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How to break a twin flame connection? 19 steps to moving on

Twin flame connections are frequently characterized by their intensity, passion, and an undeniable addictive quality. Although they can bring an immense sense of love and joy into your life, freeing yourself from such bonds can prove to be challenging.

In this article, we will present practical steps to help you move forward after the conclusion of a twin flame relationship. However, before we delve into that, let’s address some foundational aspects.

Is it really possible to break a twin flame connection?

Experiencing a twin flame relationship is a rare and potent phenomenon, shrouded in mystery and profound power. The depth of connection it brings can make it one of the most exhilarating, passionate, and romantic experiences of your life, but breaking free from it can be extremely challenging.

The unique and intensely personal bond with your Twin Flame inevitably leaves a profound void when the relationship ends. To gain insight into what it takes to sever a twin flame connection, we will explore essential points in this article. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that each situation is distinct, which is why we encourage seeking a personalized reading to address your specific concerns.

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What is Twin Flame Abandonment Syndrome?

Here’s something you probably didn’t know!

When a twin flame relationship comes to an end, it often brings intense emotional pain that can make it challenging to let go and move forward. Interestingly, while you can technically end the relationship, the bond itself is not easily severed.

In the realm of mediums and psychics, a fascinating concept gaining significant attention is Twin Flame Abandonment Syndrome (TSAS). Yes, it’s a real phenomenon!

When people go through the termination of a twin flame relationship, they may feel a profound loss of meaning and purpose in their lives. Initially, their sense of self was intertwined with their Twin Flame, shaping their direction and goals. However, with the end of the Twin Flame connection, this source of meaning vanishes.

As a consequence, many individuals who have experienced the dissolution of their twin flame relationship find themselves grappling with intense feelings of loneliness and isolation. Moreover, the unresolved connection with their past Twin Flame can lead to peculiar thoughts and emotions.

Twin Flame Abandonment Syndrome (TSAS) may set in as a result, manifesting in various ways due to the lingering effects of the bond that once connected them so deeply.

What are the symptoms of Twin Flame Abandonment Syndrome?

The symptoms of TSAS can vary from person to person, but in general, they can affect the following areas of life:

The loss of meaning and purpose in the lives of the people who are experiencing TSAS.

  • A strong sense of emptiness and longing for what has been lost.
  • A sense that there is something missing within yourself, even if you cannot really put your finger on it.
  • An inability to experience complete love, fulfillment, and happiness.
  • A darkening of the personality.
  • Restlessness, emptiness, feelings of listlessness, and a sense of being ungrounded.
  • Depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks.
  • A sense of self-doubt and dissatisfaction with one’s life.
  • A fear that something bad is going to happen.

A feeling that you are stuck in a rut and that your life is going nowhere fast despite your best efforts to make positive progress within it.

So how on earth do you recover? Is it even possible!?


Now that you’ve understood how you’ve been affected, you have the ability to take back power and break the connection with your twin flame.

Here’s how.

1) Don’t try to talk it out.

It’s crucial to come to terms with the fact that your twin flame relationship has reached its end and that wishing for its rekindling or endlessly discussing it won’t change that reality.

Indulging in such thoughts and conversations will likely lead to frustration and may even hinder your progress in moving forward. Acceptance is the first step toward healing and embracing new possibilities.

2) Allow yourself to feel all the emotions that come with the break-up.

Rather than trying to suppress or force a specific emotion, grant yourself the space to genuinely feel whatever emotions arise in the moment.

You might still be in a state of shock and confusion, but it’s essential to acknowledge and accept these feelings, letting them flow naturally without judgment or resistance. Embracing your emotions allows for a healthier emotional processing and healing journey.

3) Take on board the truth of what has happened.

Initially, it may be challenging to come to terms with the truth that your twin flame relationship has come to an end. However, embracing this reality is essential to finding acceptance and inner peace after experiencing such a profound connection for so long.

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4) Allow yourself to move on.

Grant yourself the freedom to move forward and release your fixation on this relationship.

Though it may be challenging initially, true acceptance of its conclusion will gradually make the process easier with time.

Remember, everything in life has its season, and persisting in this manner might lead to stagnation.

I understand it’s tough, but take small steps each day to propel yourself forward and embrace the path of healing and growth.

