learn from others.


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