Twinflame- Soulmate

Why You Should Date – Zodiac Memes Quotes – []

Aries: You want a love story or not?

Taurus: Foreplay and financial security.

Gemini: If you don’t then you’re boring.

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Cancer: I will make your heart feel at home.

Leo: Epic romance will probably turn into a popular movie.

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Virgo: I will build a temple in honor of our love.

Libra: You would basically be dating an art gallery.

Scorpio: You’ll have a poem written about you.

Sagittarius: Once you date them, you really don’t go back…

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Capricorn: Do you know what a twin flame is?

Aquarius: Because they’re going to be the one that got away.

Pisces: Your wildest dreams will basically come true lol.

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