5) Make a list of things you will miss about them. Then burn it!

Consider crafting a list or picture collage to capture the things you’ll miss from your twin flame relationship. Jot down the cherished memories and aspects that brought joy and significance to your life during that time.

After creating this list, you can choose to symbolically release it by burning it with a match. This act not only emphasizes the positive aspects you cherished but also offers closure and an endpoint for your focus.

The act of burning the list can serve as a powerful ritual, aiding your mind in accepting the reality that the relationship has concluded. It marks a symbolic farewell and enables you to move forward with greater clarity and resolution.

6) Soak up your negative thoughts about the twin flame relationship.

To navigate this process, it’s essential to delve deep within and summon your inner strength.

Begin by acknowledging and accepting the presence of negative thoughts about your twin flame relationship, without attempting to suppress or embellish them further.

For instance, if you believe that your long-term twin flame left you due to a loss of attraction, allow yourself to confront this thought. Allow the emotions associated with it to surface and be felt.

Recognize that it’s okay to experience these emotions, but you needn’t indulge in them by dwelling on or feeding them any longer.

Instead, embrace the reality that your twin flame’s waning attraction could have been influenced by various factors. As you genuinely accept this truth, you’ll notice the emotions gradually dissipating from within.

Adjusting to a new mental landscape, free from these negative emotions, may take time. Allow yourself the space and patience to become accustomed to this shift in thinking and feeling. With time and self-compassion, you’ll find a path towards healing and inner peace.

7) Sleep on it.

I understand completely. Emotions can be like a rollercoaster ride – one moment you feel happy, and the next you’re overwhelmed with sadness.

During this period of grief, it’s crucial not to give in to impulsive actions that you might later regret. Allow yourself to sit with those emotions, giving them the space they need to be felt and processed.

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8) Set an intention.

Every day, make a conscious decision to set an intention that propels you forward in life.

Starting your mornings with an intention to move forward is a crucial step in the healing process after a break-up.

Select an intention that aligns with your progress and gives you the space to feel whatever emotions are necessary for its fulfillment.

For instance, you might choose an intention like, “Today, I will allow myself to embrace and process any emotions that arise, and I will courageously forge ahead in my life without my twin flame.” By doing so, you empower yourself to navigate the healing journey with purpose and self-compassion.

9) Realize that you cannot force a twin flame relationship.

It’s essential to come to terms with the fact that a twin flame connection cannot be forced or made to last indefinitely.

Many individuals find this concept challenging to grasp.

While having a twin flame can be a magical and extraordinary experience, its longevity is never guaranteed, and it’s not a certainty that you and your twin flame will be together forever.

A common misconception is that if you are destined to be with your twin flame, everything will effortlessly fall into place, leading to a happily-ever-after scenario.

However, realizing that you cannot force a twin flame relationship is a significant and necessary understanding.

This awareness can prevent you from feeling utterly hopeless when things don’t unfold as swiftly as desired. It grants you the freedom to navigate the journey with patience and acceptance, understanding that the outcome may not always align with our expectations.

10) Be gentle with yourself.

During this period, treat yourself with gentleness and compassion.

Embrace all the emotions and thoughts that surface, no matter how varied or intense they may be. It’s natural and beneficial to experience a range of feelings as you process the end of this relationship.

Prioritize self-care throughout this journey. Ensure you get sufficient rest, nourish your body with good food, and pay attention to your mental well-being.

Believe in your resilience; you will overcome this challenge. By loving and caring for yourself, you’ll discover that breaking the twin flame connection is not as daunting as it may seem.

Always remember, your well-being comes first. Embrace self-love and prioritize your needs as you navigate this transformative phase of your life.

11) Take on board any lessons that the break up has taught you.

The dissolution of your twin flame relationship brings valuable lessons about love and life.

As you progress from this breakup, these lessons should be acknowledged and internalized.

They hold the key to your growth and future path.

By embracing these lessons, you gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses, leading you towards personal growth and becoming a better version of yourself.

12) Find new interests to keep your mind busy.

Exploring new activities can be highly beneficial and help shift your focus during this phase.

Consider joining a spiritual group, engaging in volunteer work for a charity, or enrolling in a class that interests you.

Select something enjoyable and captivating, which will keep your mind engaged.

