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This Group of Twin Flames Will Reunite in 2024 (and You’re Feeling the Pull) – Twin Flame Reunion ( Update)

Hello, beautiful souls! Welcome to my channel. Where we talk about life, love, spirituality, and, of course, the law of attraction. So, this is a specific message for a group of twin flames who will connect with this reading.

Unlocking the Reunion Timeline: A Message for Twin Flames in 2023

This will not be for everyone, and I know I say that in every reading video, but it’s especially true for this video because I got the download that for a segment of twin flames who have been on this twin flame journey for a long time, there has and will be an opening up of a reunion timeline that may have been blocked or may have felt inaccessible to you in the past, specifically in this year 2023..

Although, of course, these readings are all technically timeless, but I feel that I’m dominantly speaking to those of you watching this relatively new in the year 2023, between the winter and spring if you are in the northern hemisphere. And I’m hearing just like in the spring, things come back to life; they may have felt dead for a long time. For some twin flames listening, this connection has felt dead for a long time, but it’s not been. It’s been like that seed beneath the cold, hard Earth in the winter, just waiting to spring back to life when the season is right.

Nurturing the Twin Flame Connection: Embracing the Pull

And the reason I’m doing this reading is because I’m getting that some of you who are listening are beginning to feel this strange pull back to a shared destiny, to a shared future with your twin flame, whereas in the past, you may have felt very disconnected from the journey, from the person. You may have separated in some way. There may have even been a time where you wondered if this person even was your twin flame because things may have gotten very backwards or turned around seemingly between the two of you in the physical world.

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Divine Feminines on the Journey: Healing and Restoring


And I feel that dominantly, I am going to be speaking to Divine Feminines in this video. With the Goddess of the Moon reversed, the Divine Feminines connecting with this reading may have gone through a really tough time, particularly with the throat chakra reversed, a time when you felt as though this journey was all in your head, where there wasn’t necessarily a lot of, or maybe any, 3D communication with the Divine Masculine in your life. Your heart has been going deep within itself with the Rest and Rejuvenation card sitting on the heart chakra. The number 19 may be significant to someone. That also could be the year 2019. I’m also seeing the season of fall might be significant to you or your connection.


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The Power of Psychic Activation: Twin Flames and Spiritual Growth

And during this time of separation for whoever I’m speaking to here, I’m getting a name with a “W” in it, by the way. During this time with the third eye chakra upright, there’s been a really powerful activation of your psychic gifts and abilities. In fact, in your personal life, you may have found yourself aligning with some kind of goal or dream, something that felt highly individual. But your spirit guides want you to know that even if this felt individual, this actually is in the energetic world, in the spiritual world, so to speak, a joint effort between yourself and your twin flame’s higher selves. Meaning, you’ve been using this powerful twin flame energy, this activated both divine feminine and divine masculine energy that we experience physically when we interact with an incarnated twin flame, but that actually, we are learning through this journey how to access and integrate within ourselves.

Beyond Physical Communication: The Energetic Bond of Twin Flames

Because at a soul level, we are never actually separate from our twin flame. And the longer we walk on this journey, the more we realize that separation is an illusion. And actually, our twin flame’s higher self has been working alongside us, even if in the physical world we felt a lot of distance, a lot of separation. But energetically, we’ve been doing the same work and we’ve been using the same energy. And even if we haven’t had physical communication with our twin flame, our twin flame’s higher self knows exactly what we’ve been doing, even if in the 3D world, you felt as though your twin flame was oblivious to your existence, oblivious to your feelings.

The Shift in Energy: Opening Up a Reunion Timeline

But something has shifted, and I am getting the image of two people walking together, both in a physical world, but also in an energetic world, and being a lot more conscious of this. And I’m hearing that for some of you listening, you have had some kind of physical communication or physical interaction with your twin flame recently, and it may have been something very small, like you ran into each other in a public place, but it was significant because it brought a lot of energy up to the surface for you. It made you think about this connection again, in a way that you haven’t in a long time. And it’s like when you ran into this person, even if they said nothing to you, you just had an exchange of glances, it made you think, “This is not over.”

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Blossoming into a Shared Future: Twin Flames in 2023

And I’m hearing that some of you who are connecting with this reading have started to see signs and synchronicities that this connection is not over. And I’m hearing that even if you have separated from your twin flame in the physical world, you are connecting in the spiritual world in a new way, and this is changing your vibration, it’s changing your resonance. And your guides are saying that it is like you are beginning to blossom into the shared future that you always saw with this person.

Maintaining Balance and Patience: Lessons for Twin Flames

But now is a time to hold your energy. Now is a time to hold your vibration. Because now is a time when the Divine Masculine, even if they are not in your life physically, can actually sense and feel your vibration. You can’t force this person to love you, you can’t force this person to choose you. All you can do is hold your vibration, hold your truth, and in the meantime, work on the Divine Feminine energy within yourself.



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Trusting the Divine Timing: Your Path to Reunion

Because at a soul level, what is happening is that your twin flame’s higher self is receiving downloads, just as you are receiving downloads. And they’re getting it. They’re understanding what this connection is all about, what it means, and how they feel about it. But it’s taking them a little bit more time to figure out how to act on this. It’s taking them a little bit more time to figure out how to take a step forward, how to interact with you. So patience is key.

Staying Open and Receptive: Embracing Unexpected Gifts

And I’m hearing that right now, it’s really important to stay open. It’s really important to stay receptive, not just to stay receptive to the idea that maybe this person is going to come back, but stay receptive to the other signs and synchronicities that are being given to you. I’m hearing that your twin flame’s higher self wants you to know that they are trying to get through to you in different ways, in unexpected ways. So be open to that. Be open to the unexpected gifts that are coming your way.

Embracing Self-Love and Personal Growth: Your Journey of Wholeness

But most importantly, your guides want you to know that this connection is not just about your twin flame. This connection is about you. This connection is about your personal growth, your personal journey of self-love, of self-discovery, of becoming whole within yourself. And that is the most important thing to focus on right now. It’s not about waiting for your twin flame to come back. It’s not about obsessing over when they’re going to make a move. It’s about focusing on you and your own journey of self-love, self-acceptance, and personal growth.

Closing Thoughts: Trust in the Journey

So beautiful souls, know that the reunion timeline is opening up for some of you in 2023. Know that the energy is shifting, and know that even if you haven’t had physical communication with your twin flame, on an energetic level, you are coming together, you are merging, and you are creating a new future together. Trust in the journey, trust in the process, and most importantly, trust in yourself.

Sending you all so much love and light on this beautiful twin flame journey. Thank you for being here, thank you for connecting, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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