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Sometimes an encounter with a kindred spirit is enough for you to know the purpose of living. We tend to wander through our lifetimes to wait for someone who can help to balance out our energy & show us a different side of life. There are no finite rules surrounding how a person will come into your life and touch your being. They can highlight a reason for you to heal or let go of certain events or emotions. They are like a mirror or have a similar life experience as you, helping you to understand yourself better. May be they come into your life to help you on your path right when you need it or maybe work together to support global causes or a bigger vision. At times it can be very difficult to feel connected when we see so much pain, hurt and anger in the world, however the idea of the kindred spirit acknowledges that we share a similar mission in a similar time and space dimension.

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Sometimes these kindred spirits are referred to as StarSeeds. They are highly evolved souls that were sent to help bring about new knowledge and wisdom in order to help raise our consciousness. At their core, StarSeeds know that Earth is not their true home and sometimes this can create feelings of being out of place or alone. But they know what is higher than self and are consciously enlightened.  They are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics. It is believed that StarSeeds have a programmed “alarm clock” inside of them that allows them to awaken at different points in their lives in order to fulfil their destiny. I don’t know how far this is true but if I think about it, it is quite possible. But I feel I resonate more to the twin flame belief rather that the concept of StarSeeds.

When you meet your Twin Flame, there is an instant feeling of “knowing” and connection. People might comment that you look alike or that you look “good together.” Often, the two of you will have very similar personalities and reflect the light and shadow sides of each other. Google says: As soon as your Twin Flame is created, you enter Earth at the same time or within a few years of each other. The only exception to this would be if you have had to reincarnate multiple times in order to properly connect with each other. Essentially it all comes back to self-love.

The relationship does or does not need to be romantic, but there is often a connection felt on all levels. There are challenges but they are more about the “self” than the other. The relationship brings about a desire to team up together in order to create. The relationship almost forces you to respond with love as a way to survive together. As per spiritual threads often soulmate relationships are experienced on a mind, body and soul level, whereas Twin Flame relationships are experienced on a mind, body, soul and Universal level. There are also no real rules with this, so the ultimate way to determine the difference of what you experience. However away from labels, it doesn’t really matter what type of relationship you are in as long as it feels good to you.

I don’t use fancy words with thoughtful meanings, but I call such people, Natural Caregivers. You’ll know if someone has this trait, because people will often tell their secrets to them in mere minutes after meeting them. When someone has just been in a car accident or broken up with their boyfriend, they wrap their arms around you and for the first time that day, their body fully relaxes. These caregivers make you feel at home in their presence. Safe. Heard. Cared for. There’s so much beauty in having a trait like this. Without much effort, you nurture and care for those around them. It is a gift their highly conscious souls have. The flip side is when you carry the Nurturer Gene, fixing other people can easily become a destructive self-identity. Because “Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity. In cultivating compassion we draw from the wholeness of our experience – our suffering, our empathy, as well as our cruelty & terror. It has to be this way.” – Pema Chodron

A healthy caregiver not only nourishes the needs of others, but also nourishes his/her own. You are not responsible for the world pain. Share your talents and resources. Generously give your time and attention. But you cannot pour a magical tonic on the wounds of every person walking the planet. It’s not your job. And if it were, it’d be a disappointing job because you’d fail at it every single day. Nourishment of the whole of us, for all of us—which includes you. Self-nourishment might look like hiring a babysitter so you can have a romantic getaway with your spouse (Laughs). Self-care might mean taking the job on the other side of the country, even though it means you’ll only see your parents twice a year. Give your love. Freely and deeply. And trust that even if you’re not there to ‘fix’ them, everyone will be just fine. Here’s to those who inspire us and don’t even know it. One day we might meet in an unexpected corner where I will look into your eyes & thank you for all the smiles you never knew you gave me by just being present. Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like!



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