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The 17 Biggest Signs Your Ex Still Cares And Misses You


So, the two of you broke up and now you’re confused with all the mixed signals he’s sending you or you’re hoping that you’ll recognize the signs your ex misses you as much as you miss him.

No matter how hard you try to move on, he’s just making it impossible for you and you have no idea what to do next.

If this is the case with you, there is a chance that he actually genuinely misses you and still cares about you no matter how hard he tries to mask it (especially if he promised to stay friends after a break-up).

If his actions are making you suspect that he wants to be more than just friends, it might just be the truth. There’s also a chance your ex is pretending to be over you.

But in order to be one hundred percent sure that this is so, you have to pay attention to the specific signs that men exhibit when they miss someone with all of their heart (but in most cases, they are unwilling to admit it).

So, here are the 17 biggest signs that your ex still cares and misses you!

And if your guy exhibits the majority of these signs, then the next step is for you to decide whether you want to give him a second chance or cut him out for good. Either way, it’s your call.

So, will he come back?


He follows all your social media

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After a break-up, many people decide to delete their ex from their life by blocking them on their social media.

But if you’ve decided to stay friends, you’re probably still friends on social networks, too.

So, if your ex is constantly commenting on and liking your pictures on Instagram or Facebook and he’s the first one to see your Stories and Snapchats, it means he’s still a little bit obsessed with you.

He still wants to keep you a part of his life, no matter how.

Check out these signs your ex WILL eventually come back.

He finds random excuses to contact you

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He finds the most random excuses to contact you, sends you cat memes or pictures of him at work or doing random things in his life.

Whatever the excuse, it may be the most random thing which means absolutely nothing to you but to him, it looks like the perfect excuse to contact you.

It’s simply because you’re still on his mind and that is why he’s unable to focus on other things or other people.

You’re still the first person to come to his mind when he has something to share.

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He checks on your dating situation frequently

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He keeps asking mutual friends about your dating life, if you are seeing anyone, if you have met anyone new.

He doesn’t want to be obvious and ask you about it, so he’s going around and asking everyone he thinks might have a clue about your personal life.

Checking on your dating situation frequently is definitely one of the biggest signs that your ex still misses you.

If he seems glad and relieved that you’re still single, it means he’s still not over you and he’s probably planning on winning you back.

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You see him everywhere

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You’re starting to get the feeling that every time you look over your shoulder, he’s there.

He pops up in your favorite restaurant, he spends nights in your favorite bar. He’s suddenly always around your workplace, doing some business, and, “Oh hey, you. What are you doing here?”

He knows it and you know it, that he’s not there by accident and he sure as hell is not accidentally walking around all dressed up and smelling nice.

He always brings up the memories you shared

young couple looking pictures

If he keeps on bringing them up, that could be because he misses the times you shared together.

He misses swimming in the lake in the summer, the long winter nights in bed, the morning dance around the kitchen, all of the things you two shared.

By recalling all of your past moments, he’s probably trying to tell you how much he truly misses you.

Also, maybe he’s trying to make you miss those times, too, because he subconsciously wants you to feel the same way as he does.

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And he misses small things too

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He keeps on talking about your cute laugh, about your eyes and how they change color in the sun.

He keeps on talking about all the little things he maybe never mentioned before, because he believed that he didn’t have to, because they belonged to him.

But now that they no longer do, he keeps talking about them, because he wants to see more of them.

He wants to see more of you and that is why he keeps talking about all of the cute details that keep reminding him of you.

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He keeps joking about missing you

friends having fun together

We often use humor to soften the impact of the truth.

If you find your ex joking about missing you, about missing the warmth of you in bed or the smell of the coffee you shared in the morning, don’t be so quick to brush it off.

Maybe he’s still not sure how to tell you that he misses you, so he could be testing you by joking about it.

I know that this is a stupid way to acknowledge to someone that you’re missing them but that’s just how men are wired.

They have this tendency to test the waters first and then say exactly what they wanted to say because they are afraid of getting hurt or being misunderstood.

He goes over the top to make you jealous

jealous woman looking at couple

This one depends on your interpretation but if your friends confirm that he’s trying to make you jealous, then, well… you know what this one is about.

If he shows up randomly with some hot chick on his arm at the places where he knows you go (but he never really did it randomly) or when you mention some new guy you’re seeing, then he already has something to tell you about his new girl, how she’s crazy in bed, doing things he never imagined someone could do.

If he’s posting pictures of his new chick on Facebook and Instagram, like, all the time, that’s simply him showing off.

Basically, if he’s making a huge deal about dating someone new, that’s him giving you a message that he’s dating someone new only to see your jelly reaction. Lame, I know.

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He’s not dating anyone

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This one depends on how long you two have been separated or how long you dated.

If you dated for years, that could be just a sign that he’s taking a break and enjoying his single life.

But if you didn’t date for long, yet he’s still single and still talking to you and showing any of the signs above, that means he wants to be with you but doesn’t know what to do about it.

