Chaldean numerology traces its roots back 2000 years ago during one of the earliest civilizations situated in Mesopotamia, or modern day Iraq. The Chaldeans were a people that relied heavily on divination as well as reading into things such as vocal tone and inflection as well as a person’s name. It’s often thought that Chaldean numerology is hard to learn; because of this, a lot of people have come to rely on other forms of numerology. However, as we’ll see in this post, Chaldean numerology is easy once you understand the basics of how this ancient and accurate form of numerology works.





Chaldean numerology is of the opinion that everyone’s name and the way they speak carries a certain type of energy that affects those around them. In order to understand this concept, think of a piano and the way, when played, produces different sounds according to the key that you hit. In the same way, everyone has their own key and sound, and this informs their personality, the way they view the world, their future as well as how they come across to other people.

Chaldean numerology places great importance on words as well as the different energy imprints they carry. For example, a person called Dillon may be good at finishing projects because of the first letter in their name (D) is strongly related vocally to the word ‘do’ or even ‘door’ which closes off parts of a room in a final fashion. Do, on the other hand, gives a person the stamina to keep at something until they achieve completion.

Numbers and letters carry a dual nature. That is to say, individuals and situations, according to Chaldean numerology, carry a negative and positive side. After calculating someone’s Chaldean numerology value, you may be able to put a name to the intuitive feeling that you have regarding a person’s intentions. In fact, you may take a new acquaintance’s name and calculate their value before deciding whether or not you’d like to establish a friendship with them.

The Chaldean didn’t use the number 9 in their numerological analyses because they regarded it with utmost respect. In addition, they relied heavily on the name that people currently went by and not the one on their birth certificate. This simplification made it easier for them to get general results that changed with time depending on a person’s circumstances in life.


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In order to come up with your comprehensive Chaldean numerology profile, please take all your names and assign numbers to them according to the Chaldean chart. After that, add up each name’s corresponding numbers and reduce each of these sub numbers into one single number. You may then choose to look at these numbers on their own or combine them to come up with something that can give you some insight into your ultimate potential and what to look forward to in life. At the end of the day, Chaldean numerology has the potential to give you an intimate analysis into life as well as your personality in its entirety.


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