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What is the symbol for twin flames and what does it mean?

What is the symbol for twin flames?

Is it the infinity signal, relationship again from the historical cultures of India and Tibet?

Or is it the triality symbol that Saint Germain, a twin flame himself, totally defined?

Though the infinity signal is a part of the symbol for twin flame, it solely represents part of what twin flames actually are.

So, if you wish to know what the full symbol for twin flames appears like, and what it actually means, then maintain studying.

The symbol for twin flames

The symbol for twin flames dates again to the 18th century, when Saint Germain, a non secular grasp, alchemist, and inventor, step by step put it collectively.

In reality, it is made out of a number of symbols, together with a circle, a triangle, the infinity signal, and two flames.

As an entire, it represents the foundation of a twin flame connection.

What does the twin flame symbol appear to be?

The twin flame symbol is a circle, inside that are the infinity signal, an equilateral triangle pointing upwards, and two flames.

The infinity symbol is positioned at the backside, and parallel to the base of the triangle. As for the two flames, they reside inside the triangle pointing upwards.

The flames seem intertwined or separated, however this depends upon every creative interpretation.

What does the symbol for twin flames imply?

Since there are such a lot of symbols inside the twin flame symbol, we’ve got to take them one after the other in an effort to perceive what they actually imply.

This half is actually necessary as a result of, as Susan Brunton – a grasp of many metaphysical methods – says, “few pieces of symbolic imagery can sum up a concept so well.”

So, let’s start with the that means of the circle.

The circle

In line with Rose Putnam, intuitive coach and meditation trainer, “a circle represents eternity. In many customs and spiritual beliefs, a circle represents the Divine life force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection.”

In different phrases, for twin flames, the circle is an enveloping, inescapable, and timeless bond. It is an indication of connection that is eternal, and it goes approach past the bodily.

It additionally implies that their relationships are above the legal guidelines that rule bodily existence, reminiscent of time and house limitations.

The infinity signal

A symbol for eternity, the infinity signal represents the connection that hyperlinks twin flames and is positioned inside the circle.

Since it is inescapable and everlasting, this symbol represents an out-of-time expertise or perhaps a state of oneness.

It is a couple of magical, eternal, and non secular connection that can’t be damaged.

Need to know extra?

The Divine Female and Divine Masculine energies are believed to maneuver from one aspect of the signal to the different endlessly.

Which means that twin flames undergo the identical experiences of affection, progress, progress, struggling, enlightenment, and so on.

The triangle

“Just above the infinity sign is the triangle. This is another crucial symbolic shape that often represents trichotomies, dualities, and stability,” says Brunton.

In different phrases, this triangle symbolizes the triality of twin flames and represents the proven fact that two completely different energies are aligned in an ideal steadiness.

Let me clarify:

The left-hand level of the circle represents the Divine Masculine, whereas the right-hand level represents the Divine Female.

These factors are mainly opposing energies, like darkish and mild, good and unhealthy, bodily and emotional, and so on. On the different hand, their objective is to steadiness one another in an effort to create an ideal circulate of power.

However, the most attention-grabbing half is the high level as a result of it represents the twin flame journey in direction of ascension. It’s the place the thoughts, physique, and spirit meet, and it is the strongest level of the triangle.

The 2 flames

The 2 flames positioned at the base of the triangle signify the twin flames themselves. That’s proper, they really signify the people who find themselves going by this everlasting journey of affection, oneness, and unity.

Right here’s the affirmation:

“The flames represent the two partners, with fire being another important symbol relevant to this relationship.”

On high of that, it is believed that when twin flames reunite, their energies will turn into one, thus the two flames will merge into one flame.

General the symbol for twin flames can inform us lots about the expertise of being a twin flame.

It says that the connection between two twin flames is above bodily manifestations, and their expertise of affection and oneness goes past time.

It additionally says that twin flames will unite to turn into one when their expertise is over, and their objective is completed.

Different frequent twin flame symbols

Twin flames over the world have chosen the Celtic love knot, the twin flame Reiki symbol, in addition to many others, to signify their cosmic connection.

The Celtic love knot appears like it “is made up of two interlacing knots, each forming the shape of a heart. The knots weave between each other to make one heart face downwards and the other face upwards.”

Nonetheless, regardless of its look, it is made up of 1 steady line.

As for its that means, it stands for concord between the non secular and the earthly, and it has no starting or finish, very similar to the circle or the infinity signal.

The twin flame Reiki symbol appears like a coronary heart surrounded by a circle that has a line inside it with a dot on all sides. It means everlasting love and it depicts the journey twin flames must take to turn into one.

Closing ideas

Though many symbols can be utilized to signify the connection that twin flames have, Saint Germain was the just one who got here up with a symbol advanced sufficient to specific it to the fullest.

Its that means speaks of duality and triality, in addition to unconditional and everlasting love.

Now that you recognize much more about the twin flame symbol, you should utilize it to draw your twin flame in your life or meditate on it to get the solutions you want.


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