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35 physical signs your twin flame is thinking about you (complete list)

Your twin flame is that special person meant to be by your side forever. It might sound like something out of a storybook, but twin flames are genuine, especially with the recent discoveries about their link to our previous lives and the various forms they can take.

Now, can you actually feel it when they’re thinking about you?

Absolutely! This article lays out a thorough list of physical signs that your twin flame is thinking of you.

Let’s explore!

1) You smell something fresh-cut grass

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When you catch the scent of freshly cut grass, it’s a powerful signal that your twin flame has you on their mind. This is something many deeply connected twins go through. Their hearts yearn for each other, pulling them close.

Even if you’re miles apart, this fragrance could be a sweet whisper that they’re thinking of you.


2) A tingling sensation in the back of your neck


A gentle tingle dances on your neck, or maybe somewhere else on your skin. It’s like a secret message from your twin, a silent whisper of love, even when you’re apart.

This tingling touch is said to be one of the most powerful signs that your twin flame holds you in their thoughts at this very moment.


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4) Your hands feel a bit numb


Your hands tingle, though you haven’t been doing anything strenuous. It’s like a surge of energy, a quiet message from your twin, saying they’re with you in spirit. They call it the “tingling hand” sign, a little spark that happens when two souls meant for each other are sharing thoughts.

If this happens frequently, take it as a tender nudge from the universe that your twin flame is thinking of you in this very moment.


5) You are feeling like somebody is watching you


Have you ever felt like someone’s eyes are on you, even with no one in sight? It’s a powerful sign that they’re holding you in their thoughts, sending waves of affection your way!

Sometimes, it’s like you sense a gentle presence nearby. Many folks have felt this, like there’s someone sharing the space with them.

This sensation often arises when your twin flame is reaching out to you, trying to make their presence known.


6) You crave your twin’s favourite meals


Ever find yourself yearning for dishes that don’t normally catch your fancy?

Well, here’s a simple yet telling clue that your twin flame might be on your mind: sudden cravings for their favorite foods or a drink they enjoy. It’s as if your heart and soul are reaching out to connect with them.


7) You feel dizzy and lightheaded


Nope, it’s not vertigo for sure!

This might just be another way your twin flame is making their presence felt!

People often feel a bit light-headed or dizzy when they’re growing closer to their twin, especially during moments of heightened connection or when they’re a bit sleep-deprived. It’s like a gentle nudge from the universe.


8) You are feeling overcharged


This might just be another way your twin is reaching out to you, especially if your energy is buzzing with excitement.

If you’re feeling fully charged and alive, it’s very likely that they’re nearby, trying to bridge the distance and connect with you. It’s like a magnetic pull between kindred spirits.


9) You are feeling an emotion or a robust sensation


You might feel like you’re a bit scattered, but don’t be quick to book a therapist appointment!

This might just be another nudge from your twin flame, a sign that they’re thinking of you. Often, emotions are like a beacon, easy to notice, while our physical sensations can be trickier to grasp.

As long as you’re feeling some kind of emotion, you can trust that your twin flame is reaching out to you in their own special way. It’s like an invisible thread connecting your hearts.


10) You begin to hear extra from your spirit guides


A beautiful way to sense if your twin flame is trying to reach out is through your spirit guides!

They have subtle ways of communicating with you, so keep your senses open. Look out for those recurring number patterns, or symbols like white feathers, butterflies, and doves.

These are all little signs from the universe that your twin flame is holding you close in their thoughts! It’s like a gentle whisper from above.


11) You start to feel a lot more on your spiritual path


The more your twin flame thinks about you, the more your spiritual experience will evolve.

This is due to two different reasons – one is that they are attempting to help you figure out what’s been stopping you, and the second is because they want you to go on their spiritual path in order for them to progress on theirs.

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12) You’re beginning to focus higher


Another sign that your twin flame is thinking of you is when you notice an improvement in your concentration.

You might find that your memory is sharper, and you can stay focused on tasks for longer stretches. It’s like a fog lifting from your mind, allowing you to perform at your best. It’s as if their presence empowers you.


13) You feel a special heat or energy


Another way to tell if your twin flame is on your mind is if you sense a warm, special energy near your heart.

