Abandoned Place

Abandoned Place: Huge Abandoned Castles You Can Actually Buy

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a fairytale castle like a prince or princess, these enchanting abandoned castles up for sale might just be the magical opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Imagine walls that resemble fortress ramparts, towering turrets, elegant marble columns, lush gardens, and exquisite medieval details. Scroll down to discover the top fixer-upper castles currently on the market, ranging from a weathered custom-built castle in Idaho to a fantasy-like mansion in Lower Normandy.

14th-century palace, Lugo, Spain: £199,800 ($241k)

If you’ve got a healthy budget, a vivid imagination, and a good deal of patience, this stunning 14th-century palace might be your dream renovation project. Nestled within the El Ancares National Park in Lugo, Spain, this sprawling, secluded, and full-of-potential property is available for a reasonable €225,000, or around £199,800 ($241k).

However, potential buyers should note that this isn’t a project for beginners in the renovation field. With a generous 46,500 square feet of space, this grand mansion is gradually being reclaimed by nature. Despite its vacancy for a considerable time, the roof has been renovated and the overall condition is quite promising.

Although the interior is in disrepair, there are numerous perks to consider. With its magnificent beamed ceilings, stone walls, arched windows, ancient arrow slits, embedded coat of arms, and historic ironwork, this home holds immense potential. Just think about the possibilities—perhaps it could be transformed into a luxurious hotel or a collection of family residences.

But the real gem here is the property’s location. Nestled in the heart of the Los Ancares Natural Reserve, surrounded by picturesque mountains, valleys, rivers, woods, and charming historic villages, this estate’s value lies in its surroundings. The vast land also includes prehistoric homes and is within a 45-minute drive of a ski resort, perfect for winter sports enthusiasts.

13th-century schloss, Brandenburg, Germany: £707,000 ($858k)

In the German state of Brandenburg, an extraordinary 13th-century schloss awaits a new owner, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to make this gem yours for just £707,000 ($855k), or around €800,000. This impressive mansion spans approximately 15,000 square feet and is brimming with remarkable architectural features.

This abandoned noble mansion boasts both size and beauty. Surrounded by a moat, its exterior exudes Renaissance romanticism. Inside, you’ll find 39 rooms, each adorned with significant architectural details such as grand European fireplaces, intricate plasterwork, checkerboard and tiled floors, curved ceilings, and majestic pillars.

Built in the 16th century, the château underwent baroque expansions that added side wings and a tower, resulting in a mix of architectural styles. However, due to years of vacancy, every room requires refurbishment. There are currently no functional bathrooms, and the electrical system is marked as “defective” by the listing agency. This means extensive work is essential to restore this opulent residence to its former glory.

With over 30 acres of land that are ripe for development, the German schloss presents a unique opportunity. Not to mention, Dresden is only a 40-minute drive away, and Berlin is reachable in approximately two hours. For those seeking a secluded haven with boundless potential, this historic property offers a compelling investment.

15th-century château, Occitanie, France: £777,000 ($940k)

Nestled in the picturesque region of Tarn-et-Garonne, France, this 15th-century château awaits its revival. The serene estate, just a short 45-minute drive from Toulouse, enjoys an elevated position with sweeping countryside vistas. Spanning about 11,000 square feet, this grand abode boasts a rich history and story.

Built between 1401 and 1600 by a member of Louis XI’s court, the château holds ties to historical figures. This historical masterpiece is classified as a Historique Monument by the Supplemental Inventory of Historical Monuments (ISMH), a testament to its significance. Interestingly, the area was previously home to an even older structure, finished around the end of the 14th century.

Having undergone extensive renovations in the 16th century, the château has hosted various monarchs and bishops over the years. The estate comprises two wings surrounding a courtyard, adorned with four antique towers at each corner. The property also features charming grounds, a moat encircling the château, an impressive bridge, and remnants of its ancient fortifications.

