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Intense Things That Happen When You Meet Your Twin Flame

Meeting your twin flame will transform your life, but the reason it transforms your life isn’t because of the physical 3D person, but because of the energetics of that meeting. Your twin flame is a physically incarnated expression of your own core Soul frequency. This is why twin flames are often called Mirror Souls because they mirror one another perfectly at the energetic level. And this is because they have the same Soul frequency or Soul signature.


This energetic explosion essentially occurs when twin flames meet one another in the physical world. It is profound and will impact you in a myriad of ways at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. But all of these impacts are actually coming from the way that the meeting of these two energies, your energy and your twin flame’s energy, which again carry the same frequency, carry the same signature. The way that affects you when two energies collide in this way, an energetic merge begins that essentially is a huge influx of energy that moves through each of your seven chakra centers. It causes your vibration to begin to raise to a radical height.

The meeting of your twin flame could be thought of as an instantaneous or a spontaneous Spiritual Awakening. In that moment, there is such an explosion of energy and an influx of energy through this energy merge with your twin that causes your vibration to raise to such a high level of frequency. You are able to raise your perception to what is your highest timeline, your highest possible plane of existence or reality. Our plane of existence, our timeline, is dictated by our frequency. This is why twin flames often undergo a so-called honeymoon stage right after meeting. The energy merge between the two of them causes their vibration to raise to such a high level. The honeymoon period is actually the temporary experience of their highest vibrational timeline.

On our highest vibrational timeline, twin flame harmonious Union is not only possible but inevitable. As we raise our frequency to the highest vibration, we are in the process of letting go, surrendering, releasing all of those weighted-down, heavier vibrations that keep us disconnected from our own core Soul frequency. When we are completely aligned with our core Soul frequency, of course, we are naturally highly magnetized for anything that matches that frequency. And in this case, our twin flame not only is similar to our own frequency, but they share an identical frequency.

The more that we have peeled back the levels and layers of artificial, negative, subconscious programming, sometimes called Energy blockages, the more we are aligned with that natural causal frequency. The higher our vibration is and the higher timeline that we are accessing in that moment. So, the first thing that happens after you meet your twin flame is quite simply that you will have a period of time, whether it’s moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months, where you will feel aligned with your highest version of self.

During this time, you may experience heightened synchronicities. You might be seeing number signs everywhere. You might be feeling as though you are perceiving into a higher spiritual realm that previously was inaccessible to you. And in some cases, that might feel inaccessible to you after this period of time. Why does this happen? Well, the reason, of course, that it happens is that upon meeting your twin flame, there is such an influx of energy on both sides. You temporarily almost think of it like a tsunami of energy running over these dams, these walls.

In the moment of that tsunami, there’s such a surge of energy that you could think of as like a storm surge during a hurricane where there’s a high level of flooding. It doesn’t matter that there are still walls there. Your vibration will still rise temporarily. But then, as that water level recedes, as that energy starts to sink down and come down, it then has to come up against and work through all of those pre-existing blockages that, in this metaphor, are like walls or like dams in a river.

So, that is why this so-called honeymoon stage for twin flames does not typically last, unless it’s a very rare case where the twin souls have decided to incarnate with very few or no subconscious programming that they are taking on from the collective. But in 99% of cases, we do choose as souls to take on this programming in the form of these energetic blockages for the purpose of overcoming, breaking through these walls, being the path forger we came here to be, and therefore, training the collective into new ways of being as well.

The second thing that happens after you meet your twin flame is that you, after this period of what we call the honeymoon stage, will feel intensely triggered, and your twin will feel intensely triggered. This is because, as we said in this metaphor with the tsunami and the flooding, flooding rises up over those walls and temporarily causes you to feel this heightened vibration. When that water level slows down, starts to sink down, you’re now left with those pre-existing walls.

But the thing is, Twin Flame energy is still moving so fast and so quickly that it moves like a river, building pressure up against those walls or those dams. Other forms of connection, you could think of as like a trickling stream. They might not build up any kind of pressure hardly at all against your walls, against your triggers. Simply because the connection itself doesn’t carry as much energetic potential, power, momentum. But twin flame connection carries the largest amount of energetic potential and power of any other connection. Therefore, it will run up against those walls, any wall you are holding within yourself, any blockage you are holding within yourself.

