How to get him back

How to Make Him Regret Leaving You (& Losing You)

Why is he not begging to get back with me by now?


After everything you went through together. After being so close. After sharing your deepest fears with him.

He’s just gone. And as for now, he is not looking back.

I know that feeling of rejection and anger.

But there are certain effective things you can do – to make him regret leaving you, miss you, and want you back.

The Real Reason He Left You


No, he didn’t leave you because you left dirty laundry around. He didn’t leave you because “It’s not you, it’s me” and most likely, he didn’t leave you because he stopped loving you.

No matter what excuse he gave you, trust me – it’s probably a big fat lie.

The real reason your boyfriend has broken up with you is that the foundation of his attraction for you has faded.

Let me explain:

Attraction (and I don’t mean physical attraction) has nothing to do with love.

It has to do with certain psychological triggers in your ex’s mind.

How to Make Him Regret Leaving You


There are ways you can “re-attract” your boyfriend (and I’ll get to that at below), but you have to first understand WHY he left you.

Only then will you know how you can get to crawl back on his knees, begging you to come back forever.

You can learn a few psychological “tricks” you can use that will get your ex-boyfriend to miss you desperately, and want to fix things right now.

Step #1 – Make Him See What He Lost


I know how hard it is when you can’t get your ex-boyfriend to answer your calls or reply to your text messages.

…and I know how hard it is to “keep it together” when you run into him accidentally.

The reason he ignores your texts and hardly noticed you anymore is that you are probably going about it all wrong.

When we get dumped, most of us make the world’s biggest mistakes. We start begging and pleading. We ask for forgiveness (even if we didn’t do anything wrong), we beg for a second chance.

Huge mistakes.

This is only pushing him further away from you, and into the arms of another girl.

From this moment on, you stop texting and calling him (until you learn how to do it right – I’ll get to that in a second).

And from this moment on, when you run into your ex, you will only politely say hello, smile, and go about your business.

Step #2 – Send Texts He Won’t Ignore


It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you broke up or how many times he’s told you it’s over.

You CAN get him back.

One of the easiest ways you can win your ex-boyfriend back is by simply using your cell phone and tapping a bunch of buttons.

I’m about to give you some tips on how you can force your boyfriend to come running back to you (and no, he’ll definitely have absolutely no choice in the matter).

Use These Texts to Get Him Back
👉 Discover the complete plan to get your ex back through simple yet irresistible texts – watch this video!

Text #1

To get started, send this text to your ex (but only after at least 1 week of no contact):

Hey _____, I just want to let you know that I’m 100% cool with the breakup and I thought that it was a good idea. Hope we can still be friends. Talk soon.”

Don’t run and send it now, because to timing is as important as the message. In the end, I’ll tell you when to send it.

This first text is powerful because it conveys all the right messages. You need to make him believe that you are completely o.k. with the breakup.

You need to make him believe that you don’t need him (it will drive him insane).

And by posing as “just a friend” you plant a future seed.

Text #2

This one is powerful because he will suddenly realize that he is losing you, for good.

You’re right. It’s best that we don’t talk right now, but I would like to be friends eventually.”

This text communicates to him that you don’t need him in your life and that you are moving on.

Text #3

This one should be sent after a little while, and it will make him jealous, whether he wants to or not.

I think it was a great idea that we decided to start dating other people. I do just want to be friends right now!

By saying this, you’re telling him that you’re actually dating other people right now. You’re sub-communicating to him that you are wanted by other men.

Men are attracted to women who are wanted by other men and you’re pretty much saying “it’s your loss!

👉 How and When to Send These Texts – to Make him Miss You

Remember, you can’t just randomly text him and expect results. You need to have a “plan of attack”.

Doing it the wrong way may sabotage your chance of ever getting your ex back.

A few days after one of my readers implemented Brad’s plan, she sent me this email:

My ex boyfriend began calling me, non-stop. It was to the point where he actually just dropped everything, drove to my house, and demanded to talk to me.

I was thrilled for her.

Step #3 – Let Him Go (to Get Him Back)



No matter how weird this seems to you – this step is the most important one.

See, guys (and all of us really) – can “smell” neediness.

Even if you completely ignore him intentionally and shout off the rooftops that you are over him and don’t want him – he’ll “smell” that you are desperate to get him back.

When he subconsciously feels that you need him to be happy – he’ll run away as fast and as far as he can.

And so would you – if you were in his shoes.

📢 No one wants to be responsible for someone else’s happiness. It’s a too-heavy weight on his shoulders.

This is why you have to get your sh*t together.

You have to decide that you are now finding your happiness – without him around.

It’s time to regain your self-esteem and self-worth and remember who and what you are – no matter who is walking with you in the path of life.

It’s just how it works – I’ve seen it dozens of times.

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