He wants to be with you but maybe he’s afraid of your reaction or he’s not brave enough to let you know that he still cares about you.

He wants you back but he isn’t sure if that’s the right thing to do or he doesn’t know the right way to do it.

He criticizes the new guy you’re seeing

annoyed woman listening to boring man

Showing signs of jealousy and saying how your new guy is a fake, short, funny-looking twat is quite an obvious sign that he still misses you.

Why would he care about who you’re dating if he has moved on?

Why would he even try to separate you from the new guy if he’s not interested in winning you back?

Some men express jealousy even when there’s no love left, because they’re still used to having you around and thinking that you’re theirs but if he expresses jealousy along with other signs, you can be sure that your ex still cares about you and misses you a lot.

He drunk-dials you

drunk man talking on phone

Alcohol brings out the truth in most people or it simply gives them the courage to do things they normally want to do but they are afraid of the consequences.

When he’s drunk, his brain isn’t strong enough to hold him back from calling you.

This way, he can always blame alcohol for him calling you at 2 a.m. and singing you your favorite song or for crying about how amazing you are and how he was such a fool to let you go.

So, if he drunk-dials you, you can be sure that all this time the only thing on his mind has been how to reach you and tell you that he still misses you.

Unfortunately, the only time he’s able to do so is when he gets drunk.

He asks you to hang out and catch up

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When a man says he wants to meet and catch up, there are always deeper intentions hidden behind those words.

Maybe he wants to see if you still have feelings for him. Maybe he wants to know if the spark you once shared is still there and if there is a way back.

Maybe it will give him some kind of sick satisfaction to know you miss him and want him back, even if he doesn’t feel the same.

The options are numerous and that’s why you should be extremely careful and be aware that it’s never about catching up and finding out where your life is at.

Instead, he probably has some hidden agenda which may or may not be filled with good intentions.

He wants to see you and he won’t take no for an answer

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When a man wants something, he will go after it. And if your ex misses you, he will find a way to be very persuasive and he will insist on seeing you.

When you finally agree to meet, he will talk about seeing you again another time.

This is a sure-fire sign that he means business and misses you like crazy.

His actions clearly say that he is still very much into you and probably wants to make peace with you and try again.

Nonetheless, you have to be very careful and look at things with your head and not your heart.

There might be ulterior motives behind his persistence and sweet words and his plan might be to use you.

It won’t be easy for you to uncover his true intentions right away, so arm yourself with patience.

Wait for him to make some extra efforts and actually show you that his words are true. Remember that it’s not about what he says, it’s about what he does that makes all the difference.

He asks you to send him a selfie or one of your photos

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If he does this, he surely misses you but what’s uncertain here is in what way exactly. He might miss you in a way that’s dirty AF but there is the same chance that his intentions are pure.

All you can do here is read carefully all the signs your ex misses you because there’s a thin line between missing you from his life and missing you just in his bed.

It’s possible that he is just horny and he wants you to send him your photo to satisfy his filthy side or even to get you into sexting mode, which you will be able to see clearly from his texts.

But on the other hand, he might want your photo because he truly misses you and he wants to feel you close, even if it is only virtual.

He wows you subtly through social media

happy man typing on the phone

Don’t you just hate modern dating sometimes?

Face-to-face contact is so much easier because you can read people but with social media, you never know what the other side is thinking while they are liking and commenting on your posts.

It’s really hard to say whether he misses you or not based just on his engagement on your social media but there is definitely something there if he is trying to reach out or get on your good side by wowing you using likes and comments.

The only way you will know your ex hasn’t moved on and is still very much into you is if he becomes bolder and actually sends you a text after all those likes.

He asks around about you

smiling man talking to man

Some time has passed since the break-up and you haven’t heard from him in a while but your mutual friends give you hints that he isn’t over you and that he misses you.

He is probably too shy or too embarrassed to tell you himself.

He might also want to give you space and not push you. And lastly, he wants to make sure you are on the same page before coming directly to talk to you.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most definite signs your ex misses you and wants you back.

Maybe it finally hit him what kind of a jerk he has been and he wants to make amends. He wants to get back together with you.

The good thing here is that he isn’t forcing you to talk to him but he is showing his feelings, so if you think there is still something there maybe you should think about reaching out and see if you have something worth saving.

He actually tells you that he misses you

lonely man sitting on swingset

This is the most honest approach and the most beautiful thing a man can tell you. There is probably no hidden motive behind these three words: “I miss you”.

He won’t exaggerate by saying he misses you and your instinct will tell you that he is being genuine and that his intentions are pure.

And, of course, not all men can stay cool, calm and collected all the time. Even the ones who have the hardest exterior give in to the internal pressure that love evokes in them.

All in all, it will be easy enough for you to know if he is being honest. For starters, his eyes will give him away.

Secondly, he will do his best to prove it because he won’t feed you empty words, he will show it with his actions.


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