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Sign of a Karmic Relationship [KARMIC SIGNS]

Sign of a Karmic Relationship



Karmic relationships and twin flame connection are both incredibly intense, much like twin flames.

Karmic partners can sweep into our lives and cause us to feel intense levels of attraction to them that can even cause us to wonder from time to time: Is this person some kind of soul connection, potentially a soulmate or even my twin flame? It’s ironic that twin flame connection and karmic relationships are some of the most commonly confused forms of soul love connection because, actually, at the root, these relationships are very different.

One way of thinking of it is they are nearly entirely opposite. Where a karmic relationship is about feeling attraction to another person based on unhealed wounds or patterns that are drawing us into this connection in order to clear out, to break free of these karmic cycles or patterns, twin flame connection is almost the opposite of this. Twin flames are most drawn together, most attracted magnetically to one another when they are completely whole and healed within themselves, living and radiating their true authentic self on their soul mission.

So, what is the number one way to distinguish a karmic relationship from twin flame connection? This may seem like a simple technique, but it’s not so simple because it requires radical self-honesty, being completely honest with yourself, and this can actually take a bit of time to unravel. It might be something that you need to meditate on or consider for a period of time before being able to really access your intuition’s answer to this question.


The question you need to ask yourself and be fully honest with yourself about when it comes to this person that you’re not sure is a karmic or a twin flame or a soulmate is: What is attracting me to this person? And I’m not talking about their physical appearance, although you may find that attractive.

I’m not talking about just the rush, the high that you get when you’re with them because those are feelings we can have about any form of soul love connection. I’m talking about the energetic roots. What is beneath the surface of your attraction to this person? What made you first start becoming interested in this person? What was it about them? What was it about your conversations with them?

Again, this can take a lot of time to fully answer to yourself because it’s not just about the way they make you feel. It’s about why they are making you feel that way. Because very often, the feelings of attraction, even looking at someone and finding them physically attractive, unconsciously, we are energetically attracted to one another. There is something that pulls us to each other. Very often, when we look at someone and think they are so physically attractive, what we’re actually referring to as attractive is literally the attractive pull of their aura, the magnetic pull that we are feeling from their auric field.

That is why twin flames find each other the most attractive when they are fully healed, when their auras are fully clear because they feel that pull between them very strongly since they share an identical core soul frequency, which by the law of attraction pulls them together very, very intensely and magnetically.

Now, when it comes to karmic relationships, karmic connections, the reason we feel or even see attractive qualities within a karmic connection or relationship is always because this person represents to us some kind of unhealed wound or pattern within us.

So very often, when we meet a karmic partner, the reason we feel attraction is because we are kind of feeling a broken puzzle piece, metaphorically speaking, within us that is fitting together perfectly with their broken edges, meaning we both have some kind of negative unhealed or wounded pattern that lines up.

Some people refer to this in the psychological world as trauma bonding. This is very close to trauma bonding, but it can also just be wounded bonding. There doesn’t necessarily need to be any conscious trauma associated with it. It’s just that there is some wounded or negative energetic pattern within us that is pulling us to this person, causing us to feel attraction.

Now, I know that might sound a bit confusing, and that is the number one way to determine a karmic connection. But I also feel it might be useful to dive into some signs that you are experiencing this, that you are attracted within a karmic relationship to someone based on unhealed wounds and patterns.

One thing you will feel when there is attraction present based on unhealed wounds and patterns is a strong distraction from your life purpose, your work, your passion, what you want to do with your life. This person will feel very distracting to you. Not just distracting in the kind of way when you have a crush on someone or you’re romantically interested in someone and you can’t stop thinking about them because, again, that can happen in all forms of love connection.

When you look at your relationship with a karmic as a whole, they will not lead you into deeper layers of self-discovery, into coming into your true soul purpose. That’s what I mean by that. They might help you discover yourself in the sense that you learn that you have this unhealed pattern, but they’re not going to necessarily assist you in continuing to move toward your sole purpose while you are in the relationship or connection.

Again, overall, they will feel more distracting to you than anything. In spite of this attraction, in spite of this pull, you may find yourself energetically feeling very frazzled or chaotic after being with them. You won’t feel that sense of peace, that sense of joy, ecstasy, calm that you get within other forms of soul connection. You will simply just feel lost, confused, chaotic.

Now, again, this can be a bit confusing because when we are separated from a twin flame, of course, this can also feel very jarring, very confusing, very chaotic. But very often, for twin flames, when you are in the love bubble phase, when you are together physically, you don’t experience this kind of chaos. You feel just euphoric. You feel ecstatic. You feel in love. You feel wildly connected and overjoyed. With a karmic, even when you are falling in love with one another, it will all feel very chaotic and confusing, and something about it will just feel not right to you. I’m trying to put words to describe a very energetic dynamic here, so forgive me because it’s difficult to find the exact words to describe this feeling.

But throughout your relationship with a karmic, it will always, always feel as though you just aren’t following your sole purpose through this connection, like there’s just something off or something not right about it. Now, more obviously, these are kind of more subtle signs that I’ve shared with you just now

Here are some more signs that can help you distinguish a karmic relationship from other soul connections:

1. Lack of growth and evolution: In a karmic relationship, you may find yourself stuck in repetitive patterns or unable to progress on your personal and spiritual journey. The relationship may feel stagnant, and there’s a lack of growth or evolution for both individuals involved.

2. Intense highs and lows: Karmic relationships often involve intense emotional swings. You may experience extreme highs and lows, intense arguments followed by passionate reconciliations. These emotional roller coasters can be exhausting and draining.

3. Unresolved conflicts and repetitive issues: Karmic relationships tend to bring up unresolved conflicts or repetitive issues from past experiences. You may find yourself constantly revisiting the same problems without finding resolution or growth.


4. Codependency and unhealthy dynamics: Karmic relationships can be marked by codependent tendencies, where one or both partners rely heavily on the other for validation, support, or a sense of identity. These dynamics can be unhealthy and hinder personal growth.

5. Limited or toxic communication: Communication in karmic relationships may be challenging or strained. There may be a lack of understanding, frequent misunderstandings, or a tendency to engage in toxic communication patterns such as blame, manipulation, or avoidance.

6. Feeling drained and depleted: Being in a karmic relationship can leave you feeling emotionally, mentally, and even physically drained. The energy exchange between both individuals may not be balanced, and you may find yourself giving more than you receive.

7. Breaking free from patterns: Karmic relationships often serve as catalysts for growth and healing. If you recognize repetitive patterns or cycles in your relationship and feel a strong desire to break free from them, it could be a sign of a karmic connection.

Remember that every relationship is unique, and it’s essential to trust your intuition and inner guidance when determining the nature of your connection with someone. If you’re uncertain about whether a relationship is karmic, a twin flame connection, or another soul connection, taking time for self-reflection, meditation, and seeking guidance from trusted sources can help you gain clarity.

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