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10 Damn Good Reasons To Forgive Someone You Hate The Most


If you want to forgive someone, just remember the saying: “As you make your bed, so you must lie in it! “

You must bear in mind that we are all human beings, and we have all done something ‘unforgivable’ at some point in our lives. And deep down, we all crave forgiveness.

When we find the way to forgive others, we will create the safe space where our own reckless actions can be forgiven, too.

Try and forgive the ones you hate the most. It’s not easy, but if you do it, your ego will fall apart and get this—it’s a good thing.

If you really try, you won’t have any excuses left for not forgiving the one who broke you. And the reasons which can inspire you to do exactly that, are the following:

Forgiveness makes us responsible for our own happiness

The larger part of what we are and what we attract into our lives is only a reflection of what is actually within us. Our thoughts and actions create the world we’re living in. Our lives teach us that opposites do not attract and that we’ll never have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

But, if we stick to anger and rage, we are already making our journey filled with these negative thoughts—we’re inviting negative things to our lives. The way we feel and emotions we keep inside are our tools for creating our own happiness.

Forgiveness makes us see our life as a teacher

Our family members, spouses and friends—they all came into our lives and they all played an important role in our discovering our true selves. We have to be grateful they are part of our lives and that they have taught us important life lessons which are responsible for broadening our consciousness.

The same goes for all the negative relationships we’ve had. Once you’ve learned your lesson from a negative relationship, you will no longer attract negative situations and future relations that try to teach you the same lesson.

The power of forgiveness helps us stop playing the victim

By being able to forgive and being grateful for all good that is happening to you, life won’t let you play the role of a victim. Most of the time, you’re not a victim of anything else other than your own actions and your own self.

As long as you continue putting the blame on someone else, you’re automatically giving control of your life to others. In that way, you’re making yourself a victim of your life for good.

Most people are trying their best

Show compassion to other people and try to understand where they stand in their lives. Put yourself into their skins.

They don’t have to have the same life perspectives as you do. Remember that most people are doing their best, depending on their level of consciousness and understanding.

As you make your bed, so you must lie in it

We all have experienced that craving for forgiveness. Just remember how you were feeling, and remember that you were sorry for what you did.

Put yourself into their shoes and look for the right answer—and that is to forgive.

Being able to forgive makes us grow

We grow constantly—throughout our entire lives. But the moment we stop learning and seeking life lessons, our false ego appears and takes matters into its own hands.

Remember that we are always moving towards something bigger and greater, and forgiveness helps us to get there sooner. It helps us to bury the past and live for the future.

Forgiveness teaches us to be realistic

We should know that we don’t have to expect anything from anyone.

We are the only creators of our destinies and happinesses. We are the ones who are connected with our souls and our inner selves, and that should be everything we need.

On the other hand, it is nice to get stuff from people, but we mustn’t rely on those things to be able to move forward in life. We mustn’t expect anything. We have to have faith only in ourselves.

Forgiveness tears down our self-defense mechanisms

We are hurting each other too often, only because we are trying to protect ourselves. We’ve all been there and we’ve all done that.

Becoming aware of this pattern of behavior enables us to put a stop to all the unnecessary pain we are causing others in order to gain something for ourselves.

But, as you already know—as you make your bed, so you will lie in it…

Forgiveness makes us able to let people go

It makes us able to let go of those who aren’t supposed to stick around any longer. Not every person and every situation is meant to be a part of our lives. Sometimes, they are here only to help us to start a new chapter of our lives.

Forgiveness is the best revenge

Woman smiling

It may be a bit sarcastic, but it’s true. A positive way of getting even with someone is to simply move on and create a better future for yourself.

Nothing will annoy and piss off your opponent more than seeing a big smile on your face after you’ve truly forgiven them and moved on with your life.

But remember, revenge shouldn’t be a motive for forgiveness.

Have you really forgiven someone?

It’s easy to say: “I forgive you…” But still, deep inside our minds, anger and rage are still present. And their presence will affect our future lives and our future experiences.

But, once you truly and sincerely forgive someone, you will feel free and light as a feather—released from captivity.

Think of someone who is waiting for your forgiveness. Is there anybody out there whom you want to forgive so you don’t leave this world with any regrets?


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