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Love Quotes – Date Someone Who Naturally Brings Out Your Inner Child


Date someone who naturally brings out your inner child, never stops flirting with you, and loves you a little extra on your bad days.



I don’t want to be with someone who misinterprets my attempts at communication as arguments.

It’s important for me to express my feelings and discuss my thoughts openly without being seen as fighting or arguing.



If you both want it, it will work.


A whole love language:

I can make time


A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games.


From “come over” to “come home” is a real relationship goal for me.

– Jarrett @arrettstod


If you want long term relationships make sure that you’re ready for the boring days, tears, and arguments, it’s not all about happiness.

– @itswords_


May every kind thing you do be out of love, not for love.

– Morgan Richard Olivier


Get you a partner who doesn’t mind hurting people’s feelings when it comes to you. Imma say it again. GET YOU A PARTNER WHO DOESN’T MIND HURTING PEOPLE’S FEELINGS WHEN IT COMES TO YOU.

– Unknown



Nothing as beautiful as seeing someone who has been unlucky in relationships finally being loved effortlessly by the right person.


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