Inside, captivating period elements abound, including stone staircases, 16th-century ceiling paintings, antique fireplaces, and cloister-style domed spaces. A three-bedroom caretaker’s home offers a comfortable space for residing during the restoration process. Additionally, a chapel graced with 15th-century murals adds to the property’s allure. Offered through Prestige Property Group for €880,000 (approximately £777,000 or $940k), this enchanting estate beckons those seeking to revive its storied past.

17th-century chateau, Basse-Normandie, France: £1.7 million ($2.1m)

For those with £1.7 million ($2.1 million) or €1.9 million to spare, an idyllic rural haven awaits. Situated in France’s Lower Normandy region, this 17th-century chateau is a mere hour away from Mont St-Michel and three hours from Paris. Furthermore, the historic D-Day Landing beaches are just minutes away.

Presented by Patrice Besse, this estate caters to aspiring lords and ladies, offering more than just a chateau. Alongside the main castle, there’s an abandoned chapel, a dovecote, various outbuildings, a caretaker’s cottage, and a beautifully restored small house. The extensive 42-acre property includes stunning gardens and ornamental ponds fed by natural springs.

Built during the time of King Henri IV, the château showcases local quarry stone blocks. Spread across three floors, the château features a basement, a grand main level, and a spacious attic boasting exposed beams. The interior houses a dining room, an entry hall, a lounge, two kitchens, and more than five bedrooms. Additionally, a sizeable attic space offers conversion potential.

Each room exudes historical grandeur with features like fireplaces, French windows, terracotta tiles, parquet flooring, and exquisite coffered ceilings. While the château requires substantial restoration work to regain its former glory, its solid foundation provides ample potential.

Whether you’re looking for an idyllic escape or a heritage project, this estate offers both. With its prime location and spacious grounds, this chateau presents a captivating opportunity.

Mirna Castle, Mirna, Slovenia: £1.7 million ($2.1m)

For those in search of a residence with wow factor, seclusion, and breathtaking vistas, consider the splendid Mirna Castle in the Slovenian town of Mirna. This historic structure, known as “The Sleeping Beauty,” traces its roots back to 1165 and has been a designated municipal landmark since 1996. Available through Slovenia Estates, this magnificent property is priced at around €1.9 million or £1.7 million ($2.1 million).

Among Slovenia’s oldest castles, Mirna Castle stands as a stunning example of medieval architecture. The property spans over 26,000 square feet and seamlessly blends Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements throughout its extensive structure.

Over the years, the site has undergone multiple renovations, including a post-World War II restoration after deliberate destruction. Funding from a local professor in 1965 breathed new life into this historical gem. Accessible via a bridge leading to an indoor courtyard, Mirna Castle’s oldest section is the palace’s heart. During Turkish invasions, the castle was fortified with defensive walls and towers, many of which remain intact.

The castle boasts three levels with diverse elements, including arcade galleries, granaries, towers, and the main building itself. Although extensive reconstruction is necessary due to years of neglect, the rustic stone walls, dramatic staircases, graceful windows, and soaring ceilings adorned with exposed beams are worth preserving.

With a square footage exceeding 26,000 square feet and panoramic views, this castle offers countless possibilities. While the restoration process is not for the faint of heart, the property’s character, proximity to the local community, and stunning vistas promise an exceptional investment.

19th-century hunting estate, Centre-Val de Loire, France: £1.8 million ($2.1m)

With a budget of €1.9 million (£1.8 million), you could own a splendid hunting estate nestled in France’s Centre-Val de Loire region. This nineteenth-century estate features a majestic chateau, a tennis court, a swimming pool, assorted outbuildings, and a guest house.

The mansion, covering 7,534 square feet, boasts a distinctive design with two square towers. Approach the castle via a picturesque gravel path framed by woodlands, enhancing its charm. The interior retains its original decor and expansive windows, with some areas showing signs of recent updates. A grand hallway with a wooden staircase, a bright living room featuring a statement brick fireplace and beamed ceiling, a formal dining room, and a neo-Gothic wood-paneled office are all present.

The estate features a host of amenities, including two kitchens, a smaller drawing room, a library, and even a cellar, perfect for housing local wines. The first level comprises four bedrooms, including a master suite with triple exposure to the park below and another suite in the castle’s tower. Furthermore, two fireplaces grace the two bathrooms on this level. The upper floor houses three spacious bedrooms, each with an ensuite and walk-in closet.

