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Twin Flame Attraction & Why Twin Flames Push Pull Away

The world that we live in is governed by universal laws. One of these laws, and perhaps the most dominant, is the law of attraction. Meaning, like attracts like. When it comes to twin flames, we’re talking about the other soul that is a mere reflection of our own, that shares our core soul frequency, that has an identical soul frequency to our own. And this is the basis of twin flame attraction. By the law of attraction, like attracts like. Our soul is drawn to its counterpart, to the corresponding soul on this planet, in this incarnation, that shares its resonance.


However, if this is true, if twin flames, being identical souls in two separate physical bodies, are the most highly attractive of all soul connections, or really, of any connection we can experience, then why is it so often that twin flames will run from each other in the physical world? The twin flames will go through what is called running, chasing, separation, push, pull. Why does all of this dynamic play out in the physical world if it is true that twin flames are extremely attractive, quite literally energetically attractive and attracted to one another on a soul level?


And maybe the greatest question of all for twin flames is: if twin flames do share this highly magnetic, the most magnetic attraction, then how is it possible that a twin flame may say or even feel as though, at times during this connection, they are not attracted to the other in the physical and the 3D? All of this will be explained in this podcast episode. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Infinity, and this is “Magnetize Yourself,” where we talk about life, love, spirituality, and of course, the law of attraction.



So today, we’re diving into the topic of twin flame attraction. This really comes from a question that I get very frequently within this beautiful community here. By the way, if you do want to join our community here of like-minded, conscious, creative beings, be sure to click the subscribe button and the notification bell to get updated whenever I post new content. But one question I get very frequently, as a twin flame myself, as someone who assists and shares information with other twin flames along this journey, is: are twin flames always attracted to one another?


Now, this is a very natural question for many twins on this journey to ask because, at times, the dynamics we experience in the physical world with a twin flame would easily cause us to question whether or not our twin flame is truly attracted to us. Our twin flame might run away at times, or we might run from them or from the connection. We may go through periods of separation. At times, twin flames will even be in romantic connections with other people along this life journey that we share together. There are even situations and cases where twin flames may even tell the other counterpart that they are not attracted to them or whatever the case may be.


Of course, there is a whole wide range of experiences we can have with this topic, and I do just want to clarify all of this because I feel this can be one of those aspects of the twin flame journey that brings in a lot of doubt and, specifically, a lot of self-doubt or insecurity projections of fear turned inward. Fear of not being chosen, especially not being chosen by our soul’s beloved, by our counterpart, by who we know to be our twin soul. This fear of not being chosen romantically by the other, in the way that we desire to choose them, can cause us to feel very insecure. It can cause us to question our own value or the validity of the twin flame path that we believe ourselves to be on.


So let’s start by just talking about the different aspects of twin flame attraction. Twin flame attraction operates on multiple levels: energetic, emotional, and physical. Understanding each of these levels can help shed light on the complexities of the twin flame connection.


At the energetic level, twin flames are deeply interconnected. They share a soul frequency or resonance that draws them towards each other. This energetic bond is incredibly powerful and can create a magnetic pull between twin flames. It’s this energetic attraction that often brings twin flames together in the first place, as if they are being guided by an invisible force.


On the emotional level, twin flames experience a profound sense of familiarity and recognition. There is a deep emotional resonance between them that goes beyond superficial compatibility. Twin flames often have a deep understanding of each other’s emotions and can empathize with one another on a profound level. This emotional connection can create a strong attraction and a desire for closeness and intimacy.


However, when it comes to the physical level, things can get more complicated. Twin flames may experience periods of attraction and periods of repulsion towards each other in the physical world. This can manifest as the “running” and “chasing” dynamic commonly associated with twin flame relationships. Twin flames may feel an intense pull towards each other, only to suddenly feel the need to retreat or create distance.


The physical attraction between twin flames can be influenced by a variety of factors. Past traumas, fears, and unresolved issues can create barriers to fully embracing the physical aspect of the connection. These barriers can manifest as resistance or a fear of vulnerability, leading to periods of separation or avoidance.


Additionally, twin flames may also be influenced by external circumstances and societal expectations. They may be in other relationships or have commitments that prevent them from fully pursuing the twin flame connection. These external factors can create conflicting emotions and a sense of being torn between different paths.


It’s important to note that the challenges and complexities of twin flame attraction are not indicative of a lack of love or attraction between the twin flames. In fact, the very challenges they face can serve as catalysts for growth and transformation. Twin flame relationships often require inner work and self-reflection to navigate the intensity of the connection and overcome the obstacles that arise.


Ultimately, twin flame attraction is a multifaceted experience that encompasses the energetic, emotional, and physical aspects of the connection. It’s a journey of self-discovery, healing, and evolution. Understanding and embracing the complexities of twin flame attraction can help twin flames navigate their journey with greater clarity, compassion, and love.


n order to navigate the complexities of twin flame attraction, it is crucial for both individuals to embark on their own individual healing journeys. This involves addressing and releasing any emotional baggage, traumas, and limiting beliefs that may be blocking the full expression of their connection.


Inner work and self-reflection are key components of the twin flame journey. By delving deep into themselves, twin flames can uncover and heal the wounds that may be influencing their attraction dynamics. This inner work allows them to release fears, insecurities, and patterns that no longer serve them, and instead, cultivate self-love, self-acceptance, and inner harmony.


Communication also plays a vital role in navigating the physical aspects of twin flame attraction. Open and honest communication between twin flames allows for the expression of emotions, fears, and desires. It creates a safe space where both individuals can share their experiences and work through any challenges they may be facing. Clear communication helps to build trust and deepen the connection, fostering a sense of unity and understanding.


It’s important to remember that twin flame attraction is not solely based on physical attraction or appearances. It goes far beyond that. It is a soul-level connection that transcends physicality. While physical attraction is a part of the twin flame experience, it is intertwined with the energetic and emotional aspects of the connection.


Each twin flame journey is unique, and the dynamics of attraction can vary from couple to couple. It’s essential to approach the twin flame journey with patience, self-compassion, and an open heart. Embracing the challenges and growth opportunities that arise can lead to a deeper and more fulfilling connection.


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In conclusion, twin flame attraction is a multi-layered and complex phenomenon that encompasses energetic, emotional, and physical aspects. Understanding the interplay between these levels can shed light on the dynamics that twin flames may experience. Through inner work, self-reflection, clear communication, and a commitment to growth, twin flames can navigate the challenges of attraction and cultivate a profound and transformative connection.



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