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Soulmate Quotes – If They Can Run With You Then

In a world filled with noise and distractions, it takes a keen observer to truly grasp the intricacies of life. This blog post dives into a collection of insightful quotes that invite us to embrace the power of observation, seek lessons in darkness and struggles, and prioritize genuine connections. Join us on this introspective journey as we explore the wisdom, resilience, and authenticity embedded within these thought-provoking quotes.



Never The Loudest In The Room

Never the loudest in the room. Always the most observant.

– DʀᴇSᴋɪ



Theres A Lesson Even In The Dark

There’s a lesson, even in the dark, even in the struggle, even in the fall. There is always a lesson. Look for it.

– Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Its Okay To See The Good In Someone

Mama always told me: “It’s okay to see the good in someone but don’t ever use that as an excuse for someone who treats you no good.”


Always Pay Attention To Who Is Present

Always pay attention to who is present and genuinely involved in your life at your hardest times.

– Joe Kay



They Dont Like Being Uncomfortable

People don’t like to stand up for what is right because they don’t like being uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is where peace sometimes begins. Speak your truth and don’t give a dam who you might offend.

This is your life and your one chance at it. Remember your children are watching you. They are learning from you. Rock the boat!

– Jillian Q



Nobody Will Remember Any Of These Things

Nobody Will Remember Any Of These Things:• Your salary• How “busy” you were• How many hours you worked• How many Gucci bags you owned

People Will Remember:• How you made them feel• The time you spent with them• If you kept your word• If they could count on you


The Final Level Of Being Smart

The final level of being smart is just pretending you don’t know anything to make your life easier.

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