Encompassing 173 acres of private land teeming with wildlife, this estate offers a haven for nature enthusiasts. The charming guest house and adaptable outbuildings provide additional potential for residential or commercial use. Situated less than two hours from Paris, this property strikes a balance between woodland seclusion and proximity to urban amenities. Offered through Patrice Besse, this chateau is sure to capture the imagination of those seeking a unique investment.

12th-century fortress, Piedmont, Italy: £2.6 million ($3.1m)

For those longing to experience a fairytale lifestyle in Italy’s splendid Piedmont region, this captivating home might just fulfill that dream. Listed with Prestige Property Group, this charming castle traces its roots to 900 AD and is said to have been completed around 1200.

The historic residence has seen various modifications over the centuries, but its majestic facade and graceful C-shaped courtyard, designed in the classic Piedmontese Baroque style, remain largely intact. This enchanting fortress rests atop a high site in the center of Alessandria, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Spanning over nine acres of land and boasting an impressive 25,564 square feet of interior space, this castle provides ample room for creative restoration. The castle is arranged over three floors: a basement, a generous main level, and a capacious attic with exposed beams. Inside, you’ll find ten bedrooms and several spacious living areas, all adorned with exquisite historical details. Each room exudes its own unique charm, from the vaulted ceilings to the hand-painted murals.

Structural repairs have recently been undertaken to ensure the castle’s stability. Critical work, such as strengthening external walls and roof restoration, has already been completed. The castle’s outdoor areas feature enchanting terraced gardens and lush parklands, fitting for a regal estate.

Castle Von Frandsen, Idaho, USA: £5.8 million ($7m)

Meet Castle Von Frandsen, a grand refuge that might seem plucked from the Black Forest but is perched on a rocky cliff overlooking Lake Pend Oreille’s shores in Idaho, USA. This distinctive property, listed with Coldwell Banker for a cool £5.8 million ($7m), beckons with its medieval-style charm. Although renovation efforts began in 2022, they seem to have been left incomplete.

Crafted from granite sourced in British Columbia and hand-carved on-site, the medieval-style mansion incorporates exposed timber beams, harvested and cut from the surrounding forest. Architecturally, the home combines elements of stone, wood, and glass, creating a mesmerizing aesthetic.

Spanning 8,000 square feet, the mansion comprises two bedrooms and three bathrooms, with potential for additional sleeping quarters. The master suite impresses with its expansive space, featuring faux tower walls and arched windows and doors. Throughout the home’s three stories, you’ll encounter multi-level rooms, a kitchen, and even an indoor plunge pool. Many rooms afford stunning lake views.

Nestled on 10 acres of Frandsen Forest property, the castle is conveniently close to the lake, making it an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts. The property boasts a private dock and jetty for those looking to set sail on Lake Pend Oreille. Ready to partake in finishing this one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Don’t hesitate—this exceptional property awaits its next chapter.

Heritage palace, Lisbon, Portugal: £5.8 million ($7m)

If a heritage palace epitomizes your vision of a fairytale castle, then look no further. This grand palace, situated on 148 acres of land on Lisbon’s outskirts, hails from 1800 and retains many of its exquisite original features. Encompassing a staggering 17 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, this palace boasts around 22,000 square feet of interior space awaiting restoration.

Known as Quinta da Torre de Santo António, this heritage palace commands attention with its royal aura and distinctive architectural elements. Perched on a scenic plateau in the countryside, the palace affords panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Notably, the castle stands as a prime example of neo-Manueline architecture, showcasing a chapel, covered balconies, a prominent tower, stone arcades, and captivating turrets.

A grand atrium leads to a spacious hall adorned with ceramic floor tiles depicting a Renaissance bestiary. This area also features fluted stone columns, cloister arches of brick and dressed stone, and an exquisite wooden staircase. Numerous lavish living spaces grace the palace, from a herringbone-parquet-floored lounge with a marble fireplace to ornate dining rooms boasting coffered ceilings and intricate door surrounds.

