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Numerology Chart: Learn to Calculate Your Core Numbers

How To Find Numerology Chart core Numbers?

For numerology calculation, a numerology chart is essential for determining the core elements of a person based upon his name and date of birth.

The numerology calculator determines the life path number, soul urge number, dream number, and other important aspects of the numerology chart by calculating the numerical values of name and date of birth. Let us understand the numerology chart and its essential core elements that discover the personality of a person.

What is Numerology Chart?

Numerology is the science of numbers, where numbers are studied deeply, and their unique meaning is interpreted. A numerology chart is required to find out the meaning of numbers and determining the unique life path. This helps in decoding the personality of a person and discover fascinating insights about their lives.

We live in a world where everything is interpreted and calculated using numbers. Numbers are an essential part of this universe.

The numerology chart is the most essential element in numerology. Through a numerology chart, we can calculate and find out life path number, expression number, and heart’s desire number which often leads to the discovery of your secret personality.

Numerology chart helps in discovering the strange secrets and hidden personality of an individual by calculating the 5 core numbers using name and date of birth.

Numerology chart predict our future life and help us see our invisible personality that all of us are unaware of till now.

You will encounter the most powerful numbers of your life that have deep impact on the decisions you take and life you live while you are moving towards the path of destiny.

This numerology chart calculation is based upon Pythagoras based numerology where every number is an essential building block of this universe having powerful capabilities. Know your numerology numbers through free numerology reading.

The numerology chart calculation helps us uncover the secrets of our lives and our true potential.

Whether you believe it or not, numbers have a deep influence on our lives and have enormous potential to change the trajectory of our life path. Therefore, it’s essential to study the meaning behind the numbers that are influencing our day-to-day lives. This can be done by finding out the 5 core members in numerology using numerology chart calculation.

What are the 5 Core Numbers in Numerology?

There are 5 core numbers in numerology which are calculated and combined to find out the hidden meaning of your life. These core numbers are also known as numerology chart numbers. Through these core numbers, we can determine your life path cycles and your personal year.

The 5 core numbers in numerology are as follows:

  1. Life Path Number

  2. Destiny Number / Expression Number

  3. Soul Urge Number / Heart’s Desire number

  4. Personality Number

  5. Birthday Number

These 5 core numbers tell about your characteristics and outline your life ahead. They reveal your biggest opportunities, your strength, weakness, and your unique abilities. We calculate core numbers based on the Pythagorean numerology chart. Let us dive deep into the meaning of these 5 core numbers and learn how to calculate these core numbers.

1. What is Life Path Number?

Life Path Number is considered the most essential element of your numerology chart. It draws the path of your life by showing you the biggest success and failure moments along the timeline. It shows the best and worst phases that you will encounter during your life journey. The life path number remains the same for the entire lifetime.

How to Calculate Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number is calculated by considering your date of birth. Each element of your birthdate like day, month, and year are taken into calculation for determining your life path number.

For example, let’s consider that Emma Murphy is born on 3rd June 1992. (03/06/1992)

You need to bring these numbers to a single digit.

First, let’s consider the date which is 03, so by adding 0+3 we get 3.

Now we consider the month which is June (06), so by adding 0+6 we get 6.

Last but not the least, we consider the year 1992, so by adding 1+9+9+2 we get 21. But still, we need to convert it to a single digit. So now we again add 2+1 which gives us 3.

Till now, we have got number 3 from date, number 6 from the month and number 3 from the year.

Now we add all three of them, date+month+year, to get the final number. So we add 3+6+3 which gives us 12. Now as we want a single-digit number, so we again add 1+2 which gives us 3. So 3 is the life path number of Emma Murphy, who was born on 3rd June 1992.

2. What is Destiny Number / Expression Number?

Destiny number is also referred to as Expression Number by numerology readers, since its meaning is relevant to soul expressions. Your destiny number tells about your biggest strengths and weaknesses that you need to work upon in order to achieve your dream goals in life. They tell you about your unique abilities and challenges that you might face ahead in your life.

How to Calculate Destiny Number / Expression Number?

The Destiny Number / Expression Number is calculated based on characters of your full name. Each alphabet has a corresponding number aligned to their frequency, which you can observe in the numerology chart shown above. We get the corresponding value for each letter as follows.

A, J, S: 1

B, K, T: 2

C, L, U: 3

D, M, V: 4

E, N, W: 5

F, O, X: 6

G, P, Y: 7

H, Q, Z: 8

I, R: 9

We will add all the numbers corresponding to your first name and last name together to obtain the expression number.

Let’s say your name is Emma Murphy.

First let’s take your first name, Emma, the corresponding number we find in the above numerology chart are E=5, M=4, M=4, A=1. Now we add them together 5+4+4+1 which gives us 14. Now as we want a single-digit number, so we again add 1+4 which gives us 5.

