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[Twin Flame Connection Blocks] Commonplace, Everyday Things That BLOCK Twin Flames From Connecting!

Twin Flame Connection Blocks


Sometimes, the most commonplace and everyday things in our daily reality can actually have the most profound impact on our vibration, in either a positive or negative way. Specifically, when it comes to twin flame connection, because this is such an energetically active connection, meaning that you and your twin are constantly exchanging energy at the soul level, anything that is lowering your vibration on a daily basis, especially around the topic of love and connection, can actually have a real-time impact on creating these kinds of energetic blocks between yourself and your twin flame.


So, in this podcast video, I am going to be sharing with you common everyday things that can lower your vibration around love and relationship in these ways and can potentially create blockages within your twin flame connection.

Also, before we get started with today’s podcast, I want to share with you, kind of on the opposite side of this equation, right? Because today we’re talking about things that can lower your vibration around love and relationship and block your vibration with your twin flame or your connection with your twin flame. So, I do want to share with you, on the other side of this, the most powerful tool I personally use and that many, many twin flames have used as well to shift their vibration in a positive direction and actually open themselves energetically for deeper and more manifested connection with their twin. And these are my subliminal affirmations tracks


Now, for this context and what we’re talking about today, I would most highly recommend exploring my Twin Flame Seven Chakra Clearing subliminal. This is a really powerful energy-clearing subliminal to deeply clear and uproot any energetic blockages stored through the portal of your subconscious mind and reflected in the energy dynamics between yourself and your twin, that then play out physically, of course, as well. So, this subliminal will really help you to magnetize your energy for deeper, more manifested connection with your twin.


So, more information on my Twin Flame Seven Chakra Clearing is linked in the pinned comment and description box under this video. But speaking now on the other side of this equation, what causes blockages in twin flame connection? Again, everything we’re going to be discussing in this podcast is only creating a block between yourself and your twin because these are common everyday things that, if you absorb or immerse yourself in too much of them, too frequently, they do have the tendency to negatively impact your beliefs about love and relationship, specifically. They may cause you to naturally resonate more with frequencies of fear, doubt, anxiety, and depression, specifically in connection with love. And, of course, lowering your vibration in this way through these things can also impact really every area of your life, right? Because any time we lower our vibration.


Let’s continue exploring the common everyday things that can lower your vibration around love and relationship and potentially create blockages in your twin flame connection:


  1. Negative Media: Constant exposure to negative news, violent or toxic TV shows, movies, and music can influence your mindset and emotions. It can create a pessimistic view of relationships, love, and connection. Limiting your exposure to negative media and choosing uplifting, positive content can help maintain a higher vibration.


  1. Social Media Comparison: Comparing your love life or relationship with others on social media can lead to feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, or self-doubt. Remember that social media often showcases the highlights of people’s lives, not the full picture. Focus on your own journey and practice gratitude for what you have.


  1. Unhealthy Relationships: Being in toxic or dysfunctional relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, can drain your energy and lower your vibration. It’s important to set boundaries and prioritize your well-being. Surround yourself with loving, supportive people who uplift and inspire you.


  1. Self-Criticism and Negative Self-Talk: Constantly criticizing yourself, having low self-esteem, or engaging in negative self-talk can create a negative energetic pattern. Practice self-love, self-acceptance, and positive affirmations to shift your vibration and attract healthier relationships.


  1. Lack of Self-Care: Neglecting self-care can diminish your energy and overall well-being. Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health is crucial. Prioritize activities that recharge and nourish you, such as exercise, meditation, hobbies, and spending time in nature.


  1. Attachment to Outcomes: Becoming overly attached to specific outcomes or timelines in your twin flame connection can create resistance and frustration. Surrendering and trusting the divine timing and unfolding of your journey can help you maintain a higher vibration and open up to new possibilities.


  1. Past Trauma and Unhealed Wounds: Unresolved emotional wounds and past trauma can create energetic blocks in your twin flame connection. Seek healing through therapy, energy healing modalities, or inner work to release emotional baggage and create space for healthier connections.


  1. Lack of Boundaries: Not setting clear boundaries in your relationships can lead to emotional exhaustion and lower your vibration. Establishing healthy boundaries allows you to honor your own needs and maintain a sense of self-respect. Communicate your boundaries effectively and assertively.


  1. Negative Beliefs and Limiting Thoughts: Holding onto negative beliefs about love, relationships, or your own worthiness can block the flow of positive energy in your twin flame connection. Challenge and reframe these limiting thoughts to align with love, abundance, and the belief in a harmonious union.


  1. Unresolved Issues and Communication Breakdowns: Avoiding or neglecting to address unresolved issues or conflicts in your relationship can create energetic blockages. Effective communication, honesty, and active listening are essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant connection.


  1. Lack of Self-Awareness: Ignoring your own emotions, desires, and intuition can hinder your vibrational alignment. Cultivate self-awareness by practicing mindfulness, journaling, and introspection. This will help you identify and address any patterns or triggers that may be affecting your twin flame connection.


  1. Fear of Vulnerability: Fear of being vulnerable or opening up emotionally can create barriers in your twin flame connection. Embrace vulnerability as a strength and allow yourself to be authentic and transparent with your twin flame. This fosters deep emotional intimacy and strengthens the energetic bond.


  1. Resistance to Growth and Change: Holding onto rigid expectations or resisting personal growth can impede the evolution of your twin flame connection. Embrace change, personal development, and spiritual growth as opportunities for expansion and alignment with your highest self.


  1. External Validation: Seeking external validation for your worth and happiness can lower your vibration. Shift your focus inward and rely on your own self-validation and self-love. Embrace your own inherent worthiness and celebrate your unique journey.


Remember, the key is to be aware of these everyday factors and their potential impact on your vibration and twin flame connection. By consciously choosing thoughts, actions, and environments that support your higher vibration, you can create a more harmonious and fulfilling twin flame experience. Trust the process, embrace the lessons, and continue to grow and evolve on your journey.

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