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[ Karmic Connection Signs] – Karmic Relationships vs Twin Flames

Karmic Relationships vs Twin Flames – What is a karmic connection?



There are no coincidences in this universe. Every person we meet holds a part of ourselves within them, a gift they give to us through interactions and conversations, whether those interactions last 10 seconds or 10 years. Regardless of how long a person is in our lives, they play a very important role in our soul’s growth, healing, and transformation.


Above all, every person we meet is meant to help us to expand in some way. However, sometimes this expansion doesn’t look pretty on the surface. It looks very messy and chaotic and confusing. In real time, it can often feel triggering and painful while we are growing and expanding through these connections. This is very true when it comes to our karmic connections we meet in this life.


As the name suggests, these are relationships based upon so-called karma residual patterns or energies from this life or even from previous lifetimes. The karma we create within ourselves, our lives, and our connections with other souls isn’t limited to this lifetime. It carries forward lifetime after lifetime.


In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you signs of karmic connections so that you’re able to better identify and understand the karmic relationships you may be presently experiencing or have experienced in the past.

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The first sign of a karmic connection is a sign across the board for all forms of soul connections, and this is a strong feeling of déjà vu or familiarity. Feeling as though what has been done has been done before with a certain person. It’s a feeling that emerges from the subconscious mind, the mind that is said to be the link between mankind or womankind, humankind collectively, and the universal mind, the one mind, infinite intelligence, God. However you conceptualize or name this infinite intelligence that is guiding our lives individually and collectively through this subconscious mind.


Although we may not consciously remember past lifetimes lived with these karmic connections or relationships, when we meet these people again in this life, we are shaken awake a little bit from our soul’s amnesia, our forgetting consciously of these past lifetimes. For a moment, we feel as though we are almost about to remember, remember details from past lifetimes, situations, interactions we shared with these karmic connections that come into our lives.


It’s a similar feeling to having someone’s name on the tip of your tongue that you just can’t quite remember but you feel as though you could almost remember if you just tried hard enough. That is often how it feels when you meet a karmic connection. This is because karmic connections, like all forms of soul connections, are often souls with whom we have shared many, many lifetimes or at the very least, at least one lifetime in the past together in which we were very close or had many interactions or conversations that were significant enough to leave an impression on our soul so deep that we could still feel it even if we couldn’t consciously remember it in the next lifetime.


In this present lifetime, the second sign of a karmic connection is that the attraction to a karmic connection, again like all forms of soul connections, feels very magnetic, almost irresistible to us. When you see a karmic connection in a crowd, just like with a soulmate or a twin flame, you will feel instantly drawn to them with every cell of your being. You will feel like, ‘I need to meet this person’ or ‘I need to talk to this person.’ You may find it difficult to stop looking at them because your energy is so pulled in this person’s direction [Music].


This is because you share a residual energy, a karmic energy from a past life with this person that is pulling you back to them again, pulling you back into that familiar cycle of connection that you shared in a past life with this person. This is also your soul guiding you to connect with this person because these karmic connections exist for expansion, mutual soul deep expansion in this life. So we are drawn to these people so irresistibly because we are supposed to be drawn to them because they have some kind of a lesson to teach us.

So often with karmic connections, because very often these connections trigger wounds within us, trigger negative patterns, we tend to label them in a very negative way. Sometimes we even regret them. We may look at a past relationship with an ex, label that relationship as toxic, and regret ever connecting with that person to begin with. But the truth is, regardless of how that relationship may have panned out, the true underlying purpose of connecting with that person was for mutual expansion, for growth, for healing that allowed us to transform that negative pattern within us once and for all.


Which really brings me to sign number three of a karmic connection. When we connect with a karmic partner after the whirlwind of familiarity, déjà vu, intense attraction we feel toward them, we often set course on this roller coaster of emotions. Very high highs and very low lows. This is a process of internal upheaval that takes place during the course of these karmic connections.


This upheaval happens because our karmic connections come back into our lives in this lifetime to trigger these wounds, these patterns within us, so that we can see them, acknowledge them, and heal them, move beyond them. To many of you familiar with the twin flame connection, so far many of these signs may sound similar to twin flames, which is where it gets so confusing for so many people.


Just like karmic connections, our twin flame, our divine counterpart, comes into our lives to expand us, to heal us. We share lifetimes with all soul connections, karmic soulmates, and twin flames. However, the key difference between twin flames and karmic connections is in this final sign. After healing the negative patterns, the wounds that a karmic connection was meant to bring forth within you, you will lose all attraction to a karmic connection.


In that state of healing, when you are healed, when you are whole, when you have expanded, when you have learned the lesson, so to speak, you will no longer feel the pull to a karmic partner, to a karmic connection. They will naturally fade away from your life because their purpose has been fulfilled. The purpose of karmic connections is to bring forth some kind of a wound or negative pattern to trigger us in order to heal that wound or pattern. But once the healing has taken place, that karma has now been resolved, that karmic connection has been fulfilled, and therefore, that connection will simply exit our life. It will simply fall apart, just like a magnet that has lost its attractive pull, its magnetism.


We will no longer feel attraction to a karmic connection after we have healed the wound that came into our life in order to illuminate. This is very, very different from twin flame connections. While twin flames will also deeply trigger us, cause great upheaval in our lives, even cause us to experience a rollercoaster of emotions from time to time, the key difference between twin flames and karmic connections is that twin flames will continue to heal, grow, and expand with us endlessly. The expansion is endless, and the more we expand, the more we feel attracted to a twin flame connection. This is the opposite from karmic connections.


Twin flames expand along with us, and the more we expand and grow, the deeper connection and attraction we will feel to a twin flame counterpart because they are meant to grow with us through lifetime after lifetime, not simply to show us one pattern or wound and then to dissolve away, but to continuously reflect back to us as our perfect energetic mirror every wound and pattern that will ever emerge within us for the purpose of endless, limitless expansion that occurs together in connection with one another. And that only deepens our attraction to each other as we continue on this journey through lifetime after lifetime.

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