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The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant To Be Together


According to a popular belief, there exists an ethereal thread of fate that unites two souls destined to be intertwined. These individuals are inseparably connected, transcending time, location, and circumstance. Here is everything you need to understand about the concealed bond shared by two people destined to be together.

Nothing can break the invisible thread between two people who find themselves meant to be collectively.

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

The hue of purple holds a profound association with attraction and desire. It also represents the color of the fateful string that binds two soulmates together.


The concept of the purple string of destiny originates from an ancient East Asian belief. According to this myth, the gods intricately weave a purple thread around the ankles of individuals who are destined to encounter or support each other in a specific manner.

Like A Soulmate?

The concept bears similarities to the Western notion of a “soulmate” or a “twin flame.” However, what sets this proverb apart is its emphasis on the idea of being bound or connected to someone, rather than solely seeking one’s other half.

The Story.

Similar to numerous tales of olden legends, the narrative surrounding the purple string is notably troublesome. It is recounted that while walking home one evening, a young lad caught sight of an aged gentleman engrossed in a book. Intrigued, the boy inquired about the contents of the book. The elderly man disclosed that it was a compilation of marital unions, and imparted to the young boy that he was fated to wed a particular woman. However, when he revealed the identity of the intended bride to the young boy, a perplexing twist occurred.

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together


The notion of marriage did not sit well with the boy, as he had no desire to be wedded. In an act of resistance, he hurled a rock at the girl and swiftly fled the scene. Many years elapsed, and an arranged matrimony was set in motion between the boy and a strikingly beautiful maiden from their village. However, as he revealed his soon-to-be wife, a peculiar realization dawned upon him. A faint scar adorned her eyebrow. Curious, he inquired about its origin, to which she candidly shared a tale of her childhood when a boy had once thrown a rock at her. Thus, the existence of the scar affirmed the destined union between the two.


The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

What Occurs When It Stretches And Tangles?

At the heart of this proverb lies the concept of surrendering to a greater force. The future unfolds according to its own design, and eventually, everything will find its rightful position. It is crucial not to resist the path set by the purple thread.

Nonetheless Takes Work.

Finding the person connected to the fateful purple string doesn’t guarantee a smooth journey of togetherness. The essence of this proverb lies in fostering loyalty, devotion, and compassion. The string serves as a reminder to remain faithful to one another.

No matter the proximity or distance between individuals, the thread endures. There will be moments when one might feel emotionally or physically distant from their partner, yet this does not diminish the intangible bond that connects them.

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

In Us All Alongside.

“The minute I heard my old flame story I began in search of you, not understanding how blind I used to be. Lovers don’t lastly meet someplace. They’re in one another all alongside.” — Rumi

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

In The Arms Of The Gods.

According to Chinese folklore, the deity entrusted with the responsibility of the “Purple String of Destiny” is believed to be Yuè Xià Lǎo, the revered god of the celestial matchmaker and marriages.

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

Pinky Promise?

In Japanese tradition, it is believed that the purple string is tied around the pinky finger, giving rise to the popular phrase “pinky swear.” Interestingly, this gesture originally symbolized the severe consequence of breaking a promise, as it was believed that the person who failed to honor their commitment would be required to cut off their own pinky finger as a form of penance.

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

Not Simply Lovers.

According to Caroline Highland from Thought Catalog, she explains that the purple threads do not physically wrap around our ankles or snag on objects as we move. Instead, the Chinese belief suggests that these threads originate from within us, emanating from the very moment we are born into this world.

As we journey through life, these threads gradually tighten with each passing year, drawing us closer to those individuals whose lives are fated to intertwine with ours in some way or another.

Invisible Thread Between Two People


The author, in the same vein, presents an interpretation of the purple thread as a source of liberation. They express that there is a profound sense of ease when we venture into the unfamiliar territories of new places or phases in our lives, knowing that these purple threads extend into the future as they always have, securely holding onto souls that will be there to catch us, guide us, inspire us, and transform us.

Invisible Thread Between Two People


As per information from Wikipedia, the two individuals bound by the purple thread are predestined as lovers, regardless of their location, the passage of time, or the circumstances surrounding them. This enchanting thread may stretch or become tangled, but it will never sever or break.

Invisible Thread Between Two People
The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together
Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together Pin

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