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The REAL Reason Why Twin Flames Separate [ TWIN FLAME SEPARATION CAUSES]

The REAL Reason Why Twin Flames Separate


Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog. In Today’s post. We talk abou The REAL Reason Why Twin Flames Separate?.

Twin flame separation usually just that term starts to bring up feelings of fear, feelings of anxiety, regardless of where you are on this twin flame path. Twin flame separation is thought of as a very intense, dark, painful, and confusing time, and for good reason.


Because the pain twin flames experience as they perceive a separation, a disconnect from one another in any sense, physically, mentally, emotionally, this perceived disconnect is so out of alignment with the truth of their connection, with the depth of their connection, that it causes this pervading, pervasive feeling of disconnect.


Not just with the other, with one’s twin flame, but almost with oneself, with one’s physical reality, with one’s world. This is so often why twin flames in separation may feel so disconnected from the people around them, from even the world itself. They might find themselves feeling like they are an alien, like they don’t belong anywhere.



The most common feeling I hear twin flames describe during this time of separation is a feeling of being homesick but having no home to return to. And the reason they feel this way is because our twin flame, spiritually speaking, metaphorically speaking, is the closest thing to home that we are capable of feeling. And once we know that metaphorical home exists within our connection to another person, feeling as though we can’t return to that home or that that home isn’t going to last or isn’t going to be there for us to return to causes us a feeling of intense grief.


Our twin flame, the reason they feel like this home to us is because in some sense, they are the energy that we have carried with us through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, through potentially thousands and thousands of years.


So any home we’ve ever created here on this earth, a child at home or even a sense of home with other people, with our community, even with our family, and even with soul family, none of these connections run quite as deep.

I often refer to twin flames as the Mariana’s Trench of connections because the Mariana’s Trench is the deepest point in the ocean. And this is why twin flame relationships, connections, cause other connections and even everything we experience to begin to feel so shallow by comparison once we realize that points of depth exist within us that is shared within another person. There is no going back in the sense that we will never be able to fully find ourselves fulfilled in other romantic connections, trying to forget the existence of this person, which of course is impossible.


Not just this person, but this soul, this shared mirrored energy reflected back to us by this other soul on this planet or in this universe. If your twin flame is not currently on this planet, maybe because they are not incarnated here, because they’ve passed on, but that is a separate video.


But regardless, we all know twin flame separation is very painful, and there are many videos, and I’ve created some myself on twin flame separation signs, on what twin flames experience during separation. And I would love to speak more on that if you would enjoy more content related to those topics.


So do let me know in the comments if you’d like to hear more on that or really any other video suggestions you have. I would love to do more of these podcast-style videos like I used to do, along with, of course, my typical reading videos. So let me know what you’d like to hear me speak on.

But in today’s video, my intentions are to actually speak on why twin flames separate because I feel there’s a lot of conversation going on about what twin flame separation.

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Twin flame separation occurs for various reasons, and understanding these reasons can help twin flames navigate through this challenging phase. Here are some common reasons for twin flame separation:


  1. Soul Growth and Healing: Twin flames often come together to assist each other in their spiritual growth and healing. Sometimes, separation is necessary to allow each individual to focus on their own personal growth and healing journey. It’s a time for introspection, self-discovery, and working through past wounds or unresolved issues.


  1. Balancing Energies: Twin flame relationships involve intense energetic dynamics. Sometimes, separation occurs to balance and harmonize these energies. One twin may need space to integrate and align their energy, while the other may need to address imbalances or attachments. This process allows both twins to come into alignment and achieve energetic equilibrium.


  1. Divine Timing and Lessons: Twin flame unions are guided by divine timing, and separation can be part of the journey’s lessons and divine plan. It may be a time of learning patience, surrender, trust, and unconditional love. The separation provides an opportunity for personal growth and gaining a deeper understanding of oneself and the connection.


  1. Clearing Karmic Patterns: Twin flames often carry shared karmic patterns and past-life experiences that need to be addressed and resolved. Separation can create the necessary space for each twin to face their individual karmic lessons and release any negative patterns or attachments. This process ultimately leads to personal healing and growth.


  1. Awakening and Spiritual Awakening: Twin flame separation can be a catalyst for spiritual awakening and self-realization. The intensity of the separation can trigger profound inner transformations, leading to higher levels of consciousness, expanded awareness, and spiritual enlightenment.


  1. Divine Mission and Purpose: Twin flames often have a collective mission or purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. Separation may be necessary to allow each twin to develop their individual gifts, talents, and abilities before coming together to fulfill their shared mission. It’s a time to align with their soul’s purpose and prepare for the reunion.


It’s important to note that twin flame separation is not permanent. It is a temporary phase designed to facilitate growth, healing, and soul evolution. The ultimate goal is reunion, where both twins come together in a more balanced, harmonious, and evolved state.


During the separation, it’s crucial for twin flames to focus on self-care, inner work, and maintaining a connection with their own higher selves. This can involve meditation, journaling, energy healing, and seeking support from spiritual communities or professionals who understand the twin flame journey.


Remember, every twin flame journey is unique, and the specific reasons for separation may vary. Trust in the divine timing and purpose of the separation, and continue to embrace the lessons and growth opportunities presented during this phase. Reunion will occur when both twins have reached the necessary level of spiritual and personal evolution.


I hope this provides some insights into the reasons behind twin flame separation. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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