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The Matrix Twin Flame – Is your twin flame stuck in the matrix

The Matrix Twin Flame – Is your twin flame stuck in the matrix

If you are experiencing a twin flame connection, you’re most likely familiar with the idea that one twin flame counterpart tends to awaken before the other, in a sense, to lead the way spiritually within the connection. They pave a path forward, by which the other twin will also follow and experience their own spiritual awakening process later on.


Now, what you might not be as familiar with is the concept of the matrix twin flame versus the spiritual twin flame in the connection. Of course, these are always just labels that we use, and in some sense, because they are very black and white labels, they don’t really do justice to fully explaining the true dynamic going on here. But they are kind of convenient for discussing topics within the twin flame connection. Having these labels can be kind of helpful as tools.


So, in this video, I will be sharing my thoughts and perspective on the matrix twin flame and the spiritual twin flame within a twin flame connection. Specifically, I will be sharing my ideas on how to identify whether you are the so-called spiritual twin or the matrix twin. I will start by saying, most of you who will be drawn to this video at this time are most likely going to identify with the label “the spiritual twin flame.” You probably consider your twin flame counterpart to be the matrix twin flame.


The reason I say this, again, this won’t be everyone, but probably for 90 to 95% of you listening, is that one characteristic of the spiritual twin flame is this counterpart tends to do more of the conscious spiritual exploration within the connection. They tend to be the twin flame that is researching more about twin flames, specifically about spirituality, especially early on within the connection. They tend to receive the earliest conscious realizations and downloads of the truth that what they are experiencing is a twin flame connection.


Very often, the spiritual twin is also the one who actually first comes across the label “twin flame” or “twin flames” to begin with. Because the spiritual twin flame, and I guess this will just launch us into the video here, is usually more consciously spiritual from a young age. When I say that one is the spiritual twin, what I mean is usually within a set of twin flames, one of these twins will be more consciously aware of their own spiritual nature, roots, and spiritual gifts and abilities.


They are more in tune with their own spiritual side and all of the gifts, abilities, and inclinations that come along with that natural inclination to spiritual topics and spirituality in general. Very often, this twin flame, the so-called spiritual twin flame, may actually be raised in a very religious household. Although this isn’t always the case, very often, the spiritual twin is raised with a very strong spiritual or religious ideology that kind of begins to provide a framework for this understanding of spirituality in the more spiritual side of the planet.


Now, I will say that sometimes the spiritual twin is raised in a family that is very spiritual in a certain sense, meaning that they might be spiritual in connection with a certain religious system or belief system or ideology. It’s very possible that the spiritual twin over time will actually switch inclinations or belief systems within spirituality. So, for example, a twin flame who is the spiritual twin might be raised in a very strict household, let’s say it’s a very strict Christian conservative household, and over time, this twin may actually develop an inclination toward the psychic realm, to tarot, to energy reading, that kind of thing, to crystals. And this may actually veer them away from this traditional view of Christianity and to this kind of broader scope of spirituality.


However, one thing remains constant: this spiritual twin was always deep down aware of their spiritual inclinations and abilities, regardless of whether those inclinations were being focused within a specific religion or belief system or just focused more broadly within their exploration of spirituality more generally.


Now, of course, this isn’t always the case. It’s also equally possible that the spiritual twin might be raised in an atheistic household where they begin to explore spirituality a bit later on. But the key here with the spiritual twin is they are always highly aware that something about them is different. There is this part of them that is very ancient, that has lived many lifetimes, even if they aren’t consciously aware of the specifics of those past lifetimes. They have this feeling that they’ve done this before on this planet, this sense of eternity about them.


On the other hand, the so-called matrix twin, although equally spiritual beneath the surface, beneath the layers of societal programming and the way that they were raised and the belief systems, often the limiting belief systems they were raised within, in spite of all these things beneath the surface, again, I have to emphasize, both twin flames are equally spiritual and equally have access to these spiritual abilities and understandings.


But very often, the so-called matrix twin, often because of the circumstances they were raised in, is less consciously aware of the spiritual truths of both the universe and of themselves, of their place within that larger universe. They tend to think less on these very spiritual matters, especially in childhood and growing up, than the more spiritual twin. They are more physically focused, more materially oriented.


Although this isn’t always the case, the degree to which a specific set of twin flames will experience these two contrasting perspectives, matrix versus spiritual, really depends on their individual soul intentions. So, for certain twin flames, they might have more of a balance of each, more matrix and spiritual within them, whereas other twin flames may experience this more as a polarity, where one is incredibly spiritual and the other is incredibly physically materially oriented.


Because of these contrasting orientations and perspectives that twin flames choose, the spiritual twin flame tends to be more in tune with the higher, more sensitive vibrations of themselves, of others, and of the universe. They are more quickly impacted by these powerful twin flame energies. Usually, twin flames experience a spiritual awakening as a result of this ignition energetically of that spiritual awakening that happens between them.


For the so-called matrix twin flame, the process of integration is much slower, more like molasses, moving slowly and steadily because the energies of the energy body for the matrix twin flame are much denser. Upon meeting astrally in dreams or in the physical for the first time, one twin flame is able to process that energy a lot faster, to essentially metabolize that energy more quickly because their entire energy field has been in the process of clearing for a long time.


Because of their contrasting perspectives, the signs and symptoms of the spiritual awakening may not be experienced at the same time by both twin flames. The spiritual twin flame may perceive the matrix twin flame as less consciously aware of these signs and symptoms. However, it’s important to understand that they are processing the same huge amounts of twin flame energy. It’s just that the matrix twin flame’s process of integration happens more slowly and steadily.


All of this really comes down to our energy and how open and clear we are. The more you peel back those layers and blocks within yourself, the more easily you can process all of those powerful twin flame energies moving through you. It’s important to assist your twin flame in this process as well because they will feel your energetic shifts within yourself.


In conclusion, the twin flame connection involves the spiritual twin flame and the matrix twin flame, which are labels used to describe the contrasting perspectives and levels of conscious spiritual exploration within the connection. Both twin flames are equally spiritual beneath the surface, but the spiritual twin tends to be more consciously aware of their spiritual nature, roots, and gifts from a young age. The matrix twin, on the other hand, may be less consciously aware of spiritual truths due to societal programming and upbringing. The process of integrating the twin flame energies may be faster for the spiritual twin and slower for the matrix twin, but both twin flames go through the same spiritual awakening process. It is important to balance and shift your energy as a twin flame and assist your twin flame in their own process of awakening.


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