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Soulmate Love Reading : They Didn’t Respect Your Soul Connection & You Walked Away…

They Didn’t Respect Your Soul Connection & You Walked Away


Your spirit guides have been trying to get through to you with a message on this… There was a period of time where you were stuck in a very stagnant energy with a person to whom you shared a profoundly divine connection. This other person chose to disrespect the soul connection between you by treating it half-heartedly, making you feel as though you were not being fully “chosen”, or even by participating in some level of betrayal or deceit.


Ultimately, you were divinely pushed to walk away or disconnect from this person in some way – ironically, this is the only way to truly free each of you from old patterns and allow you each to rise to your highest version of self, which ultimately would give you the opportunity to reconnect at some point in 3D in the future if you choose to do so.


I hope this twin flame / soulmate love reading reaches whoever needs to hear it at this time. Please keep in mind that not every reading will resonate with all, as I do channel many different energies and forms of connection here.❤︎ Sending so much love, – Infinity ∞


Welcome, beautiful souls! If you’re new here, my name is Infinity, and this is Magnetize Yourself, where we explore life, love, spirituality, and the law of attraction. Today, I feel a profound message coming through for you, especially if you’ve recently experienced a disappointment in love.

Understanding the Pain of a Disrespected Soul Connection

The reading begins with the 11-card in the reverse position, symbolizing manifested desires and wishes fulfilled. However, its reversal indicates recent disappointment. You may have invested significant time and energy into a relationship, hoping it would flourish, only to be met with drawn-out delays and unfulfilled promises.

A reversed Strategy card suggests plans went awry. You had a vision for your future with this person, but external factors or perhaps a karmic feminine energy interfered, leading to this profound disappointment.

A Divine Connection with Challenges

As we delve deeper, the Woman Holding a Coin in reverse emerges, hinting at external interference within your soul connection. Whether this was a twin flame or soulmate relationship, something special turned stagnant, burdened by disappointment and regret.

Your experience might have included a painful truth, revealed through the third eye chakra, that forced you to confront a reality where your hands felt tied. The realization of this truth was a catalyst, compelling you to walk away. You made the difficult decision to leave behind what you wanted for what you deserved, despite the connection’s initial beauty.

The Need for Balance and Grounding

The Angel of Balance card, in a midway position, reflects an ungrounded energy in your relationship. For some, this connection was primarily online or long-distance, struggling to find stability in the physical world. This lack of balance created a cycle of stagnant energy and continual disappointment, leading to a painful yet necessary decision to walk away.

Rediscovering Yourself and Moving Forward

The Community card suggests a need to reconnect with yourself and those around you. Although the relationship was divine, it left you feeling disconnected from your daily life. You longed to stay in that higher dimensional space with your partner, but reality demanded a different path.

Walking away allowed you to free yourself from this stagnant energy, making room for personal growth and rediscovery. The painful truth and betrayal you faced, symbolized by the reversed Deceit card, were necessary steps toward self-respect and empowerment.

Finding Strength and New Opportunities

Your guides remind you that choosing yourself and respecting your own needs is paramount. This difficult choice might paradoxically preserve the soul connection by giving both you and your partner the space needed to grow independently. The Angel of Strength card emphasizes reclaiming your power and not being passive or submissive.

Your guides acknowledge the intense attraction and renewed interest from your partner, who might be sending you significant thought energy, especially in dreams. However, the path forward lies in fully embracing your own power and creating real results for yourself.

Final Messages and Energetic Shifts

As you continue to heal and rise into your highest self, this energy shift may catalyze a similar transformation in your partner. The presence of the Healer of the Ages card suggests that both of you are undergoing profound healing. This process might eventually lead to a reconnection under new, healthier dynamics.

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Embrace Your Journey


Your journey towards self-respect, empowerment, and unconditional love is crucial. Trust that everything happening is for your highest good, and whatever is meant to be will find its way back to you in divine timing.

Thank you for joining me in this reading. Leave a comment if this resonated with you, and check out the pinned comments and description box for more resources. Have a beautiful day, and I’ll talk to you in the next video.

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