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Abandoned Place: How Can They Demolish Miranda Castle The Most Gorgeous Fairy Tale Castle In The World?

In a world where modernity often replaces history, abandoned romantic ruins are gaining value. You’ve probably heard about our fascination with majestic chateaus – those grand, solitary castles left to nature’s care. Among these captivating ruins stands Miranda Castle, a neo-Gothic marvel from the 19th century situated in Celles, Namur Province, Belgium. We’ve been captivated by this enchanting chateau since the first time we saw a photograph of it.

Constructed by English architect Edward Milner in 1866 for the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family, who had to leave Vêves Fortress due to the French Revolution. Tragically, Milner passed away before the castle’s completion. The clock tower was added in 1907.

Since 1991, when the costs of maintaining it became too high and efforts to attract investors failed, the castle has been abandoned and vacant. In 2015, the town of Celles offered to take over the castle, but the family declined. Consequently, the building has fallen into disrepair due to the elements and vandalism. A fire has caused substantial sections of the ceiling to collapse, as reported by Kenneth Provost. Kenneth Provost, residing in the same county and sharing our admiration for the castle, brought attention to the potential demolition of Noisy Chateau. Provost is the original source. He translated a French piece mentioning the demolition, although no such information was available in English.

From July 2015, the owner of the castle, Liedekerke Beaufort County, possessed a permit for its demolition. Alain Maes, associated with the Aresno Association working to protect Noisy Castle, expressed surprise at this revelation. The facts were completely disregarded… The recommendations of the Walloon Region’s official representative, assigned to investigate the situation, were embraced by Houyet College. We’ve adopted the appropriate stance, prioritizing security. It’s essential to remember that this isn’t public land, and there have been numerous trespassing incidents. Mayor Yvan Petit asserted, “We have taken precautions.”

Currently, the castle is in such a perilous state of decay that anyone entering is taking significant personal risks. This is why the owner began the demolition process two years ago, as shared by Kenneth Provost. Mayor Yvan Petit reaffirms that they’ve implemented safeguards. Entering the Castle without authorization comes with serious danger due to its fragile condition. This prompted the owner to initiate the demolition process two years ago, according to Kenneth Provost.

Restoring the castle is estimated to cost between 15 and 25 million euros. ASBL began seeking individual investors interested in transforming the structure into a hotel with a restaurant. However, reports indicate that, even after two years, the County hasn’t received a substantial plan. The Walloon Region now offers enhanced protection for the castle, giving the owner the option to demolish it. Demolition hasn’t begun yet, and we can only hope that someone will step forward to save and preserve this magnificent treasure.


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