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5 Weird Signs Someone is Thinking of You

When someone is thinking of you, they are constantly radiating energy to you in the form of their thoughts about you. Because of this perpetual influx of energy you are receiving from this person, signs of this person will start manifesting everywhere you go when they are thinking of you often. In this video, I’ll be sharing 5 weird signs someone is thinking of you that you can look out for if you’re wondering whether you’re on their mind.

When someone is thinking of you often, especially with a lot of emotional intensity (love, anger, pride, etc.), you will absolutely begin to see signs of this person in your everyday life. It will begin to feel as if this person is showing up everywhere you go, even if you aren’t in contact with them or they live on the other side of the world.

For example, you might start seeing or hearing their name everywhere, smelling their perfume/cologne, or you may even find yourself reaching for your phone to text them without knowing why.

Although some of these signs may feel as if they are coming from within you (such as thinking of this person a lot or getting the urge to text them), the ironic thing is that this impulses and urges may actually be nothing more than your mind picking up on the energy that this person is constantly sending to you in the form of their thoughts.

Once you realize someone is thinking about you through identifying these signs in your life, it’s up to you how to move forward with this information. If their thought energy is unwanted and these signs are interfering with your life in some way, I’d recommended clearing/grounding your energy so as to not experience these signs so intensely.

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