This might be a sign that their thoughts and intentions are creating a unique sensation, a bridge for both of you to feel close and connected. It’s like a gentle embrace from afar, letting you know they’re thinking of you.


14) You are feeling a robust connection


One of the most powerful signs that your twin is thinking of you is when you feel an intense connection.

If you’re wrapped in a sense of closeness and flooded with emotions, chances are, they’re thinking of you.

You can trust your heart on this one!


15) You begin to get an excellent hunch about when they’re thinking about you


That inner knowing, that sixth sense, or ESP – call it what you like, but you’re definitely feeling it.

It’s a valuable sign because it lets you know precisely when your twin flame is thinking of you. You might discover a heightened intuition, a keen sense of when they’re close. It’s because they’re sending you little messages and signs, like whispers in the wind, for you to pick up on.


16) You begin to really feel a robust reference to nature


You can’t quite explain it, but there’s this intense longing to immerse yourself in nature.

Be it by the beach, up in the mountains, or deep in the woods, the outdoors beckon you.

When your twin flame is holding you in their thoughts, it’s likely your spirit guides or angels will send messages through nature. This could lead you to feel an even stronger bond with the natural world and the entire planet. It’s like the earth itself is reaching out to embrace you.


17) You are feeling drawn to sure locations

It’s like you’re a magnet being drawn to a particular place and for some bizarre purpose, this place resonates with you deeply.

This could possibly be one other signal that your twin flame is thinking about you as a result of your instinct will choose up on their presence, which might result in many various ideas.

Chances are you’ll end up questioning about their whereabouts or what they’re doing, which could possibly be an indication that they’re making an attempt to attach with you.

18) You have a lot of energy and focus


When your twin flame is on your mind, you might notice a surge of energy and an enhanced ability to concentrate.

It’s like your thoughts and emotions align, and they’re sending you uplifting vibes to carry you through the day. Whatever the reason, it’s a wonderful boost that makes you incredibly productive! It’s as if their presence infuses you with vitality and purpose.


19) You feel at home


You feel at home. Like, all the pieces is going to be okay, though you aren’t fairly certain how and why!

This is an exquisite signal that your twin flame is thinking of you as a result of it’s attainable that they’re making an attempt to make you really feel at dwelling, particularly on an lively degree.

If this is the case, then it may be a good way to bond with them as a result of they’re creating a strong reference to you.

20) You become more aware of how intuition works

Everyone has their own unique way of tuning into intuition, but when your twin flame is on your mind, your senses are likely to sharpen.

You’ll find yourself more attuned to their thoughts and emotions, unmistakably aware that they’re thinking of you. It’s like a gentle tug at the heartstrings, confirming their presence in your thoughts.


21) You begin to really feel stronger emotions

If you’re experiencing heightened or more profound emotions, chances are your twin flame is trying to communicate with you.

They have the ability to sense your thoughts and feelings, which helps them navigate their own journey. This may lead to them experiencing intense emotions when they think about you, making the connection even more powerful. It’s like a dance of shared feelings, weaving your paths together.


22) You begin to really feel extra balanced emotionally


You might find that when they’re thinking of you, your mood settles into a sense of harmony.

In those moments, it’s as if they’re extending a helping hand to guide you through your day, because they’ve become an integral part of your life. It’s a heartwarming sign that your twin flame is holding you close in their thoughts!


23) You find yourself feeling happy and safe


It’s like being wrapped in a warm, happy glow – an unstoppable joy!

If this resonates with you, it might be because you’re tapping into a deep energetic connection, sensing that they’re thinking of you.

Their thoughts have this incredible power to stir up your positive emotions, helping you heal from moments of sadness or despair. It’s like a gentle balm, soothing your heart and lifting your spirits.


24) You are feeling extra related to others


Here’s another way to sense if your twin flame is on your mind: their thoughts and feelings often resonate with others.

If you feel a deep bond with someone nearby, it might be a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you. They’re projecting their own energy, creating this unspoken connection between you and that person. It’s like a ripple of their presence, reaching out to touch your heart.


25) You start to really feel a stronger connection


It’s like a magnetic tug, you know?

