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10 Types Of Clear Intuitive Messages Your Soul Sends You


Do you know that your intuition sends you messages? The following article speaks about why you need to identify and decode these intuitive messages, and why every message from your intuition is important.

Do you sometimes struggle to hear your intuition or higher self? It can sometimes be difficult to hear the soft murmuring of your heart or intuition. This is especially true when you are feeling emotional or at a crossroads in your life.

Sometimes our thoughts can cause us to feel so clouded and confused that it can be difficult to sift through what is the voice of our intuition and the voice of our ego. In times of need, when we really need a helping hand to guide us towards our truth and our heart, there are a few signs or clues that our intuition may provide us with.

These signs and clues can sometimes be easier to identify than the strong feeling of knowing that our intuition can give to us when we are feeling clear and confident.

These signs may be subtle so you will have to be open to hearing and seeing them, however, they may help you to make a step in the right direction, especially if you are unsure or still learning how to use your intuition to tap into your higher self.

Your soul sends you vital intuitive messages

Here Are 10 Things That Happen When Your Higher Self Tries To Send You Intuitive Messages

10 Ways Your Soul Sends You Intuitive Messages
10 ways your soul sends you intuitive messages

1. A tingling sensation or goosebumps.

2. A feeling of urgency, uncomfortableness, or ‘butterflies’.

3. Prophetic dreams or vivid dreams that seem to carry a message.

4. Seeing number patterns like 11:11 or 911.

5. Seeing a billboard, TV show, or street sign with a synchronistic message.

6. Hearing a song stuck in your head.

7. Ringing or buzzing in the ears (that is not medically related).

8. Receiving advice that seems to come at the perfect time.

9. A vision or wave of inspiration during meditating, exercising, or showering.

10. Feeling physically ill for no apparent reason, especially in the stomach or head area.

The more we trust and listen to our intuition the stronger it becomes, however, if you are struggling to hear your inner voice sometimes having a psychic/intuitive reading can be a helpful way to clarify things.

Whatever method you choose to help you better connect with your intuition, know that regular practice, gratitude, and staying connected to your inner self are all tools that can help make this process easier.

Written by Tanaaz Chubb
This article was originally published in Forever Conscious

We hope that the above-given article on the physical signs of intuition will help you identify the signals your soul sends for your benefit. Let us know what you think about the signs of intuition by commenting down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a highly intuitive person?

A highly intuitive person is always attuned to their present environment and mindful of their thoughts and actions.

Can I develop intuitive thinking?

Yes, we all are intuitive people. Some are more intuitive than the rest. But everyone can increase their intuitive thinking with practice.

What happens when you go against your intuition?

Our intuition is our soul speaking to us and our soul is our true essence. So, when we go against it, we end up getting confused and unaligned with our higher self.

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