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Twin flame relationships: Breaking the myth and defining what “mirror souls” really are

There’s a particular form of bond that makes the phrase “soulmate” pale compared.

It’s known as a twin flame relationship. And it’s one thing so palpable and distinctive, that just a few of us will likely be fortunate sufficient to expertise it in.

It’s one factor to be immediately interested in somebody you could have insane chemistry with. However to really feel a deep, fast connection that merely defies logic? To really feel as in case your life will change (in a good way) from the second you’ve laid eyes on this individual? To expertise intense signs earlier than you’re about to unite?

That’s one thing particular.

On this article, we’ll speak about the twin flame relationship, what it’s, and how one can inform in the event you’re in a single.

What’s a “Twin Flame Relationship?”


A Twin Flame, Twin Soul, or Mirror Soul relationship entails having an intense, fast bond with somebody not simply bodily and emotionally, however in an existential, soul-shattering manner, too.

That is what separates a real twin flame relationship from a false one.

What makes it distinctive is the stage of depth it creates in an virtually instantaneous manner. The second you meet your twin flame, you are feeling an simple pull in the direction of them, as in the event you’re lastly coming “home.”

Individuals who’ve skilled it even declare that they really feel as in the event that they’ve recognized their twin flame their complete lives upon assembly them.

It’s widespread to confuse a twin flame to a soulmate. Each are very deep and real connections. However a twin flame relationship is on one other stage totally.

We imagine {that a} soulmate is somebody who enhances us in each manner—a kindred spirit, somebody with the identical power as us— however a twin flame is a precise reverse.

Though they make you are feeling such as you’ve come house, a twin flame doesn’t essentially complement you. In reality, they’ve a distinct form of power totally, solely that their power mirrors yours, making a extra profound sense of being complete.

They’re not minimize out of the identical material, however they a twin flame is somebody who balances you out in methods nobody may.

Which means a twin flame relationship gained’t at all times be easy crusing. Your relationship will problem you and shatter your beliefs, and that gained’t come and not using a worth. In the finish, nevertheless, you’ll come out as a very completely different individual than earlier than.

Take a look at the first two minutes of the video beneath the place Ideapod founder Justin Brown brilliantly explains precisely what a twin flame relationship is.

Shattering the misconceptions of dual flame relationships

Up to now, it sounds clear-cut. A twin flame is taken into account the deepest and rarest connection two folks can share.

Nonetheless, there’s quite a lot of misconceptions going round as to what a twin flame relationship really is.

The most important false impression is that it’s all about romance. It’s true, most twin flame relationships manifest romantically. Nevertheless it doesn’t essentially must be. It may be totally platonic, too.

In keeping with psychospiritual mentor and love coach Lisa Vallejos:

“This kind of high-level soul-based connection isn’t about romance; it’s about spiritual growth. You meet them and your life just completely changes. You start seeing the world differently. It pushes you to want to engage with the divine, shift consciousness, and become a better, soulful, being in this experience.”

A twin flame is also somebody who merely teaches you one thing life-changing about your self. They may function your good friend, mentor, or protector at a time you want them the most.

One other false impression is that twin flame relationships final a lifetime.

Though that’s the very best, twin flame relationships don’t at all times final endlessly. Some battle may exist, particularly at the starting, as two very distinct souls crash strongly towards one another. Twin flames even ignore one another typically.

Sadly, not many {couples} are robust sufficient to go previous these first few phases of hardships.

As writer and astrologer Kelley Rosano places it, “Often twin flames don’t have enough self-mastery to maintain a healthy relationship.”

However for many who are not afraid to have a look at a problem head-on, a twin flame relationship can provide you a lifetime of achievement and happiness.

An necessary reminder…

Earlier than we proceed, I feel it’s necessary to remind you {that a} twin flame relationship may be very completely different from a co-dependent and poisonous relationship.

There’s an enormous distinction between a respectful and trusting relationship with somebody who needs nothing however the finest for you and a poisonous relationship that is aware of no boundaries to your private progress.

In keeping with Lachlan Brown of Hack Spirit:


“Twin flame relationships and co-dependent relationships are very different – twin flame relationships are defined by respect, equality, kindness and healthy boundaries.


“On the other hand, unhealthy and toxic relationships are defined by obsessiveness, unequalness, unhealthy attachments, feeling trapped, and reliant on your partner for self-worth.”


So earlier than you think about your relationship as a once-in-a-lifetime magical variety, have a look at the manner you and your associate work together with one another. Do you could have a wholesome relationship based mostly on love and respect? Or are you too reliant and enmeshed with them?

