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Twin Flame Awakening – What Happens in Twin Flames Spiritual Awakening Journey… [POWERFUL]


Two souls cry out to one another from across the ether, not when they are ready, but when it is time. My soul knew yours, and I think only now I am starting to remember. Someone is shaking me awake, and I feel as though I’m losing my consciousness, but really, I am beginning to awaken for the first time. What a dream of a life it’s been without you, aware of you beyond sight and touch for so long. My mind is struggling to wrap itself around the physical form and presence, of the musings concocted by my imagination. I thought I had made you up to deceive myself into believing maybe I wasn’t here alone. Now, here you are. My realities are fantasies, and my fantasies are realities. Your brilliance has flooded my vision, but my eyes are adjusting to the light of twin flame awakening.

Twin Flame Awakening – What Happens in Twin Flames Spiritual Awakening Journey



But I do feel that twin flame awakening is an experience that so transcends physical language that it is challenging to find the words to describe it. Those of you who have been through it know, and nearly all of you who will be drawn to this video have either gone through the intense experience of awakening as a twin soul in this lifetime or, for some of you, this is something you’re still going through at this very moment in time.


So, in this podcast episode, I am going to be sharing about twin flame awakening: what it feels like, how it occurs, and what to expect as a twin flame going through this awakening process.


Twin flames live and exist unconsciously, like most of the planet does prior to awakening. The unique thing about a twin flame soul awakening that sets it apart from other forms of spiritual awakening is that twin flames specialize in shifting the paradigm of planet Earth around love and relationship.



Everyone who experiences some kind of spiritual awakening does so for a reason, on a soul level. They elect to shift collective consciousness in a particular way. And as souls, we usually choose these specializations that could almost be thought of as schools on this eternal plane, on this spiritual plane—schools of specialization in between lifetimes where we plan out what we are going to experience in the next physical lifetime and what we intend to learn, how we intend to grow or expand as a soul.


Now, the interesting thing about twin flames is that most twin flames, especially in past eras of planet Earth, go through life highly unconsciously because all of nature contains within it this polarity. As twin flames, we experience this as the masculine and the feminine. All souls, like all of creation, have polarity, have masculine or feminine counterpart souls, and many of these souls will be simultaneously incarnated on physical Earth with their twin flame counterparts.

What does this mean? Well, first of all, this means that you are likely a very, very ancient soul because the twin flame path has many layers of complexity. And because of this, typically, this is a path that only souls who have experienced many different perspectives, ways of being, lifetimes, etc., will choose to experience this twin flame path in life. It’s a very advanced soul path because not only are you experiencing an individual-level spiritual awakening, which is challenging in and of itself and not to be underestimated, but as another layer of complexity on top of that spiritual awakening, you are awakening in connection with your counterpart soul here, incarnated on this planet, in this lifetime with you.

And because of that, you are not only waking up from a way of being and existing in this physical world, but also a way of being in love and relationship. Specifically, you are shifting from a paradigm of highly conditional, highly transactional love—the paradigm of love that most of the unconscious planet is fully submerged within. You are shifting from that to a completely brand new and widely misunderstood concept of love and connection that is very open, that is very free, that is not based on condition or restriction or control but is based on freedom and mutual support and self-love that naturally radiates outwards in the form of love expressed to others as well, but with no conditions attached to that beautiful loving expression of energy.

So unawakened twin souls will still have a degree of awareness of one another because, frankly, it would be impossible to exist on this planet, incarnated with your twin flame counterparts, and not feel, sense their presence to some degree. However, unawakened twin souls will sense one another much in the same way that someone who is living from a very rational-minded perspective, a very ego-based perspective, may have this kind of vague sense of the spiritual realm, that something else exists above everything, something that transcends logic, but they just can’t quite grasp a hold of it or really make sense of it. So they may dismiss it as fantasy.

The same is very much true for unawakened twin souls. They will feel one another, but they may reject or dismiss their thoughts or feelings about their counterpart as some kind of fantasy or delusion. In fact, in past lives, you listening to this video, yes, even you who are clearly awakened to your twin flame path, may have chosen, in past lifetimes, to experience a life where you and your twin were both incarnated simultaneously and yet never crossed paths, never experienced the twin flame journey in this kind of conscious way that you are now in this lifetime.


