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The Twin Flame “Christmas Morning” Feeling

Hello, beautiful souls! Welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Infinity, and this is Magnetize Yourself. We talk about life, love, spirituality, and, of course, the law of attraction. This is a video for twin flames, and specifically within this Twin Flame video, I want to share with you something called the Christmas morning feeling.

This is a very profound sign that either you are about to connect with a twin flame in the physical world or a sign that you might experience just upon meeting your twin flame in the physical. And in this video, I am going to be diving deeper into what this Christmas morning feeling feels like for twin flames and also signs that you are experiencing this feeling, which again can be a profound indication of having met or very soon going to be meeting a twin flame in your physical life.

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The Christmas morning feeling is a lot like it sounds. Like we talk in modern culture about the Christmas morning feeling being that feeling we might get as a kid when we are around family when something really exciting is happening or about to take place. And we feel almost giddy with excitement. And this kind of giddiness that we might get as a child around certain events like Christmas, for those of us who grew up celebrating Christmas, this kind of giddiness is actually us sensing into something happening energetically.

And even on these types of holidays like Christmas, there’s a collective energy that we are picking up on that is generating an energy within us and creating this sense of collective excitement within these subsets of the collective that do celebrate those particular events that we may have been connected in with ourselves.

Now, when it comes to meeting a twin flame, the reason that we experience this giddy feeling very often just prior to meeting our twin flame is that we have this impending sense of anticipation. Just like a child might be anticipating waking up on Christmas and opening all of their presents, we, as twin flames, very often have this innate knowing that something huge is coming into our lives.

We may even have dreams just prior to meeting our twin flame. I know that prior to meeting my twin, I used to dream of certain natural disasters happening, certain huge events taking place. And after meeting my twin, he actually said that he had similar types of dreams, that he would dream of a tsunami happening. And it’s really interesting because it’s as though both twins are innately sensing energetically, even if they are spiritually at a very low level of consciousness at the time, they’re sensing that something really big is coming. And this generates that impending sense of anticipation.

Now, on the positive end of this anticipation, when we interpret it in a positive manner through our thoughts, through our emotions, through our being, this can feel like a sense of excitement without reason. We might not be able to pinpoint why we are feeling this rush of excitement, of exhilaration. But again, this is something that twin flames often feel prior to meeting.

Now, upon meeting, usually, the feeling of excitement either intensifies or there is this sudden knowing. This knowing of the connection between that anticipation feeling we were getting prior to the event, prior to meeting our twin flame, a conscious connection of that to now this person, a realization that this person entering our life is the reason that we were feeling that excitement, feeling that anticipation. And as we put those pieces together in our minds, there is often a sense of deep peace, like a wave of relief washing over us because we may have had these unexplainable feelings that were really just our energy body, our emotional body rather interpreting these energies. We’ve had these feelings for a while in anticipation of meeting our twin flame. And now we are able to finally put a face and a name and an event through this physical 3D meeting to those feelings that we’ve been having.

So, another sign besides the giddiness that you are experiencing this so-called twin flame Christmas morning feeling is meeting your twin flame or even just prior to meeting. But usually, this is a feeling you get after or during meeting. You might actually have a sense of nostalgia that, again, like so many of these feelings, it’s hard to really find the words to describe it. But you might have this sense of meeting an old friend that you knew a really long time ago, that you haven’t seen in decades. And yet, of course, you’re meeting this person, your twin, for the first time in the physical world. So, it might be really confusing why you are feeling nostalgia with this other being. In fact, this might be part of what leads you to research the concept of twin flames and begin to use that label or identify this person as a twin flame. It’s that deep familiarity, which, by the way, is another sign of this twin flame Christmas morning feeling.

