Baby names are rarely chosen at random. Most parents put a lot of time and thought into selecting the best possible name for their newborn child. In recent years, a growing number of parents have turned to the study of numerology to select a name for their baby.




There are numerous reasons to incorporate numerology into the naming of your child. The biggest reason is that the letters that make up each of our names plays a big role in our personality and our eventual destiny. Each letter of the name coordinates directly with a particular number. These numbers, in turn, coordinate with particular vibrations that end up directly influencing your life.





Each letter in your name coordinates with a corresponding number and it is these numbers that hold power and meaning. The placement of each letter within your name is also of importance.


The most important is the first letter of your name. It gives a general insight into your personality (or your baby’s personality). In general, it tells how your child will personally approach the ups and downs of life.


The last letter of a childs name is also important too. For a child, it relates to their ability to see projects and ideas through to the very end.


Furthermore the first vowel of your child’s first name is also very relevant. It is the letter that translates to the number that shoots straight to the core of a person’s personality. It relates to the deepest goals, urges, and dreams that a person has. It is the numerological letter that drives a person to do what they do.




And to work out exactly what effect and relation each letter has you must first learn the number that each letter corresponds too.


The letters A, J and S correspond to the number 1, The letters B, K and T correspond to the number 2, The letters, C, L and U correspond to the number 3, The letters D, M and V correspond to the number 4, The letters E, N and W correspond to the number 5, The letters F, O and X correspond to the number 6, The letters G, P and Y correspond to the number 7, The letters H, Q and Z correspond to the number 8, And the letters I and R correspond to the number 9.


Each number then corresponds with its own list of characteristics.


These include:


One – Independent, original, creative, and determined, Two – Peace-loving, warm, and spiritual, Three – Friendly, imaginative, creative, and energetic, Four – Practical, hard working, self-disciplined, and trustworthy, Five – Flexible, sexual, knowledgeable, and romantic, Six – Stable, compassionate, artistic, and trustworthy, Seven – Quiet, deep thinking, intuitive, and wise, Eight – Powerful, courageous, ambitious, and authoritative, Nine – Determined, helpful, restless.


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Taking numerology into account when selecting a baby name is becoming an increasingly popular practice. The name that you choose can play a deep role in the eventual personality and destiny of your child. At the very least, it is interesting to look at the effect that the numerology of a person’s name has on them, even if you don’t eventually end up using it as the basis of your child’s name.


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