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How To Spot A Man Who Breaks His Promises And What To Do If You’re Dating One


If you find yourself in a relationship with a man who consistently breaks his promises, it’s crucial to recognize that you may be investing your precious time in someone who is unlikely to change or improve.

Perhaps you’ve encountered what we often refer to as Mr. Broken Promises—a tall, handsome, and charming individual who knows exactly how to captivate women. He takes you on a remarkable first date, ensuring you don’t experience any doubts or unanswered calls, and he brings you immense joy in various ways. However, there is one significant aspect to this seemingly amazing man—he makes grand promises.

He speaks passionately about the incredible places he wants to take you and declares eternal love, claiming you are the most remarkable woman he has ever met. The challenge lies in the fact that he fails to follow through on these promises. Over time, he becomes inconsistent in returning your calls, only engages on his own terms, and begins offering excuses for his questionable behavior.

How you choose to navigate your relationship with Mr. Broken Promises will determine how much of your life you invest and the level of disappointment you may experience when the fantasy of the relationship fades away.

So how do you spot the signs of a man who breaks his promises?

To effectively spot men who make empty promises, it is crucial to implement a simple exercise that has been emphasized before. When you enter into a new dating relationship, it’s common for men to showcase their best behavior. They can resemble salesmen, using persuasive tactics to close the deal. Here’s what you need to do to identify individuals who make empty promises:

Take note of all the promises he makes. Whether it’s about taking you on a trip or introducing you to his friends and family, jot down these grand promises. It’s important to track how well he follows through on them. How many promises does he keep, and how many does he break?

Pay attention to the percentage of promises he fulfills. Aim for a man who falls within the 95%-100% range before considering a deeper commitment. It is crucial to recognize that any man who fails to meet at least 50% of his promises in the initial weeks of the relationship is likely to maintain a low success rate, around 10%, as the relationship progresses. By that point, it may be too late to salvage the situation.

By actively monitoring a man’s ability to follow through on his promises, you can assess his reliability and commitment early on in the relationship, making an informed decision about your future involvement.

What should you do once you find out you’re dating Mr. Broken Promises?

It is imperative to break free from such a relationship and refrain from making excuses for the man’s behavior. If he is consistently breaking promises now, it will only escalate in the future. A man who is genuinely interested in a woman will not let work, financial issues, or illness prevent him from staying in touch.

Do not fall for his excuses, as it will likely lead to being nothing more than a casual encounter. Remember, the time spent on men who do not appreciate or treat you well is time you will never regain. Time is a precious resource, and it is crucial to consider how much of it you are willing to waste on trying to change someone who is resistant to change.

You deserve better, just like the lady, Sandy, who recently reached out for advice. Many women find themselves trapped in a cycle with men who consistently break their promises. In this podcast hosted by my Head Coach, Gregg, and myself, we shed light on the reality of dating men who fail to follow through on their commitments. We also provide practical advice for extricating yourself from the web of excuses that ultimately leads to heartbreak.

Listening to this podcast will open your eyes to the truth of such situations and equip you with actionable guidance to break free from the cycle of broken promises, empowering you to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


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A Man Who Breaks His Promises
How To Spot A Man Who Breaks His Promises and What To Do If You’re Dating One
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How To Spot A Man Who Breaks His Promises


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