Just like on Christmas morning, you are often, if you celebrate Christmas again, connected with your loved ones, connected with people that you really care about, that are really connected in with you. And there’s a lot of mutual love there between yourself and these others. Very often, in the physical world with your twin flame, there is that still deep sense of warmth, comfort, and familiarity, which feels really strange at the time because typically, this is a feeling reserved for those with whom you’ve interacted very frequently in the physical world. But of course, in this case, you’ve not been interacting physically with this other person yet in this lifetime. But you’ve been constantly interacting spiritually, energetically. In fact, your entire life, innately within yourself, intuitively, you’ve sensed the interconnection that you’ve had to this other soul. And so, upon meeting, there is this rush of comfort, familiarity, and again, very often, a sense of relief, almost as though your soul is saying, “I finally found you” or “I finally understand all of this sense of connection or connectedness to this unknown person that I’ve been feeling my entire life.” Your soul is just picking up on this complete resonance with this other person who actually shares your core soul frequency. Your souls are at the same level and vibration.

And just as sometimes, especially if you live in an area that gets colder around Christmas and you might even experience snow or being snowed into your living space around Christmas, there can be this feeling of coziness and warmth and kind of being connected with those around you that we don’t have otherwise. And with a twin flame, there is that same kind of sense that we’re in this together. We share the same home, spiritually speaking, the same home space, which of course is another reason for that Christmas morning feeling that we get as twin flames. It’s the feeling of home. For many of us, we might look back on our childhood and think about Christmases or holidays we may have celebrated with family growing up. And there is this deep sense of home and this deep sense of safety and security that we really only feel in that kind of home space vibration. But with our twin flame, that feeling of home we get spiritually, energetically, and emotionally can actually even surpass the feeling of home we may have had as a child. In fact, growing up, there may have been people living with us in our home that were out of alignment with our core self-frequency. We may have had people that just didn’t seem to be at our same level, at our same frequency. So, even our homes growing up may have had some of that energetic dissonance. But with a twin flame, there is complete energetic resonance at the core soul level. So, you might find yourself able to immediately feel this kind of openness, feel the ability to open up with this person in a way that maybe you haven’t even been able to do with your own family. You might feel as though, almost instantaneously, this other soul completely understands you, sees you at levels and layers of your being that perhaps even your own physical Earth family wasn’t able to see you.

Another sign of this twin flame Christmas morning feeling is what I can best describe as childlike excitement and wonder. I always say twin flames connect all the way from your inner child up to your highest vibrational version of self and everywhere in between. There are many people in our lives who can meet us at one particular level of ourselves, one layer of ourselves, but only a twin flame can meet us all the way to the very, very raw core of that potentially wounded healing and our child deep within us, from that all the way up to that most empowered, most successful, abundant highest vibrational version of ourselves. And that feeling of being able to finally connect with someone at the rawest level of your deep inner child, which again could be wounded, could have not felt seen at certain points in time in your childhood, being able to connect from that very deep core level can actually create a kind of pure energy around you and around this connection that feels magical, that feels almost like being a kid again, like being a child again. And part of the reason for that childlike energy brings me to the final reason, or the final sign, that you are experiencing this Christmas morning feeling with your twin flame. And this is that you feel this fresh, new energy, this exhilarating energy pulsing within your being that makes you feel incredibly reinvigorated, re-energized. This is part of the energetic merge that twin flames undergo when their auras touch through their meeting in this physical world. There is an intense transfer of energy that happens on both sides, through all seven chakra centers. And this can actually also lead to us feeling so energized we find it difficult to sleep, just as a child might have trouble sleeping the night before Christmas. We’re just filled with all of this fresh, exhilarating energy, this sense of something big happening in our lives, this reinvigorated kind of feeling that we pick up on through all layers of our being.

So, let me know in the comments, have you experienced the Twin Flame Christmas morning feeling? I would love to hear from you and connect with you in the comments section. Also, I do invite you to subscribe to this channel if I resonate with you in some way. We are soul family and co-creators reconnecting here through YouTube, and I am so grateful to each and every one of you here tuned in and quite literally co-manifesting all of these videos, messages, and pieces of information. We are all connected, and I am sending you so much love, so much positive energy today. Have a beautiful day, and I will talk to you again in the next video.

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