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This masculine created a separation he DIDN’T want…⎮Twin Flame Reading Today ⎮TWIN FLAME MESSAGES

This masculine created a separation he DIDN’T want…⎮Twin Flame Reading Today ⎮TWIN FLAME MESSAGES


This masculine created a separation he didn’t want on a soul/higher self level, but needed on a 3D level in order to heal… [READ MORE] So many powerful shifts are beginning to take hold in the twin flame collective. In this twin flame reading today, I am channeling both specific, individual + general, collective twin flame messages and a twin flame energy update / check-in.

Throughout this reading, I noticed many messages coming up like “Very Soon” and “Only Time Will Tell”, indicating that there is a shift quickly taking place. In the extended version of this reading available exclusively to members in our brand new Patreon community, I channeled additional messages about what kind of shift is happening and how this is impacting both the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies.

I hope these messages connected with you in some way. As always, be sure to use your own intuition above all else in determining which messages are for you, and which may be intended for others. Sending you all endless amounts of love & light, as always.

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