Pythagorean numerology is based in Ancient Greek teachings that were introduced during the time of Pythagoras. This is a well-known Greek mystic, mathematician, singer and physicist who had a fascination with numbers from a very young age. He is the father of the Pythagoras theorem among many other pivotal mathematical discoveries.

Pythagorean numerology takes into account numbers as well as the alphabet. Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a different number in increments of 9. This then becomes a standard with which numerologists are able to find out various aspects of your personality as well as what your future holds for you.


Pythagoras was of the idea that the world could be understood by looking at numbers and then using that information in a precise, mathematical ways. He was a master diviner who was sought after by kings, princes, government heads and influential businessmen.

Pythagoras was often heard saying that ‘all things are numbers’ as well as that the first four digits are viewed as the essence of the monad, or divinity (that is, 1, 2, 3 and 4). He also was of the idea that these four numbers contained the answers of the universe, and that the manipulation of these numbers can produce all other numbers.

Pythagorean numerology uses the triangle figure to come up with equations that tell a story. For example, a triangle could be built having rows of fours, threes, or twos. These rows would be assigned numbers that could be added up to come up with a singular prime number. The numbers on the edges of the triangle usually represent central issues of whatever dilemma you’re facing, and the numbers in the middle point to solutions to your problem. The numbers near the top of the triangle represent influences that you cannot control, and the number in the middle of the triangle represents the solution you can look forward to once you’ve solved the problem.

In order to get the correct value of your name in Pythagorean numerology, you must take into account your first and last name. In addition, you should write down your name as it appears on your certificate, following the same exact order. Once you’ve done that, assign each letter its corresponding Pythagorean number, and then add them up in order to come up with your total figure. If you come up with a two or three-digit number, you should add these digits so you can end up with a single number.

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The final number is known as your life path, and it is considered as something that can tell you a lot about your natural abilities as well as what to do in order to get ahead in life. It also gives you insight into the three stages of your life and what you must do in each to get a certain outcome. Life paths range from 1 to 9, and they are distinct from each other. For the most part, people have only one life path, and it resonates deeply with who they are at their core. Pythagorean numerology is thus one of the more accurate types out there, giving those who seek it an accurate representation of their personality and needs.

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