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Many people are in search of their soulmate, or they are delighted to have already found them. However, what exactly are soulmates? Prepare to be amazed by some captivating theories on the subject.

Do you believe in the existence of true love?

Soulmates represent the embodiment of the concept of true love. This notion suggests that somewhere out there exists an ideal partner, a complementary half, and the person with whom you have always been destined to share a profound connection.

Nevertheless, while the fundamental idea remains constant, there exist various theories that attempt to answer the questions of what soulmates are and how we can encounter them. Throughout history, individuals have dedicated themselves to developing ideas to shed light on these profound inquiries.

If you are eager to delve deeper into the topic, explore these three distinct theories that provide intriguing perspectives on soulmates.

1. What Are Soulmates According to Plato?

Thousands of years in the past, Plato, widely regarded as one of history’s greatest philosophers, sought to unravel the mysteries surrounding the workings of soulmates and the essence of true love. His exploration of these concepts can be found in his renowned work, “The Symposium.” Within this text, an intriguing tale is narrated by Aristophanes, shedding light on the creation of soulmates by the deity Zeus, albeit in a rather unsettling manner.

According to this theory, ancient humans existed in three distinct forms: women, men, and a being that encompassed both genders. This unique being possessed four arms, four legs, and dual sets of genitalia.

As time passed, these individuals began to entertain the audacious idea of challenging the power and authority of the gods. Naturally, the divine beings frowned upon such aspirations. Eventually, an agreement was reached, stipulating that Zeus would diminish their influence by splitting each being into two halves. Consequently, soulmates came into existence as two complementary halves of the original being, perpetually searching for one another.

2. Twin Flame Number for Soulmates

Another intriguing theory regarding soulmates is the concept of twin flame numbers. This theory, relatively more contemporary compared to Plato’s, is widely embraced by numerous individuals in the present day. According to this notion, you and your soulmate are twin flames, embarking on a destined journey of intertwined paths.

As you draw closer to encountering your soulmate, or when you have already found them, you may start noticing recurring sequences and patterns in your surroundings. These occurrences may go unnoticed initially, but they hold profound significance. They serve as subtle messages from the universe, affirming that both of you are in the right place and that the potential for a harmonious union exists.

If you find yourself pondering the question “How can I find my soulmate?” keep a keen eye out for these signs! The universe is guiding you in the right direction, pointing towards the path that leads to your soulmate.

3. A Past Life’s Love

A captivating theory that sheds light on the concept of soulmates originates from Buddhism. According to this belief system, Buddhists embrace the notion of reincarnation, where individuals undergo numerous cycles of birth and death, with death serving as a gateway to a new life.

Within each life, the connections and relationships from previous incarnations carry over. It is possible that your soulmate is someone you have encountered and loved in countless lifetimes before. In each new existence, there is a magnetic pull that draws you both towards one another. The concept of boundless and eternal love is truly remarkable.

Have You Found Your Soulmate?

Whichever theory for what are soulmates? you look at, there’s a running theme that we all have a soulmate. If you haven’t found yours yet, don’t worry! Divine timing will lead them to you and bring your souls together, and you’ll never have to wonder is he my soulmate? or is she my soulmate? ever again.

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