What do we consider a blockage? Well, for the purposes of this video, let’s define a wall, a blockage as anything that is keeping you disconnected from your own unconditional self-love. What limitations, what limiting belief systems are you holding onto about life or about yourself that are keeping you restricted from your own unconditional love and, therefore, restricted from accessing your highest version of self and the highest timeline that is connected to maintaining that highest frequency version of self?

The third thing that will happen after you meet your twin flame is, at some point, you will inevitably come across the concept of twin flames. This could actually happen in some cases just prior to meeting your twin flame, during your meeting, or at some point after meeting. Typically, it does happen afterwards because you tend to come across twin flame information as you are researching, Googling, trying to understand why you are experiencing so many unique signs and symptoms and synchronicities with this particular person.

For those who are not on a twin flame path, the concept of twin flames will seem extremely foreign to the point where they will either make fun of it, gloss over it altogether, or dismiss it so immediately that they don’t even consciously register the words “twin flame” before it’s already been dismissed by their own mind. However, if you are one who is on a twin flame path, just seeing the term “twin flames” will instantly spark a feeling of resonance within you.

As you begin to research this topic, even if prior to that point, you were not a spiritual person in any sense, you will find such a deep feeling of resonance with the term “twin flames” that you will inevitably go down the rabbit hole of researching the topic, trying to find as much information as you can. In fact, at times, it can make you feel obsessive. And this is the fourth thing that will happen after you meet your twin flame: You will feel consumed by the connection, by the intensity of the connection. You will feel consumed by trying to understand it.

So, these are the three or four main things that typically happen after meeting your twin flame. Remember, every journey is unique, and not all experiences will fit this exact description. However, for many twin flames, these patterns and experiences are commonly observed.

Fifth thing that happens when you meet your twin flame is that you go through a very accelerated spiritual awakening process. This awakening process is often characterized by a deepening of your energetic sensitivities. You may find yourself becoming more empathic, more intuitive, and more aware of subtle energies. It’s not uncommon to develop certain spiritual gifts or abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, or channeling.

During this spiritual awakening, you may also experience a heightened sense of purpose and a deep desire to align with your soul’s mission. You may feel a strong pull towards personal growth, self-discovery, and healing. This journey with your twin flame serves as a catalyst for your own spiritual evolution and transformation.

It’s important to note that the twin flame journey is not always easy. Along with the intense love and connection, there can also be challenges and obstacles to overcome. The triggering of deep emotional wounds and past traumas is common in twin flame relationships, as these experiences often serve as catalysts for healing and growth.

Ultimately, meeting your twin flame is a profound and transformative experience. It goes beyond the realm of the physical and delves into the energetic and spiritual aspects of your being. The meeting of twin flames creates an energetic explosion that reverberates through every level of your existence, leading to a raising of your vibration and a deepening of your spiritual journey.

Remember, each twin flame connection is unique, and your experience may vary. Trust in the process, embrace the lessons, and allow yourself to grow and evolve on this transformative path.

After meeting your twin flame, you may also find yourself drawn to explore and learn more about the concept of twin flames. This often happens as you try to make sense of the intense connection and the unique experiences you are going through. You may come across information, articles, or videos about twin flames that resonate deeply with you, sparking a curiosity to delve deeper into this subject.

As you dive into the world of twin flames, you might feel a sense of obsession or a strong desire to understand every aspect of the twin flame journey. This intense focus is a natural response to the significance of this connection in your life. It shows that your soul recognizes the importance of this experience as a cornerstone of your spiritual growth and evolution.

One of the notable effects of meeting your twin flame is an accelerated spiritual awakening. This awakening process can be profound and rapid, leading to the development of heightened energetic sensitivities and spiritual gifts. You may find yourself becoming more attuned to energy, experiencing heightened intuition, or even uncovering latent psychic abilities.

Additionally, meeting your twin flame often ignites a deep sense of purpose and a calling to align with your soul’s mission. You may feel a strong inner drive to engage in personal growth, self-discovery, and healing. This journey with your twin flame acts as a catalyst for your spiritual evolution and self-realization.

It’s important to acknowledge that the twin flame journey is not without its challenges. Alongside the intense love and connection, you may also encounter triggers and confront deep-seated emotional wounds. These experiences are part of the transformative process, as they provide opportunities for healing, growth, and ultimately, a higher level of self-awareness and self-love.

In conclusion, meeting your twin flame is a life-altering event that goes beyond the physical realm. It awakens dormant aspects of your being and propels you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation. Embrace the lessons, navigate the challenges with compassion, and trust in the profound impact that meeting your twin flame can have on your life’s path.

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