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Do you often feel that you are meant for bigger things in life, but not sure what it is? If you get a fair idea of the life purpose of each zodiac sign, you might be able to unlock the insights you need.

According to astrology, each of us comes to this world with an assigned mission or a divine purpose, aka soul-calling. While everyone has their own divine mission to fulfill, the zodiac sign under which you are born can help you to identify your ultimate life purpose. The divine life purpose or the core life purpose of each zodiac sign shapes up the personality and the life stages of the zodiac natives.

Do you want to know what is your life purpose according to your zodiac sign? Read on!

Core Life Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign

Do you feel lost, confused, and alienated among your peers? Maybe you are not in alignment with your core purpose. Keep reading to find out what is your purpose in life according to your zodiac sign.

Knowing the purpose of each zodiac sign helps the zodiac natives to live their best life.
The purpose of each zodiac sign shapes the destinies of the zodiac natives

1. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Aries

life purpose aries

You are here to inspire others with your indomitable spirit. No matter what life throws at you and no matter how many times it knocks you down, you bounce back every time, each time with more resolution and courage. You show people that fortune favors the brave and you also lead the way when it comes to fighting for what you believe and what you want. You are a trailblazer and your core purpose in life is to shake things up a little to make space for new and better opportunities.

2. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Taurus

life purpose taurus

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You represent authenticity, reliability, and stability. Your core purpose in life is to teach people the value of remaining firmly rooted in the grounds of honesty and of staying focused on their goals with patience and perseverance. You can maintain a calm outlook under stress and refrain from jumping to conclusions. You believe in giving people the benefit of doubt. You motivate people to put in an honest day’s work and to steer clear of taking the short route to success.

3. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Gemini

life purpose gemini

Your mission on earth is to unite people and spread awareness. You thrive in a stimulating environment that constantly challenges you and enriches your knowledge. You believe in passing on the baton to your younger generation while you strive to upgrade your skills for even more challenging yet rewarding opportunities. Your core purpose in life is to liberate people from the obscurity of ignorance and routine life and guide them on the path of enlightenment.

4. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Cancer

life purpose cancer

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, your core purpose in life is to set examples of care and compassion through unconditional love. You are the go-to person for those who feel devalued and ignored. When you see someone getting sidelined in a conversation or a project, you consciously do everything in your power to make them feel included. You easily earn the trust of others and people love to confide in you. You help others to understand and manage their overwhelming emotions.

5. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Leo

life purpose leo

Your core purpose in life is to become the best version of yourself and inspire others with your example. Your individuality and self-expression mesmerize people around you. You show them that it is possible to swim against the tide and reach the shore. You are an idealist who never compromises with your values and principles. You live your life on your own terms and motivate others to do the same unapologetically. You have a natural talent to charm and guide others, making you an ideal leader.

6. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Virgo

life purpose virgo

Your core purpose in life is to teach people how to set high standards for themselves and work towards their goals by rising above their hardships. When it comes to managing conflicts and chaos, you have a natural panache to come up with the best possible solution that is easy to implement. People see you sailing through life with confidence and calmness and wonder how can you manage challenging situations so well! They don’t know that you have spent years mastering this art of living.

7. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Libra

life purpose libra

You are here to champion the cause of justice for all and sundry. You stand for equality, fairness, and harmony. You are the peacemaker who always tries to consider everyone’s point of view in a debate and come to a reconciliation. You vehemently support world peace and humanitarian work. Your core purpose in life is to establish fraternity, justice, and peace in a world where everyone tries to cut the corner and step on others in order to advance their purpose.

8. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

life purpose scorpio

People perceive you either as a stone-cold perfectionist or as a caring soul with a hard exterior, it all depends on whom you let in and choose to open up to. Either way, no one can deny your strong personality and caliber. You have been through a lot but have never allowed your pain to triumph over you. Instead, by turning your difficulties into life lessons, you built up your life. You can see through people and you openly patronize those who earn your trust. Your core purpose in life is to make people stronger than their problems.

9. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

life purpose sagittarius

You believe in chasing after your dreams. Your heart is full of optimism and hope for the future. You also want everyone around you to be successful by going after their goals. You always encourage people to apply themselves more and live up to their potential. You are a wanderer who wants to travel the world and learn from other people as well. Your core purpose in life is to show people that they can be high-achievers and successful without becoming selfish and conceited.

10. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

life purpose capricon

Your core purpose in life is to promote the necessity of care and nurturance. You have struggled with multiple setbacks and delays in your early life. All those failures have made you more attuned to your divine purpose. You have learned empathy and how to care for others along the way. You are here to lend a helping hand to those who are lost. You have learned with your life experiences that time is just a concept and no one should compete with others in order to get ahead in life.

11. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

life purpose aquarius

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You are an embodiment of enthusiasm and optimism. Your core purpose in life is to teach others how to look for the silver lining in every dark cloud. Where others see difficulties, you see a chance to show your talents and leave a mark. You leave no stone unturned to pursue your heart’s desire. You keep boosting the morale of people around you and helping them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Your positive attitude brings a blow of fresh air wherever you go.

12. Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign: Pisces

life purpose pisces

You are highly intuitive and in sync with the universe. Your emotions play a big role in your life and you never hesitate to express them. Your core purpose in life is to make people prioritize their relationships with others. You are someone who is always eager to impart knowledge and guide others. You are also a fan of art and creativity. People respect you for your knowledge, innovativeness, and helpful nature. You are a philanthropist who likes to devote your life to others.

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Life Is Calling You!

Once you learn each zodiac sign’s true purpose in life, a lot of things start making sense. If you can resonate with your purpose in life, based on your zodiac sign, don’t forget to share your experience with the rest of us!

The Unique Life Purpose Of Each Zodiac Sign
Purpose of each zodiac sign from the 4 Element Groups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What zodiac is water?

The 12 Zodiac Signs are divided into 4 elemental categories, namely, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces fall under the category of Water Element.

What is the Black zodiac?

The 12 Black Zodiac Signs stand for the sinister and dark aspect of our zodiac personalities and of our inherent will to cause harm and destruction.

What zodiac is Jesus?

Although many Christians associate Pisces with Jesus, his birthday on 25th December makes him a Capricorn.

What’s the purpose of zodiac signs?

The purpose of each zodiac sign is different than the other and can be read in detail in our article.

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