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15 twin flame myths that are holding you back from finding your soulmate

Do you imagine in twin flames? Do you long for the day when you meet yours?

Do you know that what you are eager for can come true? Twin flames exist. The deepest connection you’ll ever really feel on earth shall be with your twin flame!

You’ll really feel linked to her or him not simply on an emotional and bodily stage but in addition on a soulful or religious stage.

When it occurs, you’ll each really feel a lot happiness and peace. The connection shall be so sturdy that it will likely be onerous to think about anybody else being your good match.

Sadly, not everybody will get to expertise this. Some folks spend their total lives chasing their twin flame with out success, not as a result of they’re unfit, however as a result of they imagine and comply with the unsuitable info.

There’s plenty of stuff about twin flames on the Web, however not all of it’s true. If you need to go forward with this, it’s essential to make certain about what you’re being advised as a result of these twin flame myths will 100% maintain you back from finding your soulmate.

And that’s the place we are available in.

To assist you higher navigate by the inaccurate info and uncover the reality for your self, we’ll be presenting the commonest myths about twin flames and the twin flame journey:

1) Similar-sex {couples} can’t be twin flames

A twin flame is your soul’s different half. When a soul reaches a better frequency, it splits and enters two completely different our bodies: your physique and your twin flame’s physique.

If you might take a look at a soul, you’d see that it doesn’t have a selected gender; it’s the religious element of a human being, and it’s neither male nor feminine. This implies your twin flame could possibly be the identical intercourse as you.

2) Your twin flame has the identical persona as you

Everybody expects that assembly their twin flame shall be like assembly their equivalent twin. She or he will assume the identical means as you, like and dislike the identical issues, and so forth.

Assured, you and your twin flame would possibly take pleasure in the identical music, be into the identical sports activities, and even have comparable life experiences, however you gained’t be clones of each other.

Sure, a twin flame is your different half, however your different half needn’t be the identical as you. We are the sum of all our components, and our twin flames replenish the gaps through which we are missing. They full us.

You are particular, and so is your twin flame. There shall be components of them that are reverse, and that’s okay! Your relationship shall be stronger due to the distinctive qualities that each you and your twin flame possess.

3) Somebody can inform you who your twin flame shall be

Social media is consistently stuffed with commercials speaking about individuals who can draw an image of your twin flame or find their twin flame with their minds.

Don’t be fooled; anybody can sketch an image of a random particular person and declare that they are your twin flame, however that doesn’t make it true! Your twin flame journey is particular; don’t let anybody else in.

You don’t know what their intention is. Some will do all the pieces of their energy to tear you down. Don’t allow them to. Belief your self. Your soul will know when it’s discovered its match.

4) You possibly can’t fulfill your life’s function with out your twin flame

That is so not true. Some folks use this as an excuse for not going with their mission, which doesn’t assist anybody.

When you know who you are and what you are right here for, you’ll naturally appeal to your twin flame. One solution to do that is to search out your mission.

Whereas in separation, twin flames can have their separate missions, and after they unite, they will nonetheless pursue these aforementioned missions. There’s nothing unsuitable with that.

Some {couples} could have an overarching mission as twin flames, whereas others don’t, and that’s okay.

Although they share the identical soul, part of them remains to be completely different, and as impartial beings, they are free to pursue something they need.

5) Your relationship shall be good

Lots of those that haven’t reached a union make the mistaken assumption that after they unite with their twin flame, it’ll really feel like a fairy story and so they’ll be in a problem-free relationship.

That’s not true. Like every typical relationship, fights and arguments will occur, generally over the smallest issues.

This occurs for a motive; it’s the universe’s means of purging all the “karma” and negativity that we’ve amassed all through our many incarnations.

Nevertheless, this divine function shouldn’t be totally comprehended by the thoughts. Subsequently, when it happens, we don’t prefer it. Because of this some declare that a twin flame connection can also be essentially the most tough of all relationships whereas nonetheless being essentially the most lovely.

6) Seeing angel quantity 11:11 means your twin flame is on the way in which

If solely it have been that straightforward.

Sure, you will see 11:11 and different angel numbers on your twin flame journey, however that doesn’t mechanically imply they are twin flame indicators.

They could possibly be ascension indicators. Ascension indicators are indicators of religious awakening. When you awaken, you would possibly undergo bodily, emotional, and religious adjustments.

So, seeing angel quantity 11:11 could possibly be an indication that you will meet your twin flame, or it could possibly be an indication for one thing else.

For you to know for certain, take note of what you are pondering when you see the numbers, write down these cases on a chunk of paper or in your pocket book.

When you get an excellent concept, seeing angel quantity 11:11 proper after could possibly be the Universe telling you that what you are pondering is an effective idea and that it’ll quickly materialize.

7) Nice intercourse is the one signal you are with your twin flame

You might have nice intercourse with your current romantic accomplice, however that doesn’t make them your twin flame.

Whoever mentioned that a bond with a twin flame was solely sexual? As a result of it isn’t.

A twin flame journey is not only about bodily attraction or sexual experiences. It’s extra of a deep religious and emotional connection between two people who are mentioned to share a typical future.

8) When a twin flame turns right into a runner, it’s all your fault

Twin flame runners are one of the upsetting components of a twin flame relationship. If you’ve been lucky sufficient so far a twin flame, you in all probability perceive the ache of getting a lover abruptly break up with you. Are they even conscious of what they’re doing?

