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He Will Come Back When You Forget All About Him


There was this guy you loved more than anyone else in this world. And there was nothing you wouldn’t do for him.

You were not just his girlfriend—you also tried to be his best friend. You were someone who always pushed him forward, trying to make him a better man.

You knew all of his flaws but you accepted him, despite them.

You were the only person this guy always had by his side, the only one who never turned her back on him. And most of all, you loved him like he was the only man in the world.

But obviously, even that wasn’t enough for him. Obviously, he didn’t know what he had.

He didn’t appreciate everything you had to offer so he walked away from you. He didn’t see the fact that you were one in a million and he thought he’d find someone better than you.

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And that ruined you. It broke your heart and it broke you into pieces. He ruined your self-esteem and he made you blame yourself for everything wrong in your relationship.

You wondered why you weren’t enough for him and if there was something else you could have done to make him stay. You spent months crying and waiting for him to come back.

Although deep down you knew this guy didn’t deserve you, you were ready to forgive him for all the pain he put you through.

And although you don’t want to admit it to anyone, you still are ready to do so.

People think you’ve forgotten all about him but the harsh truth is completely different. You are still ready to take him back and to forget everything he did to you.

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Because you hope this time will be different. And this hope is the only thing that keeps you going, the only thing that keeps you alive.

You hope that there will come a moment when he’ll realize that he loves you, when he’ll realize that he made a huge mistake by leaving you and when he’ll understand what he lost.

And that moment will come. But when it does, it will be too late.

This guy will come back to you and that is something you can be sure about. But it won’t happen now.

And when it finally happens, it will be too late.

The same way he destroyed your confidence, you boosted his ego. You were the wind to his wings and after you, he thought there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Now, he is certain that every woman will love him the way you did. He is still not aware of all the sacrifices you were making for him and all the love you were giving him.

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And most of all, he is not aware that this love was one of a kind and that he won’t find anything similar with any other woman.

And for years, he’ll search for you in every woman he encounters. But he won’t find you anywhere.

In time, he’ll think he forgot about you. But he will always have this void, this huge emptiness inside of him, reminding him that he lost the only valuable person in his life.

And that is when he’ll realize he wants you back. That is when he’ll try to come back to you.

But it will be too late.

Because this is when you’ll be happier than you ever were. This is when you’ll finally have forgotten about this man and when you’ll think of him as a distant bad memory.

This is when you’ll finally have moved on with your life, as if he never existed. But be careful—this man will try even the impossible just to win you over.

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He will try to convince you he is a changed man and that he has become everything you always wanted him to be.

He will try to tell you that this time will be different and that he would never do anything to hurt you again. But you should never believe him. Because he is only doing this to get back under your skin.

Yes, he is very well aware of what he lost but that doesn’t mean he’s changed. And even if he has, he doesn’t deserve a second chance from you.

What you deserve is a second chance in life and that is something you will never get if you take him back.

So when this man comes back (and trust me, he will), just keep walking away from him and don’t even think of looking back. 


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