Numerology is an ancient art of divination practiced to know what the future holds in relation to one’s personality as well as that of others. It is based on calculations that take a look at a person’s name and the numeric values placed on each letter in one’s name. Even though Islam doesn’t have definite rules and restrictions when it comes to numerology, it is possible to come up with a system that’s loosely borrowed from the Hebrew version in order to get an accurate picture of your personality.



Islam is a relatively new religion when compared to others such as Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Its founder, Prophet Mohammed expressly prohibited anything that could ostensibly reveal information about the future. This is because the prophet was of the opinion that doing so would be inviting unknown entities into a person’s life, diverting him or her away from their true calling: serving Allah, the creator. Numerology, however, is an exception because it relies on a mathematical and sometimes even a scientific method to get its answers.

If you are interested in Islamic numerology and what is means for you, you must first write down your full name as well as date of birth. Next, assign each letter in your name a numeric value, and add the numbers in your birthdate together. Add your numeric values in your name and come up with one number which is considered to be you soul or life path number.

The value you get from adding your birth date is known as your ‘father’ number because it can reveal to you what your destiny will be if you don’t take steps to modify it. This number can help you choose your career as well as your role in society as a whole, helping you become the best you can be.

The value you get from adding your name’s letters gives you a rough idea of your personality with regard to your strengths and weaknesses as well as how other people perceive you. Use this value to strengthen your positive traits as well as work on your negative ones so you can be happy in your skin as well as know who to associate with on a long-term basis (such as in the case of a marriage).

The value you get from adding your birth date as well as name can give you your soul number which is essentially what the universe requires of you. This is a powerful and all-encompassing number that can help ground you during moments of uncertainty, helping you get back to your true purpose in a heartbeat.




Islam teaches tolerance and peace; this is something that you can aspire to and influence in yourself as well as loved ones by using numerology in occasions such as knowing when to travel, start a business or who to marry. That being said, it’s always a good idea to speak to a sheikh before doing so in order to get a more holistic view on this subject.


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