More than likely, sure. Within the idea of twin flames, a “runner” refers to 1 half of the connection who’s emotionally distancing themselves from the opposite half.

This particular person could keep away from the connection and its intense emotions out of concern, insecurity, or different emotional conflicts. In different phrases, it’s on them, it’s not your fault!

The time period “runner” is used to explain this habits as a result of they might run away from the connection bodily or emotionally. The opposite half of the connection is sometimes called the “chaser”

9) My twin is a narcissist, and I want to stick with her or him till they are healed

We are giving this an enormous DON’T in massive pink letters.

As a result of narcissism stems from baby abuse or childhood trauma, some will use this as a motive to justify their twin’s abusive conduct.

Nevertheless, it’s not your accountability to heal them. The reality is that a narcissist hardly sees the necessity to change, so you’ll in all probability be losing your time.

They could seem to vary on the skin, however they’ll nonetheless have deeply ingrained habits patterns that could even be indicators of a persona dysfunction.

This isn’t one thing you ought to put up with in a relationship. Staying shouldn’t be protected if there’s abuse of any sort, whether or not or not it’s bodily or emotional. Attain out to somebody you belief and make a plan to get assist.

10) Twin flames will keep collectively for the remainder of their lives.

From a religious standpoint, you will stay collectively ceaselessly, however there isn’t any assurance that you will proceed to be in a bodily relationship for the remainder of your life.

It’ll largely rely on how you and your twin’s religious blueprints are laid out and the way your blueprints work together with your accomplice’s blueprints. When twin souls are created, they’ve the identical energetic blueprint.

In short, a religious blueprint is much like the blueprints used within the development of a home. They reveal an individual’s bodily, psychological, emotional, and religious traits and experiences.

11) When you meet your twin, you’ll immediately acknowledge him or her

It’s not all the time love at first sight.

Although you’ve already discovered your twin flame, it could take a while for your soul to acknowledge its counterpart.

Every particular person is at a special stage of aware growth. Some souls are younger, whereas others are outdated. Youthful souls have a tougher time figuring out their twins than older souls do.

12) The twin flame journey will all the time be tough

The concept that the twin flame journey will all the time be tough or perhaps not possible is among the greatest and commonest myths about this phenomenon.

Some folks would possibly even go as far as to say that you’re doing it unsuitable if it’s not difficult.

The reality is that your twin flame journey doesn’t should be painful; its very nature is one in every of love and peace.

Your twin flame solely mirrors the components of you that want your love; all you must do to get previous that disagreeable sensation is to like these components of your self.

If you really feel that this journey has been means too difficult for you, you can all the time ask for extra assist from the universe and let it cleared the path.

How nicely you navigate this journey you’re on will enormously rely on the form of assist you get.

13) If I can’t be with my twin, I’ll ceaselessly dwell alone

You are not doomed to dwell a lifetime of solidarity simply because your twin flame isn’t prepared for a relationship with you.

As an alternative of sulking and moping round, why not share the love your twin flame made you really feel as an alternative?

Flip your feelings into optimistic actions. Share the love that you really feel with others. Permit it to develop. You possibly can have wholesome and satisfying relationships with individuals who are not your twins.

14) One is the woke up twin, the opposite shouldn’t be

This doesn’t make sense.

How can solely one in every of you be “woke,” when you and your twin flame are one?

Everybody’s soul journey is completely different. Though you share the identical soul blueprint, you are each distinctive people. What you would possibly decide as being “not woke” might simply be a distinction in skills.

We’ll clarify it higherfaux your divine life function is a backyard. There’s no level in each of you doing the marriage.

One in every of you can do it whereas the opposite waters the flowers. One in every of you can take care of the cabbages, whereas the opposite can plant tomatoes.

15) Your twin is the one particular person with whom you might be completely satisfied

When each twin flames are woke up, they attain a deeper state of bliss in life. Some say it’d even make you really feel like you are in paradise.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t make your twin flame your solely supply of happiness. Identical to what we’ve mentioned beforehand, a twin flame relationship shouldn’t be good; there shall be ups and downs identical to some other sort of partnership.

So, if you put all of your happiness on that one particular person with faults and failures identical to you, when all the pieces doesn’t go in line with plan, your world will crumble.

On the finish of the day, happiness remains to be a alternative. A alternative solely you could make.

Nobody however you ought to outline or manipulate your happiness.


Finding your twin flame isn’t straightforward. However it’s not not possible, and that’s what we’re making an attempt to show with this information—that you can discover and fall in love with your soulmate if you know learn how to equip your self correctly.

An enormous a part of that is realizing what’s actual and what’s not. As everyone knows, there’s plenty of fraud and rip-off happening within the twin flame panorama.

To verify you’re on the correct path, all the time seek the advice of your increased self or soul and your religious guides. Belief your instinct, too.

If one thing mentioned deeply “clicks” with you and you really feel spiritually linked to the particular person, you’re heading in the right direction.

Lastly, as you go on this journey, bear in mind: there’s no sense in getting annoyed, as each step of the way in which is a chance for development.

Give attention to the optimistic and take a look at to consider all the pieces that occurs as a lesson that your spirit must be taught from.


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