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Is a twin flame climax better? The truth about twin flame sex

Have you ever wondered whether a climax with your twin flame is actually better than with someone else?

Well, today you will find out not only that but everything you need to know about twin flame sex!

Is twin flame climax better?

Let’s start with the most obvious question that’s on your mind: is twin flame climax actually better?

Well, the simple answer is: yes.

You see, twin flames are on one wavelength so their physical connection can’t be matched.

They have the same soul. They have the same complexities.

They are mirror souls and so they can, to some extent, feel what the other person is feeling.

So, needless to say, the twin flame climax is way better than a normal climax would be.

Think about it: you feel what you are feeling, plus what the other person is feeling (to some extent).

That makes the experience extremely intense, way more intense than any other climax you’ve experienced in the past.

And the best part?

Your twin flame knows you better than anyone, so they know what you like, when you feel uncomfortable, what hits the spot, etc.!

This will not only make it easier to climax with your twin flame, but the experience itself will also be more pleasurable than anything you’ve ever experienced.

What else do you need to know about twin flame sex?

Now that we’ve covered the climax, let’s look at some things you should know about twin flame sex, shall we?

1) Two become one -> an ego-death occurs

When twin flames have sex, it’s as if two separate beings become one.

Think about it: the more an individual is filled with love, the less his/her sense of self-importance and ego becomes.

This merging of beings creates an energy field that enables two twin flames to literally feel each other’s emotions; so when one twin is feeling pleasure, the other twin also feels it.

Twin flames experience a connection so profound that they feel as if they are looking into a mirror of their own soul.

Now: that already happens in normal everyday situations, so you can only imagine what is going on when you throw sex into the mix!

You see, when twin flames have sex, it feels as if they literally melt into one being, an entity that is not doing anything anymore, just experiencing pleasure.

This can be an overwhelming experience because, depending on your connection, it can be so strong that you experience something we refer to as “ego death”.

This term is known from the realm of psychedelics.

You see, when you take psychedelics, you might experience what is referred to as “ego death”, as well.

When we talk about ego death, we are referring to the moment in which the individual loses all sense of self-importance, the importance of material things, and fundamental knowledge.

This is a short but blessed state of being where you feel as if you have merged with existence and its energies.

It’s beautiful, and for twin flames, this state is sometimes accessible through sex!

In this state, twin flames can experience a deeper connection than ever imagined.

They will also experience a sense of peace that cannot be matched. They will feel as if they are in heaven.

2) A gifted advisor can really help you out

The points we cover in this article will give you a good idea of why twin flame sex is so special.

But even with our expert advice, we know how unique every situation is.

That’s why we recommend getting a personalized reading to really address the questions you’re facing.

The key, however, is finding someone trustworthy to speak to.

After a really interesting time in my love life, I found that speaking to an advisor from Psychic Source gave me the strength and motivation to get my life back on track.

The advisor I spoke to was kind, understanding of my situation, and genuinely helpful.

My love reading shed light on my situation in a way I wasn’t able to see on my own, and I was finally able to clear my head and heal my heart.

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Not only can a gifted advisor tell you the truth about twin flame sex, but they can reveal all your future love possibilities.

3) Sex is a core aspect of your connection

The next thing you should know is that twin flame sex is a core aspect of your connection with one another.

It is interesting because you would think that because you are so similar, there is not a lot of attraction there, but that’s not the case with twin flames!

You see, usually, the polarity between feminine and masculine energies is crucial for attraction.

That’s why we have the saying “opposites attract”.

Twins have the same level of consciousness; they see and feel life in the same way, so they are of the same polarity.

How come they are still attracted to one another?

Well, the polarity between twin flames will most certainly not be achieved, but there is no need for one twin to change anything about him or herself for the other twin to love him or her.

Their connection is different than what you would usually expect.

And because sex is a core part of their connection, they are attracted to each other even when the polarity is out of whack.

4) You can’t fight the attraction

Sometimes, when one of the twin flames is in a relationship already, you might feel very guilty for still being attracted to them.

But it’s important to know that this attraction is on a soul level, there is no way for you to fight it!

Twin flames don’t choose which person they want to be with; they just know and feel it.

Remember that there is nothing you can do about your feelings, they are out of your control.

Feelings can’t be changed.

You see, if both twin flames are willing, they will have an open union.

When one twin is in a relationship, the other will always be attracted to him or her and be praying to meet that person again.

They both feel as if they know each other already; they will experience an incredible bond with each other that cannot be described.

So, no matter the circumstances, don’t feel bad or guilty for your feelings, you are literally fighting against a spiritual connection, no wonder you have no control!

5) You can experience astral climaxing

When twin flames are not physically together, they sometimes have the ability to astral project themselves to be together.

This process enables their souls to connect even if their bodies are not physically there.

And the best part?

They can have a real connection in this astral plane without the body being present and without anyone else knowing.

It is possible to get into such deep states of love and oneness that you can be together even though you are not physically together right now.

In this state, you will feel a mental and emotional connection.

The good news?

You can even climax on the astral plane!

Yes, you heard me right, you can astral project to your twin and experience something called astral climaxing!

If that’s not mind-blowing, I don’t know what is!

Does the concept of astral projection confuse you?

That’s why I recommend getting a personalized reading by one of the gifted advisors over at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier.

They’ve been a great source of comfort and guidance when I’ve faced issues in my love life, and their specialist advisers are well trained in the area of twin flames and astral projection.

So, what are you waiting for?

From giving you clarity on the situation to supporting you as you make life-changing decisions, these advisors will empower you to make decisions about your love life with confidence.

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6) Your chakras will light up

When you are having sex with your twin flame, you will experience a very intense feeling of love in your chakras.

You will feel as if you have turned up all the lights because the energy is flowing freely through you.

When you experience this, you are actually clearing away your blockages in the chakra system and raising your vibration frequencies:

You are clearing away any negative energy from the past.

When twin flames meet, they both experience a shift in their own lives and the energy of the universe is basically shifting with them.

In sexual union, this energy is amplified and all of your chakras are finally flowing freely again.

7) You will experience kundalini activation

Another thing you should be aware of is that when twin flames have sex, this enables you to awaken the kundalini energy in your body, which is the serpent energy.

The kundalini is a natural part of your body that starts to awaken when you are no longer fighting against it.

It will start to rise up through your chakras and through your whole body, and when it reaches the highest chakra, it will merge with your twin flame.

The kundalini energy is an energy that has the power to heal and raise your vibration by an incredible amount.

When you are having sex with your twin flame, your kundalini energy is at its highest level of activation.

Your whole body is affected by this energy; it raises your vibration and enhances the connection between your physical and spiritual bodies.

You will experience a whole new level of awareness when you are connected to your twin flame in this way because there is very little in life that can match the feeling of being connected in that way.

8) Your climax energy can be used for manifestation

Manifestation is an incredible tool with which you can make your dreams come true.

If you believe that your wish is already a reality, you will attract it into your life.

Manifestation is even stronger when two people who really want something set out to achieve it together.

When twin flames are together, they both feel that they can achieve anything when they are together.

They know that the other person will always be there to support them and bring them closer to their dreams and goals in life.

And the best part?

Your climax can really help you achieve that.

Manifestation is based on energy and vibrations, and there is no higher vibration than when you are climaxing.

So: next time you have sex with your twin flame, you can use the energy of your climax to actually manifest something into your life!

There is so much to explore

You have a lot of info on twin flame sex now, but there is so much more to explore!

Here are only a few pointers about it, but you can dive deeper into all of these, and many other, topics!

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of twin flame sex. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of what makes twin flame sex special, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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