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Twin Flame Divine Feminine Wounding – The #1 Divine Feminine Wound

Twin Flame Divine Feminine Wounding



Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, where we talk about life, love, spirituality, and, of course, the law of attraction. I apologize if you hear me losing my voice just a little bit; I’m not sick or anything like that. I just have spring allergies a little bit, so I found myself losing my voice from time to time doing today’s podcast videos. But I do feel that the topic I have in mind today is really important and vital for the collective at this time.

I want to speak on divine feminine wounding and specifically what I believe to be one of the greatest divine feminine wounds, if not the number one divine feminine wound, in modern-day society. So, what do I mean by divine feminine wounding? Well, specifically, I’m referring to how each of us carries within us a perfect balance of energies: divine feminine and divine masculine energies. There are both energies within each of us; however, also within each of us, there tends to be a dominant energy.



So when someone refers to themselves as the divine feminine, they’re saying that their energy is predominantly a feminine energy or they have more feminine characteristics. Whereas if someone considers themselves to be a divine masculine, they may have more of the masculine qualities, traits, or characteristics. So we often speak of this in the context of twin flames, specifically on this channel.

Now, I know that not all of you listening will be on a twin flame path, but for those of you who do resonate with the twin flame journey, one key aspect of twin flames is that one twin flame counterpart carries dominant feminine energy, and the other carries dominant masculine energy. And I say dominant because, of course, they each do have a blend of both energies, as we all do. However, what’s unique about twin flame connections is that with any twin flame connection, the feminine and masculine energy is perfectly balanced.


This is often symbolized by the yin and yang, being the divine feminine and the divine masculine, perfectly counterbalancing one another, complementing one another. And this allows twin flame couples, or sets of twin flames, to draw upon an immense amount of power because within this connection, there is a perfect balance of the feminine qualities as well as the masculine qualities, which allows for an ideal energetic environment for powerful manifestation. This is why twin flames have a strong capacity to manifest great goals and dreams much faster than either would be able to manifest on their own.


There is also a very, very strong natural magnetism that exists in twin flames because they both bring one side of this equation, one side of this perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. So, the masculine, the divine masculine within the twin flame connection—which, by the way, could be a man or a woman; these energies are not necessarily limited to one’s biological gender—the divine masculine will be naturally, incredibly magnetically, and energetically drawn, pulled to the divine feminine in her natural state. And I’m using the pronouns “his” and “her” for the divine masculine and divine feminine, respectively, just because it simplifies things when I’m explaining. But the same is true in the reverse: the divine feminine is magnetically, naturally, and deeply attracted to the embodied, awakened divine masculine, meaning the divine masculine truly in his masculine power.


So when each twin flame counterpart is empowered and fully embodying that divine feminine or divine masculine energy, they are incredibly magnetic for one another, and they are drawn to one another across all time, space, barriers, boundaries, and they are brought together into a harmonious physical reunion. This is just natural. I always say this, but it’s always worth reiterating because when we experience the running and the chasing, the separation, it’s so easy to forget that this connection is actually highly magnetic in its natural state, that we are meant to be drawn together with our divine counterpart.


The problem arises because in our society, we aren’t trained to embody these natural states, this natural divine feminine and divine masculine energy, because there are collective wounds, meaning common patterns of negative or limiting thinking that are passed down from one generation to the next, many of which stem from ancient times, ideologies, belief systems, and are ultimately handed to us. We are all part of this collective energy, collective meaning the combination of every soul and existence at this time on the planet. However, because of this, we can all experience these collective wounds, collective patterns of thinking that get handed down through society, through our peer groups, through our family members, through our teachers, through the school system, and predominantly in today’s day and age, through the media that we absorb.


And that specifically ties into the divine feminine wound I’m going to speak on today because this wound is predominantly disseminated in the modern age through media consumption. And this is why it is so important for us as collective divine feminines listening to this podcast to become aware of this wound in order to be able to acknowledge its evidence when we see it through social media, through the media, through advertisements. Because only by becoming consciously aware of this negative programming and effect, this weakening effect on our divine feminine energy, can we then eliminate it both from within ourselves and be able to reject it when we see it, rather than accepting it into our own subconscious, into our own energy as our own wound and weakness.


Now, the wound I’m speaking on specifically today is lack of worthiness when it comes to our physical appearance as divine feminines and specifically, body consciousness. So, I say this is if not the number one wound for divine feminines, it is very, very high up. Because through media, through social media, through advertisements, we are being bombarded on a daily basis with one concept in different forms, one negative belief in different forms. And this belief says, “You are not enough.”


Now, this belief might show up or present itself to us in an ad for clothing. It might show up on an edited, photoshopped picture on our Instagram feed. It might show up on Facebook, even through TV shows or movies. Essentially, as women, we are giving away our power on a daily basis by allowing others to decide for us whether or not we are worthy of their time, attention, and admiration based on our appearance, and specifically, media works by getting us to fixate upon what they choose to or decide to be our negative physical traits and characteristics.


Until we believe that because of the way we look, whether it’s that we don’t like our body type, whether it’s the amount of weight we store on our body or where we store this weight, whether it’s the way we naturally look, we are told that if we do not match a specific and ever-changing ideal, an unattainable and ever-changing standard of beauty, they call it, if we don’t match this standard, then somehow we are flawed. And because we are flawed, we are powerless and unworthy of the time, attention, and love of others.


And this causes us to perpetually feel very self-conscious of ourselves, our bodies, and our own physical appearance. And this self-consciousness moves us out of the core of our power. We give away our power to the ideas, concepts, and opinions of other people and even this unknown, kind of mysterious entity we just simply refer to as society. The truth is that you are incredibly powerful. You are magnetic. You have the power to effortlessly manifest, create, and attract absolutely anything into your life. And it’s not because of the way you look. It’s not because of the way you present yourself to other people. It is a natural magnetism that surrounds you with beauty and with an attractive energy that pulls to you everything you could possibly need or desire.


And when it comes to the twin flame connection, two twin flames are naturally drawn to one another in their natural state. That means that as a divine feminine, and this is the hardest thing to fully accept, understand, and embrace as a feminine in today’s society, but the truth is that you, in your natural state, are incredibly beautiful, the most beautiful person, entity on the planet, the most magnetic person to your twin flame counterpart. And it’s not because of a certain set series of characteristics about your physical body, your face, your clothing, your makeup, whatever it may be. It is simply because of a core soul frequency you are radiating through your eyes, through your movements, through the way you speak that is so intoxicating and irresistibly beautiful to your divine counterpart.


And this is such a difficult thing for twin flame, especially twin flame divine feminines, to accept because we are exposed our whole life to media, to advertisements, to societally handed down negative belief patterns that train us to think on a very deep, unconscious level that we will never fully live up to society’s standard of beautiful, of attractive, and that therefore we can never be unconditionally, fully seen and loved for exactly who we are naturally.


The reason society programs us in this way is because they benefit from it. If society can convince us to hand away our power, they can market it back to us at a price. If they can convince us that we aren’t beautiful enough, they can perpetually advertise products, new clothing, new material objects that they say will give us back our beauty, will make us beautiful again. They can send us on an endless scavenger hunt with a huge price tag, seeking something endlessly that we had within ourselves all along.

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