4 parts of a twin flame relationship

Earlier than we focus on the tell-tale indicators of a twin flame relationship, let’s focus on the 4 main parts that make it what it’s:

1) Intense emotional bond

Many individuals imagine that the bond between mom and little one is the most intense on the market. However maybe, a twin flame relationship may come shut.

Analysis performed by the Institute of Heartmath explains that when mom and little one are shut to one another, the mom’s brainwaves synchronize to that of her little one’s heartbeat, which explains why moms are so intuitively attuned to their little one’s each want.

A twin flame relationship has some similarities, when it comes to power. Though wanting from completely different sides of the mirror, each can replicate their innermost feelings to one another, with out having the want for phrases.

In case you’ve met your twin flame, you may get the impression that you simply’ve by no means liked somebody as deeply and as intensely as earlier than. The emotional bond you share with one another is so intense, that it takes lots to interrupt it.

In reality, twin flames typically report having twin flame goals, which are deep and intense goals about one another.

2) Computerized psychological connection

Have you ever ever met somebody you’ll be able to have complete conversations with with out having to say a factor?

That is what consultants name “intellectual intimacy.” In keeping with psychotherapist Jennifer Kogan, it’s consists of “exchanging ideas and thoughts about things you think and care about.”

A twin flame connection can expertise an intense and automated psychological bond that’s unparalleled than another relationship you’ve had earlier than.

It’s like, you’ll be able to’t and gained’t ever get sufficient of this individual’s mind. You are genuinely into the manner they suppose. And also you wish to uncover each nook of their mysterious thoughts.

Twin flame connections may be extremely mentally fulfilling. There isn’t a finish for deep, existential and clever conversations once you’re together with your twin flame.

3) Bodily attraction

You’ve by no means really skilled true bodily connection till you’ve been in the identical room as your twin flame.

It goes past simply the chemical compounds in your physique. It entails the very power that runs via you. It’s as in case your physique is reacting magnetically to them once they are close to you.

In keeping with life coach and bestselling writer Christy Whitman:

“A twin flame connection can occur as inexplicable, positive pull that you feel toward someone. This attraction could take the form of instant sexual chemistry or a strange sense of familiarity.”

Generally, nevertheless, this bodily bond can include discomfort, even revulsion. However that’s not essentially a nasty factor. A twin flame exists to push you to your limits.

Whitman provides:


“Hate is not the opposite of love, and revulsion is not the opposite of attraction. Both are magnetic forces that act upon us in powerful and often unconscious ways. But one thing you’ll never feel with a twin flame is indifference. Whether you are magnetized to them by how much you love them or hate them, they get your attention.“


4) Spiritual awakening

I think this element of twin flame relationships is what truly makes it unique to any other form of connection.

When you share a bond with your twin flame, it goes beyond just physical and emotional. You feel it in your very consciousness.

This is why it feels so inexplicable. And oftentimes very painful.

A twin flame is someone who will continually challenge you. They will force you to open your worst demons, to expose your biggest wounds, and to uncover your deepest shame.

But with all of this, they will help you to achieve a higher consciousness you’ve never felt before. It’s as if they were put on this earth for the sole purpose of elevating your existence.

Previously I talked about the pain and conflict that comes with a twin flame relationship. That’s because they will force you to go on a spiritual journey, and the road to higher consciousness will always be painful and uncomfortable.

And perhaps, this might be the reason so few people have twin flame relationships. Only the bravest will willingly go through this painful journey with someone.

8 genuine signs of a twin flame relationship

Here are some genuine signs that prove you’re really in a twin flame relationship:

1) It’s built around life partnership

The most beautiful thing about a twin flame relationship is that it doesn’t revolve on romantic love, although it is certainly a big part.

But twin flame relationships are centered on two people who are willing to grow and evolve together.

You know you’ve met your twin flame when you’ve found a life partner, someone who wants to build with you, even if it means starting from scratch.

According to psychologist Dr. Lisa Vallejos:

“The real purpose of Twin Flame is not about great sex, emotional highs and an epic love story — it’s to wake you up, shake you up and call you higher. It is a gift presented by the Divine — one you can only grasp fully when you’ve released all the smaller things you’ve been clinging to for so long that no longer serve you.“

2) It pushes you towards self-discovery

There are some loves we experience that comfort us and heal us. But then there are loves that rip us apart so that it can put our pieces together.

A twin flame relationship will help you discover parts of yourself that were perhaps just waiting for the right opportunity to be known.

Dr. Vallejos adds:

“The real purpose of the Twin Flame connection is to unearth all the shit that you’ve carried, consciously and unconsciously that has kept you from becoming who you are meant to be.“

We always learn new things about ourselves in every relationship. But the depth of self-discovery that happens in a twin flame relationship is truly magical.

