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Signs Twin Flame Separation is Almost OVER [Separation Ending Signs!]

Signs Twin Flame Separation is Almost OVER



When twin flame separation is almost over, you will be able to feel the shift and see signs of the shift that has taken place energetically within yourself and within your twin flame bond before it happens.


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These twin flame separation ending signs are actually simply signs that you have shifted into a total surrender state. Now, what do I mean by surrender state? I mean that you have totally released all of the chaotic, conflicting, confusing thoughts, ideas, and limiting beliefs that were programmed into you artificially. You have released those chaotic thoughts and feelings and shifted completely into a space of deep inner peace that comes from totally reconnecting with the self, feeling completely at peace with the self.


And in doing this, because your twin flame is you essentially, they are your soul’s essence in a separate physical body, your twin flame not only senses that shift you’ve made, that powerful shift within yourself, they actually respond to it unconsciously, automatically, and shift themselves because, again, you are the same soul, the same energy. This means that energetic shifts in one are reflected in the other.


So, these are seven signs that you yourself have completely surrendered. You are in the surrender stage, which means through that surrender, you are now allowing the natural deepening of the energetic union between you and your twin flame in 5D. And it’s this 5D energy union that is necessary before allowing the sustained unfolding manifestation of twin flame union in the physical, meaning that this so-called separation, this physical, mental, or emotional disconnect in 3D, is no more and has been replaced by this union consciousness, this union state.


The first sign twin flame separation is almost over is you have an unexplainable sense of either joy, general happiness in your life, or even a kind of euphoria. This also can be felt as a less intense form of not so much euphoria but more so a deep inner peace. When you reach a state of surrender, meaning you are consistently in this surrendered state of being energetically, you are consistently allowing the deepening and the creation of this 5D energy union with your twin. Your emotions generally would range from feeling a kind of calm, a deep inner peace, to all the way up to potentially even feeling very happy, feeling euphoric. And again, there’s not really a known trigger for these feelings of peace or happiness. What this simply indicates is you are shifting your vibrational set points, your vibrational proclivity, where you naturally hang out energetically speaking. And the reason this is such a powerful sign that twin flame separation is ending is because in order for twin flame connection to be sustained in the physical, to be manifested as a physical union, it necessitates that both counterparts be vibrating at a higher frequency more consistently because this is simply a higher frequency love connection. This is a 5D paradigm of love and connection, as opposed to and replacing that lower vibrational 3D paradigm of love. So, when you feel more at peace, calm, or even joyful naturally most of the time, this is a sign you are vibrating at that higher level, holding space for the sustained manifestation of your twin flame union following separation.


The second sign twin flame separation is almost over is that you are feeling their presence very strongly in the 5D or energetically, but this is no longer causing you feelings of internal conflict, sadness, or doubt. Very often, early in twin flame separation or in the middle of it, it is very normal for us to actually get this jarring sense of feeling this person so strongly in our energy, and yet perceiving them to be physically absent, which can feel uncomfortable. However, as twin flame separation nears an ending point, as reunion nears, what happens is those feelings of discomfort during the separation lessen and lessen. This is because the gap between what you are feeling energetically, that person’s presence, their spirit being with you, and what you are perceiving in the physical, begins to merge. You are no longer fixating on this perception of physical disconnect, and therefore, you aren’t feeling uncomfortable, although you are feeling them strongly and very present with you always.


The third sign twin flame separation is almost over is more related to how you begin relating within the world, not necessarily in regards to your twin flame. You will find yourself beginning to be more authentic, showing up more authentically naturally, without needing to force it, in your day-to-day life. You will begin having the courage to speak your truth, to follow your soul’s purpose and path in this lifetime fearlessly and authentically. This is because you have done a lot of inner work to peel back all of those layers of fear, doubt, and negative programs we pick up from society. You are peeling away those blocks to unconditional love, revealing your pure, authentic soul frequency. The beautiful thing about this is that your twin flame radiates an identical frequency, and because of the law of attraction, like attracts like. So, when you begin radiating authenticity on a consistent basis, your twin flame naturally matches that frequency without clouding it with negativity. As a result, you start magnetically drawing your twin flame into your life in your physical 3D manifested experience, ultimately leading to reunion.


The next sign twin flame separation is almost over is that you start taking steps towards your true soul path or purpose. As you peel back the layers of artificial programming and embrace your authenticity, you naturally find yourself aligning with your true calling in life. This purpose may not necessarily be what we think of as inherently spiritual. It could be pursuing music, writing, sharing your voice with the world, creating your dream business, or any career path that resonates with your soul. When you are nearing twin flame union and the end of separation, you begin to believe in yourself more and take steps towards your soul’s purpose fearlessly and confidently.


The fifth sign twin flame separation is almost over is the integration of your inner divine masculine and divine feminine energies. As a twin flame, you tend to label yourself as either the divine feminine or divine masculine, which is not connected to being male or female but describes the energy within the twin flame connection. As separation nears its end, you will begin to see the results of integrating these energies within your twin flame connection. This could manifest as bringing greater structure into your life, or bridging any gaps in your inner masculine or feminine energy. It’s a process of balancing and harmonizing these energies within yourself.


The sixth sign twin flame separation is almost over is that you no longer feel actively in pain regarding the physical 3D circumstances between you and your twin flame, regardless of what those circumstances may be. As you heal and cultivate deeper levels of inner peace and confidence, you solidify the deep

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