Now let’s consider your last name which is Murphy, here is the corresponding number we find in the above numerology chart are M=4, U=3, R=9, P=7, H=8, Y=7. Now we add them together 4+3+9+7+8+7 which gives us 38. Now as we want a single-digit number, so we add 3+8 which gives us 11. For getting a single-digit number, we again add 1+1 which finally gives us number 2.

Now we add both first name + last name, 5+2 which gives us 7. For Emma Murphy, the expression number or destiny number is 7.

3. What is Soul Urge Number / Heart’s Desire Number?

Soul Urge Number is also known as Heart’s Desire Number since it tells you about the desires and ambitions that you are having within your heart. It figures out what you really want in your life. It helps you find the reasons behind the choices that you have made in your life. Soul Urge Number tells you exactly what motivates you to move ahead and describes the things going on inside your heart.

How to Calculate Soul Urge Number / Heart’s Desire Number?

Soul urge number is determined by adding the number corresponding to the vowels coming up in your name. As we have taken Emma Murphy as an example earlier, so will try to find out its Soul Urge Number as well.

In Emma, E and A are vowels corresponding to numerology chart numbers 5 and 1. So we add them, 5+1, and get 6 in Emma (first name).

In Murphy, there is only one vowel which is U, corresponding to numerology chart number 3. We get to number 3 in Murphy (last name).

Now adding both (first name+last name), 6+3 we get 9 as the Soul Urge Number for Emma Murphy.

4. What is Personality Number/ Dream Number?

Personality Number is also known as Dream Number by numerologists. Personality Number tells about your personality traits and the way you behave with others during your first meet, while giving your first impression to them and revealing the only things that you want them to know.

How to Calculate Personality Number/ Dream Number?

Personality Number/ Dream Number is calculated by adding the number corresponding to the consonants coming up in your name. As we have taken Emma Murphy as an example earlier, so will try to find out its Personality Number.

In Emma, M and M are consonants corresponding to numerology chart number 4. Since there are 2 M therefore we add 4+4 which gives us 8 in Emma (first name).

In Murphy, there are 5 consonants M, R, P, H, Y corresponding to numerology chart numbers 4, 9, 7, 8, 7. When we add them together 4+9+7+8+7, we get 35, and to get a single digit, we again add 3+5 which gives us 8 in Murphy (last name).

Now adding both (first name+last name), 8+8 we get 16. For obtaining a single digit, we again add 1+6 which gives us 7 as the Personality Number for Emma Murphy.

5. What is Birthday Number?

Birthday Number reveals your inner talents and hidden characteristics that have great potential to turn around your life. These talents will rise up on their own when the right time will approach.

Your Birthday Number is the simplest element to calculate, since it mostly doesn’t need any calculation. The day of the month on which you were born is considered as Birthday Number. In the case of Emma Murphy, her day of birth 3 is considered as her Birthday Number.

What do the numbers mean in numerology?

Here goes the meaning of numbers in numerology. Learn about your core numbers through this free accurate numerology reading for 2023. Have a close look at the characteristics of each number to determine your personality traits.

Meaning of Number 1 in Numerology

They exemplify the characteristics of a resolute, strong, dynamic, courageous, enthusiastic, and individualistic personality. However, they have impetuous, self-centred, and violent personalities. They work hard to reach their goals, they encourage and motivate others, they are usually lethargic and indecisive, but once they overcome this, they become outstanding leaders.

Meaning of Number 2 in Numerology

These are the folks who are patient, adaptive, versatile, helpful, resourceful, friendly, and adaptable. He is, nevertheless, pessimistic, irritable, restless, and moody. They are also idealists and dreamers. They are responsible and hardworking, despite being apprehensive and avoiding being tamed by their shortcomings.

Meaning of Number 3 in Numerology

They have exuberant, cheerful, passionate, proud, authoritative, and creative personalities. They are, on the contrary, hostile, intolerant, exhibitionist, pretentious, and careerist. They are energized, vital, and live life to the fullest. They are constantly on the lookout for love and entertainment.

Meaning of Number 4 in Numerology

They exemplify a systematic, concrete, persevering personality, rooted in traditional values, contemplative, and endowed with several talents. However, they are also obstinate, greedy, sluggish, materialistic, inflexible, and sensitive. The number four represents discipline, efficiency, and logic. They are trustworthy and loyal as a result of their strong, disciplined nature.

Meaning of Number 5 in Numerology

They are persons who are passionate, humorous, intuitive, self-sufficient, adaptable, and dynamic. They are, on the contrary, reckless, erratic, capricious, impetuous, and restless. People with the number 5 are extremely intelligent, daring, and brilliant, and they adore independence. Number 5 is bit different from angel number 555.