When you can sense a deeper connection right when your twin flame thinks of you, it’s a sign that you’re reaching out to each other on a profound energetic level.

You might feel enveloped in a potent and affectionate energy, one that amplifies the bond between you, even surpassing their thoughts. It’s as if love itself is wrapping around you both, making your connection even more unbreakable.


26) You begin to experience true dreams


So, you might be curious about what a true dream really is, right?

Well, a true dream is one that awakens your senses and sharpens your awareness. It’s when you find yourself gaining insights on matters you’ve been wanting to understand better.

This happens because your inner self can tap into the energy of your twin flame’s thoughts and emotions. Together, you collaborate, strengthening the connection that binds you.

If your twin flame is thinking about you, you may find yourself having these true dreams once more. It’s a signal that they’re sending their thoughts your way, and your mind is embracing them. This can lead to some of the most intense and vivid dreams that might leave you questioning if they were real experiences!


27) You are feeling just like the world has stopped


It’s as if the world hits pause and you’re in this extraordinary moment, like living in a dream!

Here’s another potent clue that your twin flame has you in their thoughts, often stirred by intense emotions.

Your mind sends out these powerful signals, creating a profound connection to the person who’s on your twin flame’s mind and sharing in their emotions. It’s like time itself has slowed down, letting you bask in the warmth of knowing they’re thinking about you!


28) You begin to see them everywhere


If your twin flame is on your mind, you might just start noticing them all around you.

Their presence is so impactful, and the bond between you feels stronger than ever. It’s a wonderful sign that the two of you are finding new ways to connect, especially when these feelings are the most intense they’ve ever been! It’s like a secret language only your hearts understand.


29) You are feeling like you’ve been hit by a ton of bricks


When your twin flame is on your mind, it’s a profoundly powerful experience for both of you. This level of connection is something twins don’t often feel, unless there’s a wellspring of intense emotions between them.

In such moments, it can be incredibly potent, evoking a wave of emotions throughout your day. At times, these feelings are so intense, it’s as if they’ve landed on you like a ton of bricks, leaving you breathless and moved.


30) You feel like your energy is depleted


Feeling drained from all that contemplation?

If so, it could be a sign that your twin flame has you in their thoughts. They have a way of soothing and rejuvenating you, a means for their thoughts and feelings to reach out. This can be an intense experience, overwhelming in its shared depth for both of you. It’s like a tide of emotions, surging and connecting your souls.


31) Your dreams become more powerful and vivid


If your dreams suddenly pack a stronger punch, it might just mean your twin flame is holding you close in their thoughts.

They have a way of sending out their energy, amplifying the connection. Through their own thoughts and emotions, they’re using their mind to create a bridge between you two. It’s like an invisible thread weaving your hearts together even tighter.


32) You are feeling uplifted

If you find yourself lifted and buoyant, it could very well be because your twin flame is holding you close in their thoughts.

Twins share a unique telepathic bond that effortlessly heightens your happiness and deepens your connection in ways you’ve never felt before. It’s like an invisible string between your hearts, pulling you closer together.


33) You lose your urge for food


This might be a clear indication that your twin flame has you in their thoughts, using your mind to sort through their own feelings.

When you’re feeling this preoccupied, your mind might not be inclined to take in the usual nourishment from food and drink. It’s like your energy is redirected towards thoughts of them.

The more they think of you, the more it seems to draw away some of your own energy. It’s like a dance of shared emotions, impacting the way you feel and consume energy.


34) You can’t sleep


You find yourself tossing and turning, unable to slip into a peaceful, uninterrupted slumber!

This happens because their thoughts carry such a strong presence, they naturally find their way into your dream world.

If they’re on your mind all day, chances are, they’re still thinking of you when the night falls, seamlessly weaving their presence into your dreamscape. It’s like they’re leaving an imprint on your subconscious, reminding you of their constant presence in your thoughts and dreams.


35) You acknowledge them


It’s the strangest thought! You can see an image of them in your mind’s eye even though you haven’t yet met them!

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Hopefully, you ought to now have a good suggestion of the physical signs you will expertise when your twin flame thinks of you.

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