Relationships often consume much of our attention, leaving little room for other stimulating experiences.

Therefore, as you navigate the process of breaking the twin flame connection, ensure your mind stays active and energized by embracing new and exciting opportunities for learning and growth.

13) Do things that make you happy.

Engaging in activities that once brought you joy, even if they initially made you sad after the breakup, can be surprisingly therapeutic.

For instance, if you had a pet before and loved being around animals, consider getting another pet or spending time with random kittens or puppies at the park during a walk.

Exploring the beauty of nature through adventure hikes or peaceful walks can also be immensely uplifting.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant; simple acts like these can significantly boost your mood and lift your spirits during this time. Embracing the things that once brought you happiness can be a step towards healing and rediscovering joy in your life.

14) Focus on your happiness.

I understand that it can be challenging when your attention is consumed by your current unhappiness.

However, it’s crucial to redirect your focus towards cultivating inner happiness and recreating those positive feelings within yourself.

Find moments to smile, laugh, and embrace the joy that can arise from this breakup, as it opens new opportunities for growth and transformation.

Avoid making this breakup the central point of your life. Instead, choose to embark on a new direction, consciously creating a fresh reality for yourself.

You possess an incredible inner power, so dare to tap into it fearlessly. You have the capacity to manifest a new story for your life, one that is filled with hope, growth, and new possibilities. Embrace this potential and take charge of shaping your own journey.

15) Allow yourself to feel everything instead of stuffing it down.

As mentioned earlier, giving yourself permission to experience and process your emotions is an essential and mature step in your healing journey. It helps to prevent potential future damage.

Keep in mind that breaking a twin flame connection is a gradual process. You are grieving the loss of a deep connection with someone you loved deeply, and these feelings will naturally persist for a significant period.

Resist the urge to suppress your emotions when they arise. It’s okay to feel sadness or anger about the break-up, and it’s vital not to suppress these emotions, as they can manifest as physical pain if ignored. Embracing and acknowledging your feelings will aid in your emotional and physical well-being during this challenging time.

16) Make your circle bigger.

As an introvert, the idea of meeting new people might be overwhelming, especially if you’re currently trying to break a twin flame connection.

However, it’s essential to open yourself up to new connections during this phase.

I’m not suggesting diving into dating right away, but consider stepping out of your comfort zone to meet a few new individuals.

Engaging in conversations with new people can bring comfort and introduce you to fresh thoughts, insights, and personalities—an enriching experience, in my opinion.

Take some time to meet new people in person or, if you prefer, explore online dating as a means of connecting with others.

Embrace the opportunity to make new connections and allow these individuals to become a focal point in your life during this time of growth and transition. You may be surprised by the positive impact these new relationships can have on your healing journey.

17) Lay off the social media.

This point cannot be emphasized enough.

In today’s world, ending a relationship isn’t as straightforward as it once was.

With the abundance of technology meant to keep us connected, breaking away can become even more challenging!

Parting ways with someone, especially a twin flame, can trigger negative behaviors, such as obsessively checking their social media or fixating on their life without you.

Resist the temptation to engage in such behaviors; they will only prolong your healing process and worsen your emotional state.

Instead, opt for a digital detox.

Taking a break from the digital world will do wonders for your well-being and facilitate your journey towards healing and moving forward.

18) Remove all reminders of them.

Implementing this step will aid in easing the lingering twin flame telepathic connections that still linger. You don’t need constant reminders at every turn.

Whether it’s the cozy blanket you both cherished or the photograph from your cousin’s wedding, consider removing such items from your space. By doing so, you create a more conducive environment for healing and moving forward.

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19) Keep moving forward.

Ultimately, it’s essential to recognize that many individuals do move on from their twin flame relationships, and life continues after a break-up.

The universe often aligns new connections for people, and it’s crucial to keep progressing in life, allowing yourself to embrace the possibility of a positive future.

Remember, every ending marks the start of a new beginning.

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Breaking the connection with a twin flame can prove to be a challenging task, even after the relationship has ended.

By now, you should have gained a good understanding of how to break free from this bond. However, if you seek further clarity on the situation, consulting a gifted advisor can provide invaluable insights and guidance. They can offer personalized assistance to navigate this intricate journey with more confidence and understanding.


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