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How and what is the surrender stage in the Twin Flame journey, and when do I know it is time to surrender (let go my Twin Flame)?


The surrender stage in the Twin Flame journey


Surrender! The most challenging stage of all! After a great roller coaster ride of connection and separation, the awakened twin has done everything he/she could do make some peace with their twin. But nothing seems to work. And the whole life comes to a standstill!

— I have done everything I can! I let go of my ego. I loved. I initiated the contact. I tried to be understanding. I forgave. I expressed how much I love him/her! But my twin just doesn’t get it!

And see!! Here I am..! Feeling clueless and helpless!! I love my twin so much! How can I just accept that I have to live without my twin!?

I feel somewhere inside that he/she will come back..! But how long I wait for him? Am I going crazy? Am I so stupid to wait patiently till date? Is anyone bothered? Is my twin bothered? Does he/she have the slightest clue what kind of hell I am going through! !? Would they ever understand?

Does God want me to forget him/her and move on? Really? Oh no! I can’t do that! How will I live? I don’t want to give up!! I have gone through so much of pain to come till here! How can I let go!!? No way!! Oh God..what can I do? Have I really lost the person I love the most? God, Please help me!! —-

If you have these thoughts in your mind…

It is time to surrender!!

Surrender stage comes in when all human efforts with logic have been done. And nothing works. Why we call it a surrender because – you are surrendering. You are not giving up!!

When you give up on something, you terminate all the possibilities of it working out. And you stop expecting anything out of it in the future.

But when you surrender, you give the control to the divine having full faith that you will achieve what you want to achieve.

(* the image I have posted describes it quite well. When you are ready to let yourself go from the cliff believing 100% that God is there to take care of you..and release yourself, that is the ultimate surrender. You are letting go of all the thoughts. .if you will will high is the cliff…will it be painful….everything? You just believe…and let go.)

FAQ Twin Flame

What do I exactly mean by letting go of the control?

1. DO NOT expect things in a certain timeline.

(eg. I want my twin flame to come back in the next two months./ I have to work this out before I turn 30.)

2. Do not put a condition to the situation or to your mindset

– ( eg. if at all it becomes possible for him to leave his current partner, all will be well. / Oh, I am just waiting for him to shift to his hometown, then all may work out.)


STOP THINKING: If I do not do anything (in action), nothing will happen. I have to send him messages! I have to check on his FB what he is up to!! Or I may lose the track!!

Get into a 0 resistance zone.

Do you really worry about – apple going up and not falling down? No. You know that there is a gravitational force, which is a universal law, which works perfectly and the apple WILL fall only down.

Same way, KNOW that your twin WILL ONLY come to you and they WILL. There is no need to worry about it.


And this letting go – and surrendering is the most difficult part!!


SURRENDER is a skill. It is not an action.
You need to practice it.

3 pillars of the surrender stage:

Faith + Patience + 0 resistance = Surrender

Practice being in the mindset of –

– I love him/her very much. It is the universal law that twin flames are two expressions of the same soul. They WILL unite. So He/she WILL come to me. No matter what. Irrespective of what the situation is in our life on earth. I have 100% faith in my love and my feeling. It is ought to happen. God is with us and knows when is the right time for us to come together. And I trust God completely. I let go of all the ifs and buts in my mind – and surrender to the higher realms. They are with me on this journey. And they are guiding me all the time. ———————-

In the beginning, one will have a great difficulty to adjust to this vibration. But if you intentionally practice it like a prayer every day, consciously keeping all the doubts and sadness away…slowly you will improve your vibrations. And will start living a happier life with more smiles and happiness generally. Your twin not being with you will not really trigger any sadness in your mind. But remember, this is a practice. and not done just ones.

Once you master this, you never know you may meet your twin out of nowhere…when you least expect in a most beautiful way!! 🙂


Okay, you already perceive that this individual is your twin flame, and you’ve got a powerful emotional reference to them.

However there’s one factor that you simply don’t know but, and that’s whether or not or not they’re your soulmate.

To search out out, you’ll have to take the time to ask them whether or not or not they really feel the identical manner about you as you are feeling about them.

In the event that they do, then this can be a particular psychic signal that they’re your soulmate!

However you recognize what else?

For those who acknowledge them as your soulmate, it’s already essentially the most sure signal that your twin flame loves you.

However how will you know for positive in the event you’ve met your real soulmate?

Let’s face it:

It’s not at all times straightforward to know while you’ve met “the one.” That’s why so many people waste useful feelings and time on relationships that by no means lead wherever.

However what if there was a method to know for positive in the event you’ve met somebody particular?

I’ve simply stumbled upon a manner to do that…  knowledgeable psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your soulmate appears to be like like.

I wasn’t satisfied at first, however then I gave it a go after a pal really helpful it.

Now I do know precisely what my soulmate appears to be like like. Much more stunning – I’ve recognized them for years.

So, in the event you’re prepared to search out out what your soulmate appears to be like like, get your own sketch drawn here.


*As you have mentioned in your question: surrender – letting go your twin flame.
Surrender is not letting your twin flame go. It is about surrendering your expectations, beliefs, your love, everything you felt and did in this journey. Surrender to the divine.

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