With extensive gardens and woodlands, the palace includes stables, carriage buildings, and servants’ quarters. The palace’s Jardim Velho, designed by famed French gardener Pedro Maurier, features intricate hedges, lawns, and beds. Offered by Portugal Property and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices for €6.5 million, this regal palace presents an unparalleled investment opportunity.

Pink castle, Umbria, Italy: £6.1 million ($7.4m)

Step into the enchanting world of an opulent Umbrian residence that dates back to the early nineteenth century. Once owned by one of the region’s influential families, this property, which has been turned into a neo-Gothic castle villa, is now on the market for approximately €6.9 million (£6.1 million, $7.4 million).

Adorned in a soft pink hue, this romantic estate spans four levels and exudes English romanticism. While the interior and exterior may appear timeworn, this vast property offers abundant space, beauty, and potential for remarkable transformation.

Featuring intricate design elements, including Carrara marble staircases and carved wooden doors, the castle’s grandeur is palpable. The interior requires substantial refurbishment, yet there are captivating details worth preserving, such as bespoke coffered ceilings, gilded accents, arched windows, and classic fireplaces.

The property offers three expansive ground-floor living spaces, five bedrooms, and two bathrooms. A balcony overlooking Lake Maggiore and a tower’s octagonal terrace, adorned with medieval battlements and panoramic views, promise a splendid retreat.

Surrounded by nearly three acres of land, the estate includes two private beaches and several structures in need of significant repairs—perhaps future holiday homes. Notably, all necessary renovation permissions are already secured. If captivated by this dreamlike property, Sotheby’s International Realty awaits your inquiries.

Castle and hamlet, Tuscany, Italy: £13.4 million ($16.1m)

Embark on an extraordinary journey through time and own an entire village in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, for €15 million (£13.4 million, $16.1 million). Borgo, an ancient settlement encompassing a captivating castle and ten rustic cottages, boasts a history dating back to the twelfth century. Once owned by the Pannocchieschi d’Elci family, this property even counts Cosimo de Medici, a prominent Florentine statesman, as a former owner.

The picturesque Borgo, cocooned within fortified walls, offers boundless potential for transformation. The main castle is lavishly adorned, featuring arched windows and entrances, carved timber staircases, tiled floors, and charming window shutters. While the interior has succumbed to decay, various features such as intricate door surrounds, gilded accents, vaulted ceilings, and elegant fireplaces are ripe for restoration.

Expanding across 1,687 acres of land, this historic hamlet encompasses woodlands and arable farmland, offering opportunities for equestrian or agricultural ventures. The estate’s potential extends to premium boutique hospitality, with space for up to 90 beds. Whether aspiring to be a village mayor or create a private resort, this rare opportunity awaits those with a vision.

19th-century estate, Piedmont, Italy: POA

Discover an extraordinary nineteenth-century villa poised on the fringes of the charming Italian town of Stresa, nestled near the shores of Lake Maggiore. While the villa has experienced neglect, its potential for beauty, expansive spaces, and serene landscapes makes it an enticing prospect. Although details on the property’s price are available upon inquiry, its allure is unmistakable.

Boasting a timeless design, the villa stands tall across three stories, complete with two circular corner turrets and a central square tower, evoking a fairytale charm. Hailed as “one of the most stunning properties on Lake Maggiore,” the villa extends over 10,000 square feet, offering ample room for creative revitalization. While the interior and grounds may have succumbed to disrepair, the villa’s potential for transformation is boundless.

From wrought iron accents to Carrara marble staircases, the villa’s interior retains a sense of grandeur. The entrance hall welcomes visitors with intricate patterns of ceramic floor tiles depicting a Renaissance bestiary. The charm continues with captivating elements like coffered ceilings, hand-painted murals, arched windows, and classic fireplaces.

The villa occupies nearly three acres of land, featuring private beaches and additional structures awaiting restoration. Importantly, all necessary permissions for restoration are secured. For those enchanted by this opportunity, Sotheby’s International Realty invites further exploration.


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