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I Love You Neither With My Heart Nor With My Mind


I love you neither with my heart nor with my mind. Just in case heart might stop, the mind can forget. I love you with my soul. Soul never stops or forgets.”

– Rumi

This Rumi quote expresses a deep and unconditional love that goes beyond the limitations of the heart and the mind. The speaker states that their love for the other person does not rely on emotions or thoughts alone.

By saying, “I love you neither with my heart nor with my mind,”

The speaker implies that their love is not solely based on fleeting emotions or rational thinking. They acknowledge the potential vulnerability and transience of the heart’s feelings and the mind’s ability to forget. The heart may stop beating, symbolizing the possibility of emotions fading away, and the mind can forget, representing the potential loss of memories or intellectual attachment.

Instead, the speaker claims to love with their soul, emphasizing the eternal and unchanging nature of this love. The soul is often associated with the core essence of a person, representing their deepest and most authentic self. By loving with the soul, the speaker suggests that their love transcends the physical and intellectual aspects of human existence. The soul is considered to be everlasting and unyielding, implying that this love will endure and remain steadfast.

In summary, this quote conveys a love that surpasses temporary emotions and fleeting thoughts, finding its foundation in the enduring essence of the soul. It signifies an unwavering and timeless love, independent of the fluctuations of the heart and the mind.

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