Meaning of Number 6 in Numerology

They reflect a mature personality, open to others’ needs, creative, sensitive, understanding, sentimental, and tenacious. They are, nevertheless, sensitive, lethargic, dirty, grumpy, and impatient. They are not greedy, but rather enjoy fighting for the comfort of their families.

Meaning of Number 7 in Numerology

They are perceptive, sensitive, emotional, want perfection, and are endowed with imagination and creativity. They are, on the contrary, indecisive, absent-minded, impressionable, dubious, generally unsociable, and confused. They enjoy experimenting with new ideas and developing their own in the field of physics. They have a natural talent to make money and are good with numbers.

Meaning of Number 8 in Numerology

These are the people who are ambitious and authoritarian, tenacious, proud, magnetic, energetic, and obstinate. At the same time, they are distrustful, egotistical, impatient, vengeful, and prone to intrigue and deception. They love to do things correctly, they do well in business, finance, and politics. They are the born leaders.

Meaning of Number 9 in Numerology

They have sensitivity, kindness, balance, diplomacy, attention, clarity, a sense of duty, and a love for others in their personality. They are, however, indecisive, inconsistent, and lethargic. They have the rare attribute of self-sacrifice; they always give to others, even when they don’t have anything. They are wise and loving, and they always excel in any endeavor that requires their efficiency. They have a healthy emotional balance.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerology is all about studying unique numbers and their characteristics. According to numerology, the numbers are the building blocks of this universe and can provide meaningful insights into life by equating the core numbers of numerology.

Through basic calculations, you can calculate core numbers which are life path number, destiny number, soul urge number, personality number, and birthday number. The steps involved in numerology calculation have been explained in detail above.

What are Numerology Chart Numbers?

Numerology chart numbers are the core numbers of numerology which have great significance in determining the life direction and personality traits of a person.

The core numbers briefly explain the challenges, opportunities, and life-turning events that one might face in his lifetime. The numerology core numbers are life path number, destiny number, soul urge number, personality number, and birthday number.

What is the Name Numerology Chart?

Every alphabet is having a numerical value. The letters in your name have unique numerical values that is having a significant influence on your life.

Your numbers tell precisely about your personality and unique attributes that project your true characteristics. Name numerology chart calculates your core numbers based upon the letters of your first and last name.

What is the Pythagorean Numerology Chart?

Pythagoras was a well-known Greek philosopher who made astonishing developments in the field of mathematics and astronomy. His contributions are still being used in various studies.

The Pythagorean Numerology Chart uses the numerical value of letters of the first name and last name for deducing the core numbers of numerology. The core numbers of the numerology chart reveal insight into your life and guide you towards the inner capabilities that might be a secret to you even now.

What are Master Numbers in Numerology?

Master numbers are the most powerful aspects of a person’s numerology chart. 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers in numerology. When these two twin digits arise in an analysis, the numerologist respects the power of a master number and does not add them to a single digit as other double digits do.

11 : The Spirit’s Vision

22 : Make Decisions Based on Your Vision

33 : Divine Illumination – The Outcome of Vision and Action

Let us understand each master number with its deeper meaning.

Master Number 11

This number, also known as the Christ vibration, delivers both challenges and rewards to the individual. Many people are unable to handle the amount of energy that runs through them because the energy is so charged. It’s electrifying, and it’s connected to the divine.

This vibration carries a very ambitious and challenging outlook for the individual’s spiritual growth. The individual is given the potential for profound illumination, but the cost is frequently quite costly.

The person may attain recognition, but the cost of that fame may include a variety of losses. This number should inspire and motivate the individual to seek a deeper spiritual understanding of the world. Learn about 111 meaning to know the significance of number 1.

Master Number 22

Master number 22 ensures that the person is active in worldly activities and wields considerable power as a result of the magical union of career and circumstances. The obstacles of this orchestration will shape the soul’s path to enlightenment. Here is more about numerology number 2 in angel number 222.

Master Number 33

A master is represented by the master number 33. This number signifies a world teacher who has triumphed against personal adversity. This vibration encourages the individual to put the welfare of humanity ahead of his or her own and to help others to enlightenment.

The inclusion of the number 33 is justified by the fact that it is a total of 11 + 22. According to numerologists who agree with this addition, the three master numbers form a Triangle of Enlightenment. Learn more about the characteristics of number 3 through 333 angel number meaning.

How Numerology Chart can be Useful in Life?

Numerology chart evaluates and reveals the most powerful numbers of your life which are influencing your actions and decisions. The numbers tell about your real personality and qualities. A numerology chart can help find the purpose and meaning of your life.

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