3) You choose to be with them

or you don’t…

Twin flames can oftentimes be difficult to be with. Since the energy is always active, there’s very little time to just be. It’s like life, everything is always flowing, growing, and changing.

And a lot of times, this can be exhausting.

Which is why when you are in a twin flame relationship, it’s an active choice. You’re with them because you can’t imagine life without them. You’re with them because you want to be.

4) A sense of familiarity

One obvious sign of a twin flame relationship is an immediate sense that you’ve known this person, even though you haven’t met them before.

This can manifest as a feeling of deja vu. You feel familiar and at home with them instantly.

Unlike other relationships when you need a period of “getting-to-know” one another, a twin flame is somebody you are feeling instantly able to let in.

5) You’re your “real” self once you’re with them

You don’t really feel the must fake to be somebody higher, or somebody you’re not. Whenever you’re together with your mirror soul, you are feeling as in the event you may be your genuine self.

You’re feeling sufficient to only be you. That doesn’t imply you turn into stagnant. On the opposite, you at all times study and develop. However with them, you are feeling like irrespective of the place you are in life, you’ll at all times be adequate by simply merely being you.

6) You problem one another in each manner

Lots of us imagine that battle and arguments are an indication that {our relationships} are crumbling.

However that’s not true.

Whenever you’re in a twin, it’s an indication of power.

You recognize that you simply’re each clever and conscious of the issues round you. You’ve got your individual beliefs, values, and opinions. So naturally, you’ll at all times query one another.

However you perceive that this solely lets you develop collectively. Your views permit you to see the world with larger eyes.

7) It may be harmful

Sure, there are many stunning facets that include a twin flame relationship.

However there’s one factor that makes folks draw back from it.

On this case, Rosano compares a twin flame to a soulmate, saying. “Soulmates make us feel happier, stronger and richer.”

Whereas twin flame relationships can oftentimes be harmful.

I don’t imply that your twin flame will deliberately damage you. It’s not sadistic. It’s simply that twin flame relationships require quite a lot of re-opening your wounds and going through the issues about your self you’re typically afraid to have a look at.

8) You’ve got achieved a sure stage of consciousness earlier than you met them

Have you ever ever felt that the whole lot you’ve ever skilled in life — each ache, lesson, each mistake—led you to fulfill this one individual?

Name it serendipity or no matter, however you are feeling as if you wanted to undergo hell earlier than you’ll be able to meet them. Out of the blue, all of it is sensible and you are feeling as in the event you’ve been making ready your self for this relationship.

Life redefinionist strategist Christopher Jones clarifies:

“It’s not that a Twin Flame relationship isn’t available to you before you’ve done sufficient work within yourself. I t’s that without having done the work and having prepared yourself to stand in that space, you either won’t recognize that you are in a Twin Flame relationship at all, or you will recognize it and will run from it very quickly. It’s not that a Twin Flame relationship isn’t available to you before you’ve done sufficient work within yourself.“

Only people who have achieved a higher sense of consciousness can attract their twin flames. Because if you don’t know your true self in a deeply conscious level, or at least in a heightened way, it can be difficult for you to recognize your mirror soul when you’ve crossed paths.

How to make a twin flame relationship last

It can be difficult to stay in twin flame relationships, especially because it’s a “mirror” relationship. Which means, it forces you to have a look at your self—the good, unhealthy, and the ugly.

However it’s not inconceivable.

There’s one key factor to creating a twin flame relationship work:


You might want to stability your sense of self, to that of your companions. since you mirror one another’s souls, and power, it may be extraordinarily straightforward to lose your self in each other.

So how do you discover stability?

In keeping with religious coach Alex Myles:

“To find balance, it is essential to know where unresolved issues and unhealed wounds are hiding. “

And this can only be achieved by extreme awareness of both your wounds and deep-seated issues.

A twin flame relationship can only work if you are both willing to accept yourself and your partner

Myles adds:

“It is essential that they unearth the traits and tendencies that make them feel ashamed and to learn to accept themselves and work on ways to avoid reacting negatively whenever they feel uncomfortable, provoked or triggered.”

So earlier than you think about getting into a twin flame relationship, you will need to first decide whether or not or not you could have the willingness and capability to go on a deep religious journey.

In case you are, you’ll be rewarded with a significant relationship that has two issues:

    1. a relationship that’s fully freed from emotional baggage, and


    1. a robust and perpetual sense of intimacy together with your different half


The query is, are you keen to undergo all that, to attain it?


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