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Now, technically speaking, both twin flame counterparts experience twin flame awakening at the same moment, simultaneously, which very often is their point of contact in the physical world. This could happen virtually but typically happens physically when they are in one another’s physical vicinity, physical presence in some way. But regardless of whether it happens physically or at a distance, when two twin flames consciously perceive one another, become aware of one another, and are present with one another, either virtually or physically, in a conscious way, this results in a profound transference of energy between them that is often referred to as a twin flame energy merge.


Now, spiritual awakening itself is nothing more or less than raising our frequency, raising our vibration, and therefore raising our consciousness, lifting us up from this state of being asleep, being unawakened, to heightened consciousness where we are awake, our eyes are open to the spiritual truths of ourselves, our life, and the universe more broadly. For twin flames, however, we are energetically interconnected with this other soul as our counterpart soul. This means that when we are aware of one another consciously, we transfer huge amounts of energy to one another through this more conscious connection that we are experiencing.


And after this point of contact, each twin then begins to undergo their awakening process. The reason that many people will say that the divine feminine awakens first isn’t because the feminine counterpart literally begins this awakening process chronologically sooner than the masculine, but because she tends to metabolize this spiritual energy a lot more quickly. So it appears as though from a 3D perspective, the feminine is awakening faster.



The truth is that both twin flame counterparts experience their awakening in connection with the other. They spark this awakening within one another. However, the divine masculine chooses a more physically oriented, 3D-based perspective in this lifetime. And because of the density of his worldview, of his paradigm, and therefore his energy field, it takes longer for this influx of energy to work through his being, raise his vibration, and show more visible effects of that raising of consciousness, that raising of frequency, that awakening process.


Whereas the feminine chooses a more 5D, a more spiritually oriented perspective in this lifetime. So it is much easier for her, with typically a much more spiritually oriented, less dense worldview, it is easier for the feminine to then absorb and allow the flow of this newfound energy influx to raise her vibration much more quickly.


But regardless, both twins always work in connection with one another. They are always energetically supporting one another through this awakening process at the energetic level. When one twin shifts, heals, or expands their energy in a certain way, the other twin reflects this change because, as the name suggests, they are twin souls or sometimes even referred to as mirror souls. They mirror one another’s energy.


This means that as this awakening process continues, this process of metabolizing this energy, integrating this energy, clearing through energetic blocks preventing this raising of one’s consciousness, this requires us to really take a look at feelings of being triggered in some kind of a negative way throughout our awakening process as twin flames. And this is because any time we consciously experience these negative feelings or thoughts or emotions, what we are really experiencing is the tension—the tension between this powerful flow of energy trying to work its way through our being through this awakening, trying to raise our frequency further, coming up against a wall.


And this wall is some kind of a block, a limiting belief, or a negative habit of thinking that has become deeply ingrained into our energy field. To assist you in releasing these energetic blocks along your twin flame awakening journey, I’ve created a powerful twin flame seven chakra clearing subliminal. This subliminal works through each of the seven chakras in your energy body, addressing any potential blockages or limiting beliefs through subliminal affirmations, which are incredibly effective because, unlike traditional spoken affirmations, subliminal affirmations bypass the conscious filter of the mind and work directly with your subconscious mind, which is responsible for the majority of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


By using this twin flame subliminal daily, you’ll be able to release these energetic blocks, heal your energy body, and raise your frequency to align more fully with the vibration of love, union, and harmony that is your true essence as a twin flame. You can find the link to download the subliminal in the description box below this video.


As twin flames, our awakening journey is not a linear process. It’s not a checklist that we can complete, and then we’re done. It is an ongoing journey of growth, expansion, healing, and self-discovery. It is an opportunity for us to peel back the layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that have held us back from fully stepping into our true selves.


Throughout this journey, we may experience intense emotions, energetic purges, and periods of deep introspection. We may face challenges and obstacles that test our strength and commitment to this path. But amidst it all, we are given the opportunity to embrace our authentic selves, to embody unconditional love, and to co-create a new paradigm of relationships based on mutual support, growth, and spiritual evolution.


So, my dear fellow twin flames, if you find yourself in the midst of a twin flame awakening, know that you are not alone. Reach out to your soul tribe, connect with others who are on a similar journey, and seek support and guidance when needed. Trust in the process, surrender to the divine timing, and allow the transformation to unfold in its own divine way.


Remember, your twin flame journey is a sacred path of love and spiritual awakening. Embrace the challenges and the blessings that come with it, and trust that the universe is guiding you towards the reunion and the union of souls that your heart truly desires.



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