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The Deep Spiritual Meaning Of Having A Dog Or Cat As A Pet


We share a special emotional connection with our pets. Whether you are a dog lover or a cat person, your bond with your furry friends has a deeper spiritual meaning than just giving you company and loving unconditionally.

Spiritual meaning of animals

Dogs and cats often teach us a lot about communication, acceptance, and love. However, they have a deeper purpose to serve in their and our lives. Not only do they help and support us in our core purpose in life, but they also act as angels and spirit guides who help us realize exactly what we need to. Our pets can “manifest our illnesses, take on our emotional energy, and help ground us. They allow us to express a previously untold emotion that resides inside. Pets hold a mirror up to us, allowing us to see ourselves through loving eyes,” explains pet communicator Ann Marie Hoff.

Our pets often create circumstances that help us grow, be more loving and compassionate and help us meet important people who become a crucial part in our life’s journey. But there is a deeper spiritual meaning of having pets. They are not just our spirit guides, our cats and dogs are spiritual healers as well. Have you ever felt depressed while hugging your cat or dog? Have you ever noticed how your frustrations from a long day instantly disappear the moment you reach home and see your beloved pet? Our pets heal our soul with unconditional love.

Pets bring healing,” writes hypnotist and author Robert Schwartz. He explains “Indeed, our animal companions are master healers, in part because they embody love in an entirely non-threatening form. The clear absence of threat creates within us a willingness to receive healing.Not only that, but pets are also highly sensitive to energies as well.They can detect a change in the vibratory pattern of a body very easily,” explains Cathedral of the Soul. As our pets love us unconditionally, they absorb our negative energies.

How dogs help us spiritually

Both dogs and cats have a profound spiritual meaning. Dogs are exceptionally intuitive and view life with their senses. They can sense energies and spirits just like humans and can distinguish between positive and negative energies. This is the reason why they often bark, growl, and behave strangely. 

Dogs come with a charged purpose; these loving beings are here to help us and to defend men. In addition to defending people in our physical plan, they defend their owners and the people they love, especially of curses and spells,” writes Cathedral of the Soul. Dogs often absorb negative energies and stop them from reaching you. This is perhaps the reason why pet dogs often fall sick suddenly and expire without any explanation. Cathedral of the Soul adds “They protect their owners from the visible and the invisible and are rewarded for it when they die.

How cats help us spiritually

Cats also have a strong spiritual meaning for coming into our lives. It is widely believed that cats absorb negative energy from our bodies and release the negativity that it absorbs from you later when it sleeps.

This is the reason why cats often move away from their owners as it has absorbed the negativity from their owners for the time being. This is why cats are often regarded as master reiki healers. “Kittens have the ability to align the chakras that are misaligned in their owners, using their own body (when they rub themselves in a certain part of the body of someone), as with their paws,” explains Cathedral of the Soul. Reiki expert and author Ingrid King writes “Cats are incredibly receptive to the Reiki energy. Some even say cats invented Reiki.  While that may be a little far-fetched, cats seem to intuitively know how to utilize the energy for their greatest good.” 

Cats are charged in the upper plane and have different spiritual meaning and purpose than dogs. They often act as energy cleaners in the environment where their owners are. There is a good reason why ancient Egyptians worshiped cats so much.

Experience the love

Pets have a lot of spiritual meaning in our lives. We simply need to have an open mind and realize we are connected to our furry friends not just emotionally, but spiritually as well. Author Robert Schwartz writes “There is no greater healing power in the Universe than that of unconditional love. Yet, beyond unconditional love, pets heal by transmuting energies.”

Now that you are aware of the spiritual importance of your pets, make sure to appreciate their presence and contribution in your life. Meditation, Ayurveda, & Yoga educator Amanda Ree says that animals communicate through their senses and energy exchange. She adds “This transmission with another creature grants you access to many new types of experiences, emotions, and feelings.”

So the next time you are in their presence, be aware of the subtle